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CD Projekt RED And Green Man Gaming Come To Blows Over Suspect Witcher 3 Keys

Written by Stuart Thomas on 07 May 2015 at 10:15

The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt RED and online retailer Green Man Gaming have been getting into a bit of ruckus, engaging in a public falling out over the distribution of the eagerly anticipated RPG. 

CDPR’s business development manager Rafal Jaki took to The Witcher 3’s forums to warn fans not to buy The Witcher 3 from Green Man Gaming. The digital distributor is currently offering a fairly hefty 35% discount on Wild Hunt, available for $20.99/£17.50 than the recommended retail price used by other sellers, undercutting the price of CDPR's in the process. [More]

European Commision Reveals Plans For Europe-Wide Digital Stores With No Geo-Blocking

Written by Joffy S on 06 May 2015 at 17:30

The European Commision has detailed its plans to outlaw geoblocking and enforce EU digital price parity. The plans will ensure all digital content can bought and accessed regardless of what country it’s bought in, but it also means Europeans could be forced to pay a single price across all territories - for better or for worse.

As it stands the likes of Steam’s efforts in geoblocking have seen users restricting from giving or receiving gifts from certain territories, closing loopholes on cheaper games. If these reforms from the European Commision become law then this will apply to all digital platforms, including Steam, Origin, Xbox Live, and PSN. [More]

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Oculus Rift Shipping In Q1 2016 - Pre-orders To Be Taken Soon

Written by Neil Soutter on 06 May 2015 at 15:15

Oculus VR has announced a Q1 2016 release window for its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The long-awaited VR display will be available to pre-order soon, with the consumer version to set to based on the current Crescent Bay device used for the development kits. The Crescent Bay prototype is the version Oculus VR has been demoing since September last year, so if you’ve been able to get a hands on then it’s likely this is the version you used.

The Oculus Rift builds on the presence, immersion, and comfort of the Crescent Bay prototype with an improved tracking system that supports both seated and standing experiences, as well as updated ergonomics for a more natural fit, and a highly refined industrial design,” said Oculus VR in a statement issued today. [More]

Huge 16GB Mortal Kombat X PC Patch Pulled After It Deletes Save Files

Written by Stuart Thomas on 06 May 2015 at 14:00

An absolutely massive 15.8GB Mortal Kombat X PC patch has been pulled after it emerged the update was deleting players’ save files. High Voltage Software is responsible for the PC port of NetherRealm’s ultra-violent fighter, and this is just the latest in a catalog of errors for the series’ first simultaneous PC launch.

Users wanting to boot up the fighter on Steam were greeted with the hefty download, which weighs in at nearly three times the entire install size of a base copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Once it was patched up and ready to go though, PC gamers were reporting wholesale their entire progress had been deleted, leading to a retraction of the update. [More]

EA Financials Reveal Mirrors Edge 2 Coming Early 2016

Written by Joffy S on 06 May 2015 at 12:45

I know EA made a bit of a song and dance about Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3 last year, but part of me never took them seriously that it was ever going to see the light of day at all. The original wasn’t exactly a bestseller, despite some fairly widespread critical acclaim, but during EA’s recent financial results it confirmed we can expect Mirror’s Edge 2 in the fourth quarter of FY2016.

In non-financial lingo that’s early 2016, so Faith Connors next free-running adventure should be with us this time next year. What we saw of Mirror’s Edge during E3 was, like much of EA’s press conference, very conceptual, so we’d expect to see a whole lot more of this when June rolls around. [More]

Black Mesa Arrives On Steam Early Access But It Isnt Free Man

Written by Neil Soutter on 06 May 2015 at 11:30

The so-long-in-development-it’s-a-wonder-it-still-exists Black Mesa has arrived on Steam Early Access, developer Crowbar Collective has announced. The total remake of the original Half-Life was announced way back in the mists of time, a time before Youtube even existed, a time we called 2004.

Now it’s nearly finished, a complete re-imagining of Half-Life, in the same Source engine used for Half-Life 2. The Early Access version of Black Mesa is apparently 85% complete, with just the end of the single-player campaign needing reworking. Crowbar Collective has said it doesn’t want to just recreate the Xen ending note for note, but actually improve upon it with its own take. [More]

Check Out The Feral Beasts Of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt In The Monsters Trailer

Written by Stuart Thomas on 06 May 2015 at 10:15

It’s less than two weeks now until The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt lands, and if you’re sat there twiddling your thumbs and counting down the hours until Geralt wreaks his vengeance, CD Projekt RED has you covered with a new development diary.

Focusing on the various monsters, serpents and critters you’ll be encountering on your travels, not just looking at their design but their advanced AI. Beasts won’t just be lurking around waiting to be killed, they’ll be part of a complex ecosystem with their natural environment; Geralt can track territorial markings, observe weather systems, and hunt at the right time of day to locate specific enemies. [More]

Rockstar Banning Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Players For Using Mods

Written by Joffy S on 05 May 2015 at 16:45

Rockstar has been wielding an almighty banhammer this past few days, with Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online component Grand Theft Auto Online going through a bit of a turbulent period. Both the single and multiplayer components are intertwined pretty heavily, and players cheating and/or using mods are being banned wholesale.

It appears as if it doesn’t matter whether these mods are being solely used for multiplayer or not, GTA 5 players using mods will be banned from playing online. The problem stems from widespread cheating online, with players using trainers and cheat mods to activate everything from flying cars, to god mod, and money-spewing machine guns. The knock-on effect is simple FOV fixes are getting players banned.  [More]

DRM-Free Steam Competitor GOG Galaxy Goes Live Today

Written by Neil Soutter on 05 May 2015 at 15:30 is tentatively beginning its first attempt to tread on the almighty size 15 shoes of Valve, releasing its GOG Galaxy client to the world in beta form. The digital distribution service, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt RED, is taking the fight to Gabe and co with its DRM-free gaming client, with all the bells and whistles attached.

Much like Steam, GOG Galaxy features friends lists, community tools, achievements, auto-updates and one-click installations, but its trump card is that each and every game can be played offline with no DRM whatsoever. [More]

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