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Intel Claims Moores Law Will Continue Until At Least 7nm Chips

Written by Neil Soutter on 26 May 2015 at 17:30

We’ve barely got the 14nm die shrink in our hands but Intel has claimed it already knows how to produce 7 nanometre chips. Intel’s continuing battle with Moore’s Law continues apace, with fabrication of central processing units using the 10nm process beginning next year, and the jump to the smaller 7nm node already planned after that.

The traditional methods of die shrinking for manufacturing microprocessors will eventually come to an end, but Intel believes there’s some life in it yet with these 7nm plans. “After 10nm, comes 7nm and we feel very confident that we have line of sight of how to manufacture that node,” said Renee James, president of Intel, during a Q&A session with stockholders at the company’s annual meeting. “Overall, we think, we are in a very good shape.” [More]

Find Out What Makes Mad Max Tick In Savage Road Story Trailer

Written by Joffy S on 26 May 2015 at 16:30

If Mad Max: Fury Road hasn't done anthing to sate your appetite for post-apocalyptic car-crushing mayhem, Avalanche Studios could have just what you need with its Mad Max game coming later this year. The Just Cause 3 developer looks to have a lot on its plate at the moment, but if the Savage Road trailer for Mad Max is any indication, it’s onto a winner.

Having already taken a look at the gameplay components, Savage Road focuses on the storyline and the characters wrapped up in this open-world action adventure. Despite the Mad Max movie coming out earlier this month, the game has no narrative connection, with original characters, setting, and storyline - but just as many pyrotechnics. [More]

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AMD Driver Leak Reveals R9 300 Series Graphics Cards Are Rebrands

Written by Stuart Thomas on 26 May 2015 at 14:45

A leaked AMD driver has all but confirmed our fears - the upcoming AMD Radeon 300 series is basically a rebrand of the Radeon R200 series, with the exception of the new Fiji GPU being used for the unnamed high-end Radeon R9 flagship graphics card.

It increasingly appears as if the Fiji GPU will be spun off into its own entity, much like Nvidia’s Titan series, offering up the best of the best performance from an AMD Radeon graphics card. Now back to those rebrands, and in the table below you can see how this is going to pan out, with a number of last-generation GPUs given a fresh lick of paint and presumably minor clock speed bumps. [More]

2K Teasing New Sci-Fi Game Called Advent

Written by Joffy S on 26 May 2015 at 13:30

Bioshock publisher 2K Games has unleashed a new teaser campaign for a science-fiction game which appears to be called Advent. The teaser site has gone live over on, which promotes the Advent Administration and promises a brighter future for all.

Luxury for the privileged few is outdated. This is the future of urban living” tweeted out 2K earlier today, linking to the cryptic website. There’s a gleaming futuristic city and an offer to start living in the world of tomorrow, but there are also some sinister undertones, with the website periodically updating with flashing text saying "Move in today and fear the world of tomorrow!", and "The Advent is lying to you." [More]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.04 Adds 720p Support And Boosts Ultra Visual Quality

Written by Neil Soutter on 26 May 2015 at 12:30

The updates for the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are coming thick and fast, with the latest Patch 1.04 improving Nvidia Hairworks performance, boosting the quality of Ultra visuals, and adding 1280 x 720 as a valid resolution option, among other changes.

That latter point could prove a huge boost to gamers playing on lower-end systems. The lowest resolution available in The Witcher 3 was previously 1366 x 768, with the newly supported 720p resolution representing a 12% drop in the number of pixels rendered per frame. [More]

Resident Evil Zero HD Remake Confirmed For PC, PS4 And Xbox One

Written by Stuart Thomas on 26 May 2015 at 11:16

Capcom has announced Resident Evil Zero is the next in line for a remaster, with an updated version of the survival horror prequel coming in early 2016. The remake is following in the footsteps of the Resident Evil HD remaster which arrived earlier this year, going on to shift more than a million copies.

Resident Evil Zero originally debuted on Gamecube back in 2002, and switched the formula up by introducing a partner zapping system, whereby players could instantly switch between the two playable characters at any point, allowing for more complex puzzle-solving. The Resident Evil 0 HD remaster will mark the first time the game will be available on non-Nintendo platforms. [More]

Act Of Aggression System Requirements

Written by Joffy S on 25 May 2015 at 16:00

Act of Aggression is hitting PC next month, and for fans on a real-time strategy kick this could be one to watch. It's from Eugen Systems, the mighty fine folk behind the Wargame series. This time around, however, it's not all fight, fight, fight, despite the name - Act of Aggression features extensive base building and resource management. Think Command & Conquer: Generals and you're along the right lines.

Set in the near-future, Act of Aggression pits three global superpowers against one another in a fight to the death, with an RTS hailing back to the golden era of the genre. Before you start constructing your impenetrable compound however, make sure you check out the official Act of Aggression system requirements. [More]

Gunslinger McCree Is A Deadeye Shooter In Overwatch Gameplay Footage

Written by Joffy S on 25 May 2015 at 14:00

The latest Overwatch gameplay trailer puts gunslinger McCree in the spotlight, and he probably looks eerily familiar to anyone unlucky enough to have experienced 90’s live-action laserdisc travesty, Mad Dog McCree.

He’s nothing to do with him, of course, but he shares a penchant for the cigar-chomping wilds of the West. Gravelly-voiced and with a revolver at the ready, McCree looks to be the character of choice for sharpshooters. He’s got what appears to be a fairly traditional moveset, aided by a rapid-fire revolver skill whereby he empties the chamber in a split-second. I think gun pros call it 'fanning', *puts on shades*. [More]

GLaDOS Sure Plays A Mean Pinball In Portal 2 Pinball FX Table Gameplay Trailer

Written by Neil Soutter on 25 May 2015 at 12:00

Pinball’s alright, sure, but Portal Pinball is sure to be in another dimension. Step forward Zen Studios, who has announced a collaboration with Valve and Aperture Laboratories for a Portal-themed table, coming this week to Pinball FX 2.

The ‘Aperture Science Heuristic Portal Pinball Device’ isn’t hampered by the boring Earth physics of your run-of-the-mill pinball tables, offering up laser beams, teleportation, and even GLaDOS and Chell strutting their stuff across its sleek surface. [More]

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