I thought it was odd as well, but I had the same results on 3 different systems. Even with a fresh install it happened. ....
00:12 Apr-24-2017
You need at least the 8 gb RAM to run it.
23:50 Apr-23-2017
Your computer is better than mine. Ultra for you I bet.
23:45 Apr-23-2017
I've played through some pretty bad stories because the gameplay was fun, prototype, the force unleashed, call of duty, ....
23:42 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
23:14 Apr-23-2017
A good RPG is my favorite, followed by hac and slash and strategy.
23:07 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
22:09 Apr-23-2017
Can't beat a good RPG but I also like fast-paced shooters :)
22:07 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
22:07 Apr-23-2017
Not upto that extent. But would still help a little...
21:53 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
21:29 Apr-23-2017
Asus definitely looks better and the red led will also match the cooler led. the only technical difference is an extra....
21:28 Apr-23-2017
RPGs are my favorite followed by platformers and action
21:25 Apr-23-2017
Well thats odd I can understand you for not using it since you experience such problems with it. For me my upload when i....
21:20 Apr-23-2017
you can get 40-50 fps on low
21:12 Apr-23-2017
well congrats then on your new CPU and if you are lucky intel 8th gen CPUs will still use the same 1151 socket so you ....
20:59 Apr-23-2017
I need Answers... I know im gonna hit a dead end... Suggest me something like this...
20:42 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
20:24 Apr-23-2017
while the article says its basically a resolution bump, there is more to that that was already reported a few weeks ago.....
20:20 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
20:17 Apr-23-2017
Scorpio's GPU has the horsepower to run most games at 60fps at 1080p or even 1440p in some. But the jaguar CPU will hold....
20:16 Apr-23-2017
if there was an option for an ASRock AB350 Pro4, I would have chosen it over the Asus board
20:15 Apr-23-2017
from the way this gpu sounds...its almost like the fury x. the high number of shaders and relatively low speed makes fo....
20:11 Apr-23-2017
I love management games so I suppose that falls under Simulation. Shooters, action role-playing, sports, and Racing are ....
20:04 Apr-23-2017
GPU price will be reduced i think we will pick a RX 580 since i saw a 8GB one for 220$
19:53 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
19:52 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
19:37 Apr-23-2017
Wish I could say RPG, but FPS are the ones that "last" longer for me and the price is mostly lower too.
19:37 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
19:34 Apr-23-2017
On the topic of motherboards, i still can't add my Asus Crosshair VI to my bench, not sure whose in charge of approving ....
19:28 Apr-23-2017
i wish it was 3d person, 1st person is just too stressful for horror, i dunno why, its just a fiction.
19:23 Apr-23-2017
rpg,fps and adventures like l.a noire and life is strange
19:19 Apr-23-2017
Actually I have already bought an i7-6700k since I've spotted a cheap one on sale for around $290 It is normally sold f....
18:58 Apr-23-2017
at this rate you are definitely passing the budget of a 1000$ and you will have to cut the money from the monitor/GPU..o....
18:52 Apr-23-2017
I voted for the Asus Prime B350, because it's the best out of these, but I personally am getting an AsRock b350 pro4 as ....
18:47 Apr-23-2017
in 3 months intel coffee lake socket will likely be revealed so better decide then.
18:45 Apr-23-2017
Can't wait to experience the normandy landing in a realistic 6 v 6 x)
18:41 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
18:40 Apr-23-2017
I've been using this Asrock Z77 Extreme4 now for about 5 years (knock on wood) and I've had my CPU OC'd for most of that....
18:38 Apr-23-2017
For example I was never loyal to MSI. Two motherboards on my am3+ system died without even overclocking my cpu ( cpu was....
18:30 Apr-23-2017
your cpu is noot good enough to it man.
18:29 Apr-23-2017
hard choice between FPS and RPG for me
18:21 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
18:19 Apr-23-2017
you need to upgrade you cpu, it's not necessary but for good performance.
18:13 Apr-23-2017
i just realized I'm into sandbox games lol
18:09 Apr-23-2017
I play shooters (CS) most of the time, but my favorite would be RPG's, Monster Hunter, The Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls etc....
18:08 Apr-23-2017
not with that sH!tty cpu u may run it on 720p on medium
17:38 Apr-23-2017
Can I run it on low-medium at 60 fps at 1920x1080
17:33 Apr-23-2017
I'm getting a new rig after approx 3 months my next motherboard is going to be ASUS ROG STRIX Z270G GAMING LGA1151 DDR4....
17:28 Apr-23-2017
Shooters, Fighting, Simulation, Racing, Casual (Like Solitaire and stuff), in that order.
17:27 Apr-23-2017
Fills my heart with warmth to see RPG's leading the way =p. Allways kept consoles around for that reason....the day is ....
17:24 Apr-23-2017
Warhammer End Times - Vermintide It is like L2D in Warhammer universe. Judging by other games you play, you will probab....
17:15 Apr-23-2017
I've always been loyal to MSI, I'm going to buy the x370 Gaming Pro with my new build
17:05 Apr-23-2017
Can i run at 1080p on medium-high at 60 fps CPU: FX 8320E GPU: RX 460 GIGABYTE 4GB RAM: 8GB
16:45 Apr-23-2017
Thankfully there is games workshop.
16:34 Apr-23-2017
In no specific order but RPG, FPS, Survival Horror, RTS, Turn Based Strategy, MMO and ARPG's are my favorite type of gam....
16:29 Apr-23-2017
its says here that you need 400 watts. even though its just recommended, its still dangerous to go below that, especiall....
16:13 Apr-23-2017
I love RPG, RTS, and Sanbox equally so I can't vote. I really like FPS, Action, Fighting, Turn-Based Strategy, and Racin....
16:04 Apr-23-2017
Simulation Strategy (RTS and turn-based) Action-adventure
15:59 Apr-23-2017
It will still be holded back by the original Xbox One because all games need to run on both systems. Developers can't do....
15:58 Apr-23-2017
LOL! I never wear a seat belt. If it is my time to go then it is my time. I have survived multiple wrecks during the pas....
15:51 Apr-23-2017
If the Story and Gameplay are good the rest will start to feel less important.Finished and Good Optimized pc game sh....
15:44 Apr-23-2017
For me it's a tie between Strategy(all sorts) and RPG, but sadly Strategy games have been dying out so hard in the past ....
15:43 Apr-23-2017
People like me can't afford the extra bandwidth that Microsoft uses to gather that information all of the time with Wind....
15:43 Apr-23-2017
We all will die someday but we still wear our seatbelts when we drive, right?
15:42 Apr-23-2017
could you run most games on 1080p with 60fps. because most people including me dont have a 4k monitor/TV.
15:37 Apr-23-2017
My taste is pretty much ^ thisminus RTS
15:35 Apr-23-2017
Without a doubt, RPG's. The chance to explore massively crafted worlds, filled with interesting characters and captivati....
15:28 Apr-23-2017
For me it goes like this:- RPG (the more immersive the better and where what you do and say "matters") - RTS (somet....
15:28 Apr-23-2017
And thats why I am using Windows 10. Cause it does t matter at all. Someone will get some of your data anyway.Unless you....
15:27 Apr-23-2017
Actually they are bound by law to support Windows 7 through January 14th of 2020. This is the deal that they made with t....
15:25 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
15:17 Apr-23-2017
I can't vote on this. I am evenly split between game play, story, and graphics. To be honest if a game looks bad enough ....
15:13 Apr-23-2017
Close but I guess RPG has to get my vote. Although my fav to watch competitively wld be RTS followed by fighting.
15:01 Apr-23-2017
how are you able to change the multiplier? mine i can only change the turbo boost multiplier to 38, maybeI can reach 4gh....
14:52 Apr-23-2017
Story or gameplay mechanics - which-ever comes first. If both do, then its a bonus. I'm sure, that if the game tickles y....
14:46 Apr-23-2017
Hello, any chances to run this game?:)
14:43 Apr-23-2017
btw I change to the 1070 now, theese coments were made when I had r9 290
14:41 Apr-23-2017
moba and rts ofcourse. Then Action/Sports
14:36 Apr-23-2017
Depends when and where you write what you dislike. If u say this to TW3 page they'll dislike u, its normal. For example ....
14:34 Apr-23-2017
Auu this is a hard one since I love good games equally much XD RPG, action, FPS, Turn-based
14:24 Apr-23-2017
just hoping that this high physics won't stress the CPU too much...
14:24 Apr-23-2017
my fav is action rpg. so should i vote action or rpg :P
14:22 Apr-23-2017
thanks for the replies and votes guys. appreciate it!
14:18 Apr-23-2017
lol..well my experience with the first one is a mix of me cursing, hysterically laughing and keep saying that i hate t....
13:37 Apr-23-2017
i am putting my money on this one hopefully for a great darksouls fix :D
13:26 Apr-23-2017
Bad optimization , just like in ME Andromea. I got big fps drops on medium. I got 40-60fps they were droping or rising c....
13:20 Apr-23-2017
whats your budget? at that res gtx 960 or r9 380 should work very well you could play amost everygame at ultra settings
13:19 Apr-23-2017
GTA is boring when you finish the main story and then you play it for a longer time after that. But it's always fun to s....
13:18 Apr-23-2017
Great optimization, just like doom.
13:17 Apr-23-2017
Well it's people with child-like thought pattern to be more accurate. I personally do NOT like most GTA games as I find....
12:53 Apr-23-2017
So am I if it actually turns out to be good.
12:48 Apr-23-2017
Because from my experience. Whenever I stated my reasons for disliking The Witcher 3. They'll get offended and argue for....
12:47 Apr-23-2017
Can I run ?
12:44 Apr-23-2017