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Welcome to the Global Game Awards. For the first time ever, awards stretch across the entire industry, including games, consoles, hardware, peripherals and much more. Send links to your Facebook and Twitter feeds and ensure your favourite titles earn the lofty Global Game Award they deserve.
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The 2013 winners have been announced
Global Game Awards

Put down the textbooks and pick up that mouse. This award is set aside for only the greatest historical recreations and experiences around. Why read about Caesar when you can be Caesar? Combining historical authenticity with great gameplay, these are the ones that cause every history teacher a moments consideration for their job security.

Best Historical

For exceptional accuracy and to compliment your lightning quick reactions you need the best gaming mouse around. These are the industry’s hottest offerings in the mouse world, optimised for gaming to ensure nothing stands between you and victory.

Best Mouse

In space, no one can hear you vote. Don’t let that stop you though, as these games are the latest and greatest in interstellar travel and all things fantastically futuristic. The nominees considered, will push the boundaries of reality, offering us the chance to embrace incredible wonders from the comfort of our own homes.

Best Sci-Fi

To get a game out the door takes a lot of organisation and often a huge amount of backing. This is where the publishers turn up. Orchestrating the release or taking a risk on a new IP is no easy task.

Best Publisher 2013

Keyboards are part of the PC gamers arsenal and some keyboard manufacturers have really managed to push the innovative boundaries when it comes to design.

Best Gaming Keyboard