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Welcome to the Global Game Awards. For the first time ever, awards stretch across the entire industry, including games, consoles, hardware, peripherals and much more. Send links to your Facebook and Twitter feeds and ensure your favourite titles earn the lofty Global Game Award they deserve.
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The 2013 winners have been announced
Global Game Awards

As a wise man once said, two heads are better than one, and that’s never been more appropriate than in the world of co-operative gaming. Whether you’re saving the planet or just having a race, getting another player involved is always instantly more fun. Co-op gaming has a strong place in many gamers hearts and as online gaming becomes easier this Award category helps us find the gems that let us play and share our gaming experiences with our friends.

Best Co-op

Enter the masters of the winding saga. These titles take the player to far off exotic lands, where they can explore, discover and resolve mystery, thats what we are expecting.

Best Adventure

Here we look to see what delights the future world of tech holds for the gaming industry. We hunt down the coolest and most exciting industry changing hardware and the best of those incredible technological gems finds it way into our Most Anticipated Hardware award lineup.

Most Anticipated Hardware

As gaming continues to knock on the door of reality we are treated to a steady stream of titles that enable almost realistic gameplay across a variety of real world arenas. Up for this category we could find flight simulators facing off against racing simulators against tank simulators.

Best Sim

Dripping with dread and crammed full of character, these titles bring together an electric atmosphere to set the player’s mood. This category and these nominees are the games that are awash with ambience and can take you away to a magical place. All can be considered for this accolade, but only a select few offer a gamer the pure escapism that the Most Atmospheric Award Nominees can deliver.

Most Atmospheric