(I know this review is way too late, but I had just finished playing it, so I thought why not write a review and here we are)


First of all, I think "The Bastion" sounds better than "Bastion" , with that being said, lets get into the review.The game begins with the protagonist "The Kid" waking up from his sleep on his floating bed/home place while "The Calamity" has wreaked havoc in "Caelondia".

The game doesnt use dialogue instead it relies on narration so there's that.And the game plays from a top-down perspective, so if you dont like that, i guess this one's not for you.

Graphics : I like the art-style of the game, but I think its subjective and depends on your taste. I also like how all the land-pieces pop-up like some fog-of-war mechanic from strategy games. I guess it adds a certain kind of surprise value to the levels.

Gameplay : The gameplay is this game's best aspect. The weapon variety is brilliant and all of the weapons actually feel unique (Breaker Bow FTW). The upgrading system is pretty standard and nothing significant. I also really liked the proving ground challenges (they are these levels where your proficiency with a particular weapon is tested). Another thing I'd like to add here is that, the upgrade points in this game, i.e, Fragments, are actually pieces of the Bastion before The Calamity, so this means that when you destroy like pots and stuff, it actually makes sense that they give Fragments. I mean, its not anything great, but just a simple observation. Rest of the stuff is pretty standard and that's that.

Story : The story is actually good, but I feel like they still didn't explain it well enough (It might just be me because I'm kinda slow at picking this stuff up, but still I stand by my view). The ending (or rather endings) were awesometacular (its an RPG, so expect multiple endings), they were well thought-out and it feels like there is no right choice, both of them end up in the morally grey area, like how Mark Of The Ninja's ending was and that IMO is fantastic. The narration aspect works really well in the majority of the game, but sometimes it feels like dialogue would've been better. There's enough backstory to provide good character depth and to understand each of the character's motivations. (Sorry if there were any spoilers)

Soundtrack : The soundtrack is very good but very under-used. For the most part of the game, there's only ambient music in the background which although is good, gets boring after a while. There is some really good music in this game, but it only "appears" at a few places throughout the entire course of the game, so yeah its definitely underused.

Voice Acting : There is only one voice actor to judge in this game, i.e, The Narrator/Rucks and he is awesome. That more than sums up his work.

Rating : I'd rate this one 8 Squirts out of a possible 10

Final Word : Scumbags. Them damn Scumbags.