As a fan of the previously released Game Dev Tycoon, I'll admit I was pretty excited to see Gnifrebel Games' GamersGoMakers (GGM) launch. The game is a new attempt at putting you in charge of the very complex gaming market, and given my positive experience with Game Dev Tycoon I decided to try my hand at this new title.

Unfortunately, things didn't start very well. As soon as I started the game, my first issue was the visual style. It's in every way similar to Game Dev Tycoon (GDT), but this similarity is merely surface deep. The clean pretty aesthetic hides what is, in fact, a clumsy interface full of interactions that add nothing new to the experience, as they can be accessed via the main menu and end up contributing to an overall illusion of features.

Not only is the visual design of GamersGoMakers itself is a mess; the controls are also woefully inadequate. The mouse, for instance, is at times unresponsive whilst at other times it feels like there's a delay between the mouse click and menu popping up.

Clumsiness apart, the main difference between GDT and GGM is complexity during game development. You are in charge of numerous decisions, from game developing to pricing and even boxing. Sadly, developing itself is a pain-in-the-ass from the very beginning. The game starts off with only a few options, but quickly adds many more as you research (which you must to get good reviews). Instead of the sliders you can adjust in GDT, GGM gives you a certain amount of "points" which you can use distribute around the various areas (Gameplay, Sound, Graphics, etc). Immediately after the first area you unlock, you run out of points to spend and develop a proper game and the bad reviews start to pop.

Again as with the interface, the many areas through which you need to spend the developing points merely create the illusion of complexity and depth, illustrating just how much the developer wanted to go deeper than GDT without really succeeding.

Perhaps the point is to add workers ASAP? Unlike in Game Dec Tycoon, the workers, well, work, in a separate screen and are thus a nightmare to manipulate. It's both hell on earth to add them and remove them, and managing them is equally unpleasant.

One feature present in game which could have added a level of complexity is the ability to translate the game to foreign languages like French, German and even Portuguese. This should, surely, increase the amount of overall sales...but does it? I honestly tell, and if there was an impact I didn't notice any difference. Perhaps it would have been more obvious if the game had included should a sales sheet per country, but unfortunately this wasn't the case.

Yet another feature in GGM that isn't in Game Dev Tycoon is the option to adjust the degree of Violence, Sexual Content and Profanity in your game, which in turn define the rating of the game - E, M, or A. However, once again, this doesn't really seem to affect the overall rating or sales of the game. The game even gives you feedback of your decisions but it feels like you can never strike a balance. GamersGoMakers also had the unfortunate side effect of making me a little afraid about remaining in my country. If GGM is to be believed, I am living among a nation of sexual fiends, as Portuguese fellows always demanded more sexual content..even in action and strategy games.

The list of "additional" features that really don't seem to impact the gameplay outcomes doesn't stop with sex and violence, either. GGM allows you to set a budget for the story. What does that mean? I have no idea; once again, it doesn't seem to affect the outcome. Want another one random feature? You are allowed to choose how game is packaged. You are given the ability to choose the color of the letters and the box design. All is extremely old and flashy and only seems to add an increased cost, rather than the sales. Release a strategy game with a sexy lady on the packaging; nobody will care.

It seems like the only new feature which actually adds any twist to the gameplay and doesn't end up being a hindrance is the pricing per game. You are given the average price point at which games within the same genre are being sold for, and based on what you predict the game will be, you choose your price. Sadly, even this feels a bit...raw. There's no feedback for releasing a great game at a price below the average, or a bad game above the average. Perhaps it's another illusion. Overall, GamersGoMakers merely creates the illusion of being a more complex GameDevTycoon, which in actuality will give you a heck of a headache whilst feeling like a Game Dev Tycoon sequel gone wrong. All in all, avoid it.