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Life Is Feudal Review : Life Is Divisive

Written by Felix Nova on 30 November 2015 at 16:30

Life is Feudal: Your Own (LiF) is practically a community project. A bunch of people need to come together to make their way in a virtual world. You start with a handful of food and some rags to cover up your modesty. From there you must forage across the lands to build your own tools that will help you interact with the world further. By doing this you get more skilled and can then make better equipment and buildings. You know, the survival gaming staples.


Just Cause 3 Launch Trailer Is Full Of Things That Make You Go Boom

Written by Neil Soutter on 30 November 2015 at 15:00

If you had any doubts about just what Just Cause 3 is, the launch trailer should set you straight. I’ll give you a little hint. Explosions. AND EXPLOSIONS. With a sprinkling of explosions on top. Avalanche Studios has been running a competition for the Just Cause 3 trailer you see, asking the fans to make trailers so they can put their feet up and smirk at your Adobe Premiere skills.

They’ve viewed all the entries and they’ve chosen their winner - CoolTwinSkittles. Obviously they were blown away by watching Rico Rodriguez blowing everything away. It turns out if you want to get on Avalanche’s good side you just have to do the obvious thing - send them explosions. [More]

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Sony Has Unlocked Additional Seventh PS4 CPU Core For Gaming

Written by Stuart Thomas on 30 November 2015 at 14:00

Sony has taken a leaf out of Microsoft’s book and pushed out a stealth update for the PlayStation 4 SDK (Software Development Kit), allowing developers access to the seventh of its eight CPU cores. Microsoft did the same last year, albeit a lot louder, and it provided a pretty significant boost to Xbox One’s performance.

The update from Sony borrows one of the CPU cores from the PlayStation 4's operating system tasks and allows it to be used for gaming. In order to make use of the extra core it needs to be coded into a game on an individual basis. That means existing games won’t be able to make use of seven cores, unless the developers choose to update them via a patch. [More]

Reports Suggest Just Cause 3 Is Suffering Serious Performance Issues On Console

Written by Neil Soutter on 30 November 2015 at 12:45

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Just Cause 3 are reportedly suffering some horrendous performance issues. Those who have managed to snag copies of the game early are reporting load times of almost 15 minutes on Xbox One, which is absolutely staggering, and frame rate drops as low as 17 FPS on both platforms.

The console editions of Just Cause 3 looks to suffer from some severe memory leak issues, with loading times increasing the longer you play according to reports. It kind of harks back to the PS3 launch of Skyrim, with a wide-ranging list of performance problems hampering the two platforms. [More]

AMD Pushing Radeon Software Crimson GPU Fan Speed Bug Hotfix Today - Too Late For Some

Written by Joffy S on 30 November 2015 at 11:30

AMD has announced the GPU fan speed bug will be getting hotfix released today, following last week’s revelations that AMD’s Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers were causing problems for a number of users. The bug locked GPU fan speeds to anywhere between 20-40%, no matter what the load on the GPU.

Some users on Reddit are reported it’s totally busted their graphics cards thanks to overheating. If you’ve been trying to play an extremely demanding game for hours with this bug then you’ll have no doubt noticed some serious overheating problems, including system crashes. [More]

Konami Attempting Full Nuclear Disarmament In MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Written by Stuart Thomas on 30 November 2015 at 10:12

Nuclear weapons are pretty hard to come by in MGS V. Once you get one you can stash it away in your Mother Base, away from would-be thieves; setting up base defences, guard posts and turrets. Konami wants you to disarm yours though. There’s a secret final cut-scene tucked away in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Konami has been busy letting players know that disarming all nuclear weapons will unlock it.

Konami issued a call for nuclear disarmament last week, with the cinematic unlocking for everyone on that particular platform if they do it. The latest figures suggest Xbox and PlayStation gamers haven’t got far to go at all. PC gamers are the anomaly however, having still amassed more than 11 thousand nuclear bombs - more than 27 times every other platform combined. Say what you want, us PC gamers know how to wage war. [More]

Up For Debate - Favourite Type Of Antialiasing

Written by Joffy S on 29 November 2015 at 16:00

For a large chunk of PC games these days, the antialiasing options on offer are far more complex than a simple binary choice. Whether it’s FSAA, SSAA, MSAA, MLAA, FXAA, or a myriad of others, the choices can be bewildering. In general, you can expect the more demanding antialiasing solutions to provide the better results. It’s not always as simple as that, and some forms of antialiasing are just too expensive for the image quality improvements they provide - as anyone who’s tried to lurch through with 8xSSAA and attest.

Just wrapping your head around what they do is a task in itself, and it seems as if the likes of Nvidia and AMD keep finding newer and more efficient ways of handling the task. At a base level antialiasing is a means of making the images rendered by your GPU sharper without increasing the resolution. All forms of AA use various techniques to blur edges and reduce the appearance of jagged lines. [More]

Gears Of War 4 Is Coming To PC According To Game UK Listing

Written by Neil Soutter on 29 November 2015 at 14:00

In terms of upcoming game releases we don’t yet know about, Game UK has probably got a pretty good inside track. It’s the UK’s largest game retailer and it seldom throws up the wrong listings. Which is why it’s rather intriguing to find out it’s listing Gears of War 4 as also coming to PC.

We already know Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is coming to PC in all its up-ressed glory, but this could well be just the start of Microsoft’s cover-based shooter franchise finding a new home. The Ultimate Edition would be the perfect game to test the waters and see if PC gamers are receptive to a new Gears, which is why we could see this as a distinct possibility. [More]

Just Cause 3 PC Performance Ultra Vs Low Graphics Benchmarks

Written by Joffy S on 29 November 2015 at 12:00

Just Cause 3 is out this week, in all its glorious, pyrotechnic glory. Total destruction is the aim of the game here, with Avalanch’s modified game engine boasting improved damage modelling and procedural demolition. As you’d expect Just Cause 3 is visually stunning, but just how demanding is it, and how good does it look even down at Low settings? We’ll be taking a look at all of that in our Just Cause 3 GTX 980 Ti performance video.

These performance benchmarks for Just Cause 3 PC, comparing Low vs Ultra graphics, were performed using an Nvidia MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G graphics card, Intel Core i7-5820K processor and 16GB RAM, all at 1920x1080 resolution. [More]

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