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Welcome to the Global Game Awards. For the first time ever, awards stretch across the entire industry, including games, consoles, hardware, peripherals and much more. Send links to your Facebook and Twitter feeds and ensure your favourite titles earn the lofty Global Game Award they deserve.
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The 2013 winners have been announced
Global Game Awards

To get a game out the door takes a lot of organisation and often a huge amount of backing. This is where the publishers turn up. Orchestrating the release or taking a risk on a new IP is no easy task.

Best Publisher 2013

I have to start by saying, we live in an age where you can play full blooded, top quality games, that provide hundreds of hours of play time…..FOR FREE. Thats just incredible and this award category salutes all those games that strive to be a part of that almost crazy sounding business model.

Best Free 2 Play

This generation has seen a seismic shift from traditional expansion packs to bite-sized downloadable content. Seldom does a game get released now without a flurry of additional content following swiftly behind, and it’s become harder than ever to know which bits will be worth buying.

Best DLC/Expansion

Gaming on the go has evolved significantly with the development of mobile games in the last few years, and yet the handheld console still holds a special place in our hearts.

Best Handheld Game

Mobos are the body of the PC and allow data to flow around the various hardware components. We all know that PC gamers can be like Dr Frankenstein when it comes to building their rigs, so this award will go to those motherboards that provide excellent build quality...

Best Motherboard