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GD Machine 2014 Benchmark Dying Light GTX 750 Ti i5 4670K

Written by Joffy S on 28 January 2015 at 16:30

January's been a quiet month when it comes to massive titles needing to be put to the test in some benchmarks, but following the unfortunate delay of Grand Theft Auto V, Techland has provided us with a graphically-demanding beast with Dying Light

First-person parkour over a vast open-world city, Dying Light is grimly beautiful. Not that you'll have too much time to gaze over Harran though, you're never more than a moment's notice away from being some shambling monstrosities dinner. Over the last few days we've been busy putting Dying Light to the test against the GD Machine 2014. Armed with a GeForce GTX 750 Ti, an Intel i5-4670K processor, and 8GB of system memory, it's time to see how it fares in our Dying Light benchmarks.   [More]

Warhammer Quest Review : If I Had Warhammer, I Would Hammer In The Morning

Written by phat_chopps on 28 January 2015 at 15:15

I’ve always been a simple man when it comes to games – I’ll champion something that was done well, even if it is a simple, one-trick pony. I didn’t realise I was quite this simple though (others may have done though). You see, Warhammer Quest has been eating my time since I was passed it to review whilst Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Transistor and The Wolf Among Us all sit there unplayed. Not unloved or unwanted, mind you, I just can’t prise myself away from Warhammer Quest’s flimsy charms.

Warhammer Quest is based on an old board game of the same name and, like the board game, is basically a top-down dungeon crawler in which you take a party of four adventurers on various adventures in dungeons through three different Warhammer regions. You know the score: dungeons contain bad guys; heroes kill bad guys; heroes gain items, gold and experience. Use gold to purchase better equipment, use experience to level up and gain exciting new abilities. Rinse and repeat in more difficult dungeons for better rewards. Standard RPG fare that’s been the same since the Minoans invented role-playing. [More]

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HURK SMASH: Far Cry 4 Hurk Deluxe DLC Available Now

Written by Neil Soutter on 28 January 2015 at 14:00

A second batch of downloadable content has been made available for Far Cry 4 season pass holders. The Hurk Deluxe DLC adds all-new story missions and a stack of new weapons to obliterate your foes, including a rather tasty looking harpoon gun. Thanks Ubi, because that wouldn’t have been mighty handy in Far Cry 3’s tropical waters.

The total pack of five missions incorporates Yak Farm, Blood Ruby, and Hurk’s Redemption. Ubisoft wasn’t exactly forthcoming about what these missions will entail, but we’re sure they’ve dreamed up plenty of delightful ways to put these new weapons to use. [More]

Dying Light Launch Bug Fixes And Tweaks

Written by Joffy S on 28 January 2015 at 12:45

Like any Techland launch we expected Dying Light to have a few problems. Luckily there's nothing here anywhere near on the scale of Dead Island's launch bugginess, but there's certainly a few teething problems that can be ironed out with some quick fixes. 

This configuration and tweak guide will help you optimise Dying Light's performance in order to get it up and running, offering tricks and fixes to have the best PC gaming experience possible. From crashes to frame rate drops and even Oculus Rift support, we've got it all covered in our Dying Light bug fixes and tweaks guide.  [More]

Kerbal Space Program Preparing To Launch From Early Access

Written by Stuart Thomas on 28 January 2015 at 11:30

Kerbal Space Program is set to embark on its final voyage, the grandest journey of them all, blasting off out of the orbit of Early Access for good with its next update. Few titles are as synonymous with Early access as Kerbal Space Program, aside from the seemingly neverending development of Prison Architect, but version 1.0 is approaching the launchpad.

Users who’ve been holding off from buying in to a game still in development will find that Kerbal’s got all of the content it promised to have back when it was just a twinkle in Squad’s eye. Kerbal Space Program’s 1.0 patch will bring with it more realistic modelling of drag and lift, female kerbals, a game over state, and an ‘Engineers’ Report’ to help builders pinpoint key flaws. [More]

Frontier Announces Coaster Park Tycoon For 2016 Release

Written by Neil Soutter on 28 January 2015 at 10:15

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and Elite Dangerous studio Frontier Developments has announced it is working on a brand new title, returning to the vomit-induced thrills and spills of the theme park in Coaster Park Tycoon.

For many management fans the RollerCoaster Tycoon series holds a special place in their hearts, and while RCT3 might have been a bit of a departure from the isometric fun of the originals, it’s still a much-loved title. Frontier is looking to kick off where they left off with Coaster Park Tycoon, which is set to arrive in 2016, some twelve years after RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 first opened its gates. [More]

Unreal Paris In Unreal Engine 4 Looks So Real Its Unreal

Written by Joffy S on 28 January 2015 at 10:15

No, don't worry, you've not just stumbled onto a site specialising in interior design. If you wanted further proof of just what Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 is capable of with enough graphical firepower backing it, then you could do no wrong than checking out this stunning virtual tour of a Parisian apartment. While graphics are by no means everything, this pixel-perfect creation is one of the most lifelike things we’ve ever seen come out of Unreal Engine 4, delivering high-fidelity visuals with some incredibly lifelike lighting effects.

Created by CG generalist and level designer Benoit Dereau, this photorealistic flat is his first ever creation in Unreal Engine 4. He’s made use of incredible high-quality textures for the work, manipulating UE4’s newfound lighting options to create one of the most lifelike digital environments we’ve ever seen. [More]

Dying Light Free Game Giveaway

Written by Felix Nova on 27 January 2015 at 17:30

After a pretty quiet few weeks the AAA releases are back with us with a bang, starting off with Techland's parkour-based tomfoolery that is Dying Light. Shedding the shackles of their previous title Dead Island, Dying Light is free-running unchained, allowing you to leap from rooftop to rooftop and scramble up buildings in a fashion that would shame even the great Ezio.

It's bloodthirsty, brutal, and capable of descending into carnage at the drop of a hat. Now it's your turn to get in on the action; we've got hold of a Dying Light Steam code to give away here on GD.  Soon one of you will be getting involved in the four-player co-op festivities, merrily hacking away at the zombie hordes. All you've got to do it have a chance of winning copy is enter the competition below. [More]

Dying Light GeForce GTX 750 Ti 1080p Performance Video

Written by Joffy S on 27 January 2015 at 17:00

In lieu of some proper GeForce GTX 750 Ti benchmarks which we’re looking to get up tomorrow, we’ve captured some footage of Dying Light being played with various graphical settings at 1080p resolution.

For those unfamiliar with the GD Machine 2014, it comes packing the aforementioned GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card and is backed up by an Intel i5-4670K processor and 8GB of RAM. In terms of Dying Light it hits the recommended requirements bang on except for that all important GPU. The 750 Ti comes in above the minimum card of GTX 560 but it still some way below the optimum GTX 780 that Techland claim you’ll need. [More]

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