Back in the day when I was still playing in my crappy laptop, back when I could barely run any game under the sun; struggling for every frame I can get my optimizing and tweaking hands on, there was this niche game called "DayZ Mod". I thought it was the coolest game ever. Especially when the famous "frankieonpcin1080p" was playing it. It got really popular. I wanted to play the game so bad I started slowly buying my own computer parts for the first time. It wasn't easy and it cost quite a bit. I was so excited and motivated to begin. I started watching tutorials, videos, reviews, articles on CPUs , Mobos, GPUs, and all the stuff. Eventually I got them all ready to be put together. And BOOM it was alive! I had built my own very first personal computer. The feeling was of pride and satisfaction unlike any other.



DayZ Mod was the first thing I jumped on. I installed Arma II OA, then the MOD, joined a server, and roamed the dangerous lands of Chernarus. I met a lot of friends, made a lot of enemies for sure too. I put in about 500+ hours into the DayZ Mod. I even started my very own server for my friends and I to mess around in. I just couldn't stop playing it. I woke up every morning looking forward to join my friends in the simulated apocalypse.


This now brings us to DayZ Standalone. The succesor to the infamous and beloved by gamers "DayZ Mod".


 DayZ Standalone is an open world survival zombie apocalypse video game currently in development by Bohemia Interactive. Yes it is still in Early Alpha at the time of this writing. The game was released for Microsoft Windows via early access on Steam in December 2013.


"DayZ began development in 2012 when the mod's creator, Dean Hall, joined Bohemia Interactive to commence work on the standalone version of the game." - Wikipedia


The game sets you in a fictional Russianish place called "Chernarus". An outbreak of a dangerous and infectious virus has spread throughout the landscape and you are the survivor. Pitted against hordes of infected zombie like humanoids you are desperate to survive. But it won't be easy because alas the zombies might be the least of your problems for there are others like you struggling to stay alive.... You can't trust anyone not even your own friends.....



I believe that DayZ is truly a unique game unlike any other video games out there in the market. The sole objective of the developers is to make Dayz as close to simulated survival reality as much as digitally possible. I am a huge Dayz fan and always have been. I like the work of Bohemia Interactive and their other games, such as "Arma II" & "Arma III". 


But I will have to say that Dayz has declined in popularity recently due to many complaints of fellow gamers about its development and status. Many have grown impatient with the progressive (albeit slow) development of the game. I myself had stopped playing the game for over a year now because of this reason. But I do think I will get right back into it as soon as something huge happens or if the game starts trending again. I really do hope the developers stick and stay determined in reaching their objective.


Like most multiplayer games Dayz is much more fun played with comrades than going solo. Meeting people and teaming up is one of the coolest experiences you could have in this game. Sometimes you can't make it on your own. You may need someone there watching your back. I've met good friends in the world of Chernarus and until now we are still hitting it with other games. Thank you Dayz for the gift of friendship.

Now, the gameplay on Dayz is pretty similar to the popular game PUBG as in it's playable in third and first person, and a lot of running is involved. But unlike the popular PUBG, Dayz is more realistic in terms of mechanics and playstyle. You're much more grounded to your player because you have to keep in mind your own hunger, thirst, health, temperature, and how he looks in that outfit you just picked up. Weapons in the game have customization and modifications available where you can find scattered across the island. The game is surely geared towards gamers who are into realistic and challenging experiences. Latency is fine most of the time, with minimal network problems. Servers run well and many are available in the US, Europe, and SEA.

Graphically the game looks awesome. It's not the best but the game is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. So running around the environment is a treat. Performance wise the game runs mostly stable with a few gimmicks here and there but the developers are always on it.

Now Dayz is a much more slowly paced than other video games in its genre but it's also much more rewarding and sadly, much more punishing. Losing all that gear that you have been gathering up really takes a toll on you sometimes. So you gotta be super careful around others and when you're looting for that sweet AK.


I look forward to the full release and further development of the game , nothing compares to its realism and depth in my opinion. The game may be in early development now but buying it and trying it out and its current state isn't a bad idea either. Now for players who get easily turned off or frustrated easily might have to stray away from the game until it is fully released.


If you really want to try the game , I'd say go for it. Have fun, don't trust anyone, and make friends!