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Styx: Master Of Shadows Creeps In With New Screenshots

Written by Katie Allen on 19 April 2014 at 17:00

Styx: Master Of Shadows got a bunch of new screenshots showing off its stealthy, goblin-thief protagonist.

In the game - which is set to release on PC probably late this year - you’ll be taking the role of Styx, a goblin assassin heading into the Tower of Akenash to loot and pillage whilst seeking his mysterious origins... [More]

Hybrid Hard Drives And Whether They Are Worth The Additional Cost

Written by Jon Sutton on 19 April 2014 at 15:00

Game-Debate recently came into possession of a hybrid hard drive, and we thought it best to look into these and what they can offer for PC gamers.

Games are swallowing up storage space like nobody’s business at the moment, with titles such as The Elder Scrolls Online and Titanfall tipping the scales at 60GB plus. With that in mind Solid State Drive (SSD) space is more precious than ever. Despite rapidly falling costs, a 1TB SSD still costs around $500, nearly 10x more than a $55 internal hard drive… [More]

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The Top Ten Selling PC Games Of The Last Five Years

Written by Katie Allen on 19 April 2014 at 13:00

Games that sell well and games that are, well, actually good are not always one and the same thing. Sometimes a brilliant little title will slip under almost everybody's radar, whilst others get huge numbers of day one purchase

With this in mind, we've checked out the top ten best selling PC games released in the last 5 years since 2009. Some might be expected, others may surprise you, whilst some you may feel are rather unworthy of the number of sales they got. Check out the list below to see what you think and vote on your favourite... [More]

Lucky Number 7 - Playstation 4 Hits New Sales Landmark

Written by Neil Soutter on 19 April 2014 at 11:00

The Playstation 4 is an unstoppable juggernaut right now, and it doesn’t appear it’s running out of gas any time soon, as Sony has just announced that its 5-month-old console has already shifted more than 7 million units.

For a point of reference, Playstation 2 was the best-selling console of all time, totalling more than 155 million sales, but shifted just 3 million units during its first 5 months on sale… [More]

Lumo Is An Enchanting Looking Isometric Puzzler From Ruffian Games Co-Founder

Written by Katie Allen on 19 April 2014 at 09:00

It’s always nice to find a project on Greenlight that genuinely grabs interest, and Lumo is one of those titles. The game is the work of independent developer Gareth Noyce, who co-founded Ruffian Games (Crackdown 2) and has worked on the original Crackdown, as well as PGR 3.

Lumo is his first solo project, and follows the story of a young boy who, upon visiting a museum of retro gaming, is spirited to the museum’s dungeon-like underground, where he must solve retro-style puzzles reminiscent of old arcade classics... [More]

Blood Bowl 2 Preview : Exclusive Blood Bowl 2 Interview with Cyanide Project Manager

Written by Katie Allen on 18 April 2014 at 15:00

Blood Bowl 2 got its first match footage this week, showing off the title’s shiny new visuals and gameplay. Looking for more information on the title, Game Debate got in touch with developers Cyanide Studios to discuss Blood Bowl 2's development.

We asked Cyanide Studio Project Manager Guillaume Blanchard to fill us in on the latest developments of Blood Bowl 2, including how the game was coming along, changes that have been made since the first game and whether the new engine would make Blood Bowl 2 much more demanding than its predecessor... [More]

What Will Gaming Be Like In 10 Years

Written by Jon Sutton on 18 April 2014 at 15:00

The future of gaming is notorious to pin down. Who’d have guessed a decade ago that we’d still be waiting on a Half-Life 3. That the best selling console of the last generation would be built around a sub-standard motion controller that had grannies across the world hitting strikes and acing tennis serves. Or indeed that the world would go mental for mobile gaming, single-handedly becoming the biggest sector of the gaming industry.

For better or for worse, gaming changes at lightning speed. I thought then, that it would be a great idea to imagine what gaming will be like in the next decade, and whether we’ll be sipping virtual pints in virtual bars, courtesy of our VR headsets… [More]

The Evil Within Gets Four Freakish New Screens

Written by Stuart Thomas on 18 April 2014 at 13:00

Bethesda’s upcoming summer horrorfest The Evil Within is looking, well, fairly horrific right now. Not content with releasing a PAX East trailer filled with basically every horror trope ever - from haunted house, to every conceivable method of execution, to masks, to literal walls of blood - Bethesda has unveiled a bunch of new screenshots of the game this week.

There’s a distinct lack of the rivers of blood seen in the earlier trailer, but the new shots still show off some pretty freaky stuff to be taken on… [More]

YouTube User Hacks The Wolf Among Us With Hilarious Results

Written by Katie Allen on 18 April 2014 at 11:00

For the most part, irregularities in games are caused by bugs and glitches, and are pretty damn infuriating. They interrupt gameplay, totally ruin immersion and, sometimes, even force you to restart and replay sections of the game. Hacks, on the other hand, can have a similar, but normally more entertaining result.

One YouTube user, however, seems to have a fondness for creating hacks in Telltale games, replacing game files in order to create some pretty outlandish results. The latest episode of The Wolf Among Us has received some of this treatment, resulting in everyone’s favourite moody wolf detective showing off some rather sexy dance moves... [More]

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