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XCOM Creator Julian Gollop Successfully Kickstarts Chaos Reborn

Written by Stuart Thomas on 17 April 2014 at 17:25

It was looking a bit hairy for a while, but Julian Gollop’s Kickstarter for Chaos Reborn has successfully hit its target, relying on some eleventh hour donations to reach $210,854 pledged.

The Kickstarter came right down to the wire, with nearly $10,000 still needed during its final 48 hours, but eventually surpassing its goal by more than $30k. We were worried for a moment, but the grandmaster of the turn-based strategy has got the investment he needs for a reboot of classic ZX Spectrum game Chaos… [More]

DRM Is A Necessary Evil Claims Square Enix Executive

Written by Jon Sutton on 17 April 2014 at 16:07

A representative from Square Enix has spoke out to say that he believes that DRM is a necessary part of gaming, and it’s most definitely here to stay.

The Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution publisher’s senior manager of business and legal affairs, Adam Sullivan, made it clear in a recent interview that it’s a necessary evil for the gaming industry to thrive, but it shouldn’t interfere in the day-to-day playing of games… [More]

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Life Goes On Review : The Wrong Place for the Finest Morbidity

Written by christpastor on 17 April 2014 at 15:00

There’s something about the sacrifice of another for the sake of your objective that elevates your goal to new honourable heights. The acknowledgement that you could only achieve victory after the laying down of another’s’ life, makes every success feel more and more meaningful.

Not so with Life Goes On, life is thrown away by the hundreds for the sake of a single gold trophy, but is that really a bad thing?  [More]

Wasteland 2 Early Access To Have Huge New Arizona Landmass Added In Update

Written by Neil Soutter on 17 April 2014 at 13:49

Wasteland 2, the hotly-anticipated sequel to the old-school 1998 RPG original, has been coming along nicely as of late. Less than half of the game is currently available to those who’ve stumped up for Steam Early Access, but a major new update is coming next week, promising to add “most of the Arizona portion of the game.

Once updated, more than half of Wasteland 2 will be playable, with developer inXile Entertainment teasing a post-apocalyptic and positively verdant Los Angeles for the second half of… [More]

Defense Grid 2 Shows Off Trailer After Difficult Development

Written by Neil Soutter on 17 April 2014 at 12:35

A lot of people really, really liked Defense Grid: The Awakening. It arrived back in 2008, at a time where the tower defence genre was having something of a surge in popularity, it stood out from the dross thanks to its polish, mazes and entertaining AI narrator.

The sequel has been in development a significant amount of time, now, and has had something of a difficult development cycle. A failed Kickstarter was followed by help coming in the form of a private investor, but it seems Defense Grid 2 is back on track, and developer Hidden Path has just shared a new trailer of the title… [More]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Delayed Indefinitely On Xbox One

Written by Stuart Thomas on 17 April 2014 at 11:30

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been delayed indefinitely on Xbox One just two weeks before launch.

Although the game - designed as a tie-in with the movie of the same name - is set to launch on May 2nd, gamers began yesterday to receive word of cancellations of pre-orders, followed quickly by rumours that the title was having serious setbacks on the next-gen Microsoft console... [More]

New Statistics Show 37 Per Cent Of Steam Games Have Never Been Played

Written by Katie Allen on 17 April 2014 at 10:30

If you’ve got a Steam account, chances are there are probably a couple of titles on there floating around that you’ve played approximately 0 hours on. Steam sales, gifted games and impulse buys means there’s a lot of games out there sitting by unloved.

In fact, according to new statistics on use of the digital distribution platform, a whopping 36.9% of all titles owned on Steam have never been played for a second... [More]

The Amazing Spider Man 2 System Requirements

Written by Jon Sutton on 16 April 2014 at 16:30

There's something about bombing around New York as Spidey that's instantly gratifying, and I think that's a large part of The Amazing Spider Man 2's appeal. This latest adventure for the webbed wonder comes featuring some all new web-swinging mechanics, so you can tear around Manhattan like never before.

To step into the shoes of Peter Parker though, you're going to need a rig capable of tearing apart The Amazing Spider Man 2. So to find out if your gaming PC's a superhero or supervillain, read on to check out The Amazing Spider Man 2 system requirements... [More]

Direct Hit - Wargame Red Dragon Launch Trailer Torpedos In

Written by Neil Soutter on 16 April 2014 at 15:15

Wargame: Red Dragon’s out tomorrow, and to celebrate this momentous occasion for armchair warlords, Eugen Systems has released a launch trailer with a rousing and patriotic soundtrack that sounds like it was plucked from Michael Bay’s fevered dreams.

For those who played Wargame: AirLand Battle, Wargame: Red Dragon looks pretty similar, albeit this time with a million per cent more nautical vehicles as, for the first time ever, you can take your forces onto the high seas. Warships. Submarines. Rubber Dinghies. You name it you can strategise with it. Or blow it to high heaven… [More]

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