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NBA2K12 is One of the Basketball Games Yet
Member review by Mikelust on Feb 17, 2012 at 8:33pm

NBA2k12 by 2KSports is the latest of the NBA Series by 2KSports.   

NBA2k12 has made some changes on the MyPlayer mode.  Instead of going to the rookie showcase and being drafted and sent to training camp like they did in NBA2k10 and NBA2K11.   In NBA2K12 you go from the rookie showcase right to the actual NBA draft with NBA Commissioner David Stern.  Depending on how you play and how you answer the 3 NBA teams that would like to sign you teams questions fares on how you will do in the draft.   Most make the Top 20,  you need to have a perfect game to make the top 10.  I like the new myplayer mode and i think you all will too.

One Con on the NBA2K12 my player mode is the lack of game sliders or the option to choose any difficulty other than pro or above.   In my opinion this options would make learning the game a little easier,  then to have the ability to change the sliders around to change the difficuly.

They also have a build a legend mode and league modes.   They also have some new drills that are awesome.   These drills are harder than some of the drills that have been in the game before.

I reccomend this game to any avid sports fan or anyone who loves a good game of hardwood.


  • No Sliders my player
  • MY Player no Rookie
  • Playing Time MP
  • Great Graphics
  • Great Commentary
  • Great Gameplay
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