* I am writing this review as someone who played the game multiple times for longer periods.

When it comes to "war simulators" and "survival games", a lot of people think about a first-person or third-person game with camping capabilities, hunting abilities, and fighting against the current dangers of nature itself, depending on if it's set after a nuclear event, or at a lost part of the world. But what about the psychological sideeffects of war and survival? What if the inner survival is also as important as the outer one? This is where This War of Mine shows itself.

The game is set during wartime, and you play as a group of survivors. No, you don't have supernatural knowledge about everything to survive; you need water, food, medications, etc; otherwise, you might die. The primary focus is set on the psychological effects of war, and this is something that honestly, This War of Mine does the best from any games, in my point of view. If you kill someone, steal a lot of things from seemingly good people, or if one of you dies, then the others might become sad, or even depressed; being depressed results in not being able to get up from the bed, even making others depressed, and so on. I cannot emphasize enough how well-designed the game is. The atmosphere is so touching that you might even feel bad for losing one of you after a long time of survival... But if it's this difficult to survive, then what can you do to manage that?

When the night comes, you can choose to either stay at home, or scavenge. Scavenging works in a simple way: you pick a location in the city, go there, and try your best to get what you want. There might be places full of stuff that you can use for bulding, and there might be places with medications, foods, or even weapons. Just be sure to pick the right place and the right tools to fit your needs... Scavenging could be very easy, but challenging as well, visiting a military outpost is, of course, much more dangerous than visiting an abandoned old house. Howewer, you also have to take defending your own home into considerations, otherwise, you might get robbed, but even worse, the other survivors who stayed at home might get injured or wounded while trying to protect your stuff.

Also, another positive point is, that the game gives a bio and a unique skill to each survivor, and also "writes your stories" at the end of the game. Despite my positive outpouring, must be mentioned, that it is NOT AN EASY GAME at all; not only the fact that the game becomes more and more challenging by time makes is difficult, but trying to survive might actually make you feel mentally tired after a few hours of playing. Additionally, there is only one map by default, for which some people might give a negative point. The game REQUIRES you to think, organize and priorize when it comes to that, but still, you don't need to be a war general to play the game.