Till a couple of days ago. I was playing the good old AOE 2 with the forgotten update. I believed the price tag of 500 rupees( around 8 dollars) isn't worth it. The servers were shut down ages ago. The only choice was to play against the AI or try some other means to play the game. 

Now just day before yesterday. I finally bought my own copy of Counter Strike Condition Zero in black Friday sale( just for 92 rupees a 1.5 dollars). I thought could there be a discount on AOE 'too'. Oh! my god! to my pleasant surprise the complete HD collection. i.e forgotten and African was on sale for 192 rupees. I had only two choices. First one buy the game. Second one slap myself and follow the first choice. I went through a process which I never did before. Purchased a steam gift card. (I was skeptic about these sent via email things). All my previous steam games were either disc version or gifts. So I took the risk.

After waiting for 10 minutes or so I got the wallet key. And boom! bought the game.

So, After 4 to 5 hours of downloading. I was finally seeing the HD release as well as controlling the things on screen with my on hands. So, was it worth it. At this price tag yes it was.

Now what did I find new. 

Firstly- The new campaigns and new civilizations were great. I haven't tried much yet. The only one I tried was the Indian campaign. It was a disappointment. There wasn't any voice acting just messages appearing on the screen. I thought what if all the new campaigns are like this. Thankfully they aren't.

The new HD resolution was also welcome. I used to play AOE 2 on my PC most of the time so I never noticed those empty sides. But now that I use a laptop they were a constant annoyance. So for those with a wide screen monitor(most of you out there) its a nice thing. No more that everlasting darkness. Just think of it as the unexplored map. Finally the HD allowed me to explore it.


I got the Jorgito's unit MODS from the workshop and believe me the units looks extremely gorgeous. Thankfully, now my armored knight doesn't sit on a naked horse.

As for civilizations the base game had 18 civilizations. The forgotten added 5 more while African Kingdoms added another 4, making the available choices 27.

Earlier each civ had only one bonus tech. Now there are two. There are some new balancing improvements. Thanks to the devs "Camels are not ships" or Indian civilization would have suffered a lot. (No knight line).

The improvements are numerous and probably some of us who loved the good old version won't like all of it. 

The best part is the online community is back online and now with steam achievements. This will add to the fun I guess. So is the new streaming integration called twitch I suppose. Probably never gonna use it. 

There are 7 new campaigns in the forgotten version and 4 in the African kingdoms. So its not only good news for the MP lovers but single player gamers will again get better at history. There is a lot of new things to be discovered by me. After all I am almost 4 years late. to the party. 

So right now its on a huge sale so I would recommend all of you out there who love the series BUY IT if you haven't and those of you who haven't played the classic AOE definitely BUY IT. That's all for now.