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A Tale of Emotion Vs Reason - Tales of Berseria Review Reviewed by ENTLVL820m on 10-Aug-17
A Retro Jump Scare
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Mass Effect Andromeda
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Fantasy with a piece of realism... or the opposite? - a Black Desert Online review
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A Review For Bastion
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AOE 2 Nostalgia in HD
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Steelseries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse - A Vicious smoothness - With an edge.
Reviewed by Rabidninja64 on 23-Nov-16
I Asked for This...
Reviewed by inkblowout on 09-Oct-16
Pro Evolution 2017
Reviewed by Temelaidas on 19-Sep-16
No Man's Sky: Quantity Doesn't Equate Quality
Reviewed by Alaitoc1422 on 30-Aug-16