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The Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 Fixes Movement, Inventory Management, Performance And More

Written by Neil Soutter on 06 July 2015 at 17:06

Everyone loves a good patch, and second to Batman: Arkham Knight becoming playable, another update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was just about the best we could hope for. CD Projekt RED’s mind blowing role-playing game was a little bit janky at launch, which is to be expected on a game of this scale.

Since May, however, things have steadily been getting ironed out, and there’s a host more fixes in patch 1.07. CDPR’s Marcin Momot says this this is one of the largest updates yet, with a number of key changes. Chief among these are changes to that dodgy movement, with a new alternative control method, as well as a stash box, inventory sorting, and a even a books tab to organise your portable library. [More]

Ubisoft CEO Claims We Will No Longer See Graphical Downgrades Like Watch Dogs

Written by Joffy S on 06 July 2015 at 15:15

When Watch Dogs launched last year, the downgraded visuals caused a bit of a stir. I say bit of a stir, when in truth it practically overshadowed the game itself, let down as gamers were by Ubisoft’s PR mishaps. This obviously hasn’t gone unnoticed by Ubisoft itself, and CEO Yves Guillemot has said the backlash caused the French publisher to rethink how it showed off its games pre-release.

Guillemot claims in a recent interview that for E3 2015, the goal was to have all games shown by Ubisoft looking as they will when running on the target hardware. "When we show something, we ask the team, make sure it's playable, make sure gamers can immediately see exactly what it is, “ he explained. [More]

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Attention Hair Aficionados - Nvidia Demos Incredible Hairworks 1.1 Tech In Trailer

Written by Stuart Thomas on 06 July 2015 at 14:00

The sight of Geralt’s hair flopping about semi-realistically was enough to give all but the hardiest graphics cards pause for thought, but Nvidia continues to plough ahead with the potential of its HairWorks technology in its latest 1.1 version showcase.

This version of HairWorks allows a GeForce GTX 980 to render roughly 500,000 individual strands of hair, all bouncing about independently. The visual effect looks absolutely insane, with the head of hair flowing exactly as you’d expect it to in real life. The thought of this level of tech being implemented in games is probably enough for a Titan X to weep, but it gives a fascinating indicator of where Nvidia is heading. [More]

Mojang And Microsoft Announce Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

Written by Joffy S on 06 July 2015 at 12:45

It might not be Minecraft 2, but Felix’s prediction that a Windows 10-specific Minecraft would be coming still rings true. Microsoft announced during the annual MineCon event a Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is in the works, with a beta version going live on July 29th.

The new version of Minecraft will be exclusive to Windows 10, and it’ll be a free upgrade for current Minecraft owners or a $10 upgrade for new players. The catch, and of course there’s always a catch, is that Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition will be an entirely new fork of the game, based on the smaller-in-scope Pocket version. This means Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition will be locked down to the closed garden of the Windows 10 store, with support for just seven-player online. [More]

Sega Registers Web Domain For Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War 3

Written by Neil Soutter on 06 July 2015 at 11:30

Ah, we love a good domain registration for spilling the beans early. Reddit users have spied Japanese publisher Sega has registered a new domain, for Can you guess what it’s for yet?

Relic Entertainment, the creator of the Company of Heroes, Dawn of War and Homeworld series, is a subsidiary of Sega, so it makes sense for Sega to be pursuing domains like this. The Dawn of War 3 domain was registered back in March. The last game Relic worked on was Company of Heroes 2, which launched in June of 2015, so it’s certainly deep into the development of its next title. [More]

Telltale Games Dig Up Debut Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer

Written by Stuart Thomas on 06 July 2015 at 10:15

Everyone’s favourite mining convention took place this weekend. No, not the proper mining conventions selling you deadly pickaxes and canaries, but the Minecraft fan get together. Ok, so there was probably plenty of foam pickaxes. It’s the first MineCon to have the shadow of Microsoft’s corporate dollars looming over it, and it was the moment Telltale finally unearthed actual footage of its episodic adventure series - Minecraft: Story Mode.

Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode is basically the antithesis of all things Minecraft, delivering a narrative-driven spin-off to the open-ended multiplayer sandbox. A group of adventurers, comprising a Warrior, Griefer, Architect and Redstone Engineer, are busy celebrating a recently slain Ender Dragon when a Creeper invasion signals an impending catastrophe. Together they must locate The Order of the Stone and save the world. [More]

Up For Debate - PC Building Component Checklist And Upgrade Priorities

Written by Joffy S on 05 July 2015 at 18:00

Building or buying your own PC is pretty much the zenith of PC gaming. We all love that guilty moment we put our money where our mouth is and splash out on a build. The how and why we get there is different for everybody though, and that's why have hundreds of thousands of different PC build configurations represented here on GD.

Everyone has different priorities, and most of us have limited cash. When we build our PCs we're willing to spend more on certain components than others, depending upon which is the most important to us. Here we'll not only be running down a complete checklist of all the PC components you'll be needing in a built, but we'll also have a run-down of the order of importance, from myself and Felix. [More]

AAA Indie Series: Indie Studios Push PC Gaming And Hardware Forward

Written by Felix Nova on 05 July 2015 at 16:00

Indie games set our gaming benchmark. AAA have to show that they are staying ahead. To say that indie gaming has undergone something of a revolution would be an understatement; like suggesting Half-Life 2’s ‘alright’, or a GTX Titan X is ‘decent’. Indie gaming has blasted off into the stratosphere, and it says it all when a game like Minecraft has outsold every Battlefield title combined.

The tables are turning, indie developers across the world are getting access to powerful game dev tools, creating lovingly designed 3D worlds, which put many AAA studios to shame. PC hardware is getting pushed more than ever before. Meteor Pixel’s Bushido: Legend of the Samurai is at the forefront of this, delivering stunning feudal warfare in beautiful, handcrafted environments. Within this series we’ll be looking at how a tiny studio is achieving great things, learning first-hand how anybody with the right know-how can begin making stunning indie games. [More]

Just Cause 3 What We Know Summary And System Requirements

Written by Felix Nova on 05 July 2015 at 14:00

The Just Cause series is almost an off shoot from one of the biggest titles around. GTAs mastery at enabling the player to do whatever you want, in a huge sandbox game pushed it beyond all competition. To keep keeping it gritty it added layers of realism. While that direction was appealing for the GTA franchise, this meant there was massive scope for some other games, Saints Row and Just Cause, to go totally nuts.

Just Cause 3 offers the equivalent of all the most insane/ludicrous stunts from every James Bond film and making them possible for a player to do the same, while tearing it around a Dictator owned tropical island. [More]

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