@Maxium Yes since GCN drivers have been solid, but since Crimson AMD has had overall better drivers and features than N....
16:27 Jul-17-2018
of course yes, you need at least a g4560 or similar or if you want to stay with lga 775 chip try q9650
16:07 Jul-17-2018
I think these are the 2 main factors that contribute to the low market share of AMD cards. Back then it was the driver s....
16:06 Jul-17-2018
Same,I'm running a 380,had a 270x before that,total about 4 years of AMD cards,not a single problem for me with drivers ....
16:05 Jul-17-2018
I would say it's kinda depressing that AMD always struggles to compete with Nvidia. I mean now that the drivers are rock....
16:02 Jul-17-2018
Still, I think green is a better color for my poor eyes.
15:52 Jul-17-2018
As far as I know, AMD drivers had the worst quality around 2008.
15:48 Jul-17-2018
Even before crimson at least since 2012 I would say the drivers were pretty solid. The only issue back then was that AMD....
15:46 Jul-17-2018
I had a gtx 960 2 gb a few years back, upgraded to a 4gb rx480 (was mostly very happy with it). Now i have a gtx 1060 6g....
15:31 Jul-17-2018
hope they improved the combat for kiwami 2 and the frame drops and tearing were not great
15:18 Jul-17-2018
Yeah that's probably exactly what happened. At least now all the tech is in place for Yakuza 7. Maybe. Actually, they're....
15:14 Jul-17-2018
Not here but free upvote lol. You might still go negative though sorry bud haha. But i do agree, literally everyone i pl....
15:13 Jul-17-2018
have actually played the whole series in a short time and yakuza 6 felt like all of their development went to creating t....
15:10 Jul-17-2018
I wouldn't say horrible but yeah, a bit of a downgrade. Yakuza 0 is so good though, tough to follow that up. Interested ....
15:08 Jul-17-2018
Where's the steam link? I could only find the windows store link.
15:03 Jul-17-2018
before you go all fan boy AMD, kindly do a quick google search if not an AMD search and you will find tons of people wit....
15:03 Jul-17-2018
I agree with a lot of your points, I'd personally give it a 7/10, but am too lazy to write a long article.
14:59 Jul-17-2018
The root cause as told to me by AMD Support and AMD moderators on the Support forums is that this driver is known to hav....
14:59 Jul-17-2018
So all the haters that downvoted me a few months ago when I said that AMD has had rock solid drivers since crimson and t....
14:58 Jul-17-2018
But but but, Nvidia is superior in every way imaginable. Yea ok haha. I've not had a single issue with an AMD driver in ....
14:55 Jul-17-2018
but it was an horrible downgrade from yakuza 0 in my opinion
14:54 Jul-17-2018
I loooooooooooooooooooooooove Yakuza lol
14:53 Jul-17-2018
Im on 18.5.1 and have been on it since release (since i reviewed Crew 2), i have not had a SINGLE failure, blue screen o....
14:52 Jul-17-2018
I probably had less than 10 driver crashes total in over 10 years of using Nvidia cards. Not flawless but acceptable, I....
14:46 Jul-17-2018
im not even gonna comment because me and jon will literally argue about this for weeks lol but i agree with you guys
14:45 Jul-17-2018
gamers r attracted by all tht exclusive game/poop works to be precise and the devs optimizing well for Nvdia GPU's. when....
14:44 Jul-17-2018
In plenty of cases its not an issue at all, but just a bunch of people yelling into the sky that their fictionalized gam....
14:44 Jul-17-2018
But then, Jon, you also have a point, I really can't think of that many games that do this sort of thing. I don't think ....
14:44 Jul-17-2018
But if they're shoehorned in just to be a part of it with no real explanation nor justification I believe it can be an p....
14:44 Jul-17-2018
I do think Maxium has a point. I have no issues with any of those groups, but there are some games where they aren't jus....
14:44 Jul-17-2018
i love your review on it actually its very good and well done and true
14:37 Jul-17-2018
Can I run ?
14:24 Jul-17-2018
Looks interesting. Anyone knows how to pronounce the last word? (still have no idea)
14:24 Jul-17-2018
Can I run ?
14:17 Jul-17-2018
OK yeah I get that, I just can't really think of many games I've played where they've purposefully gone out of their way....
14:16 Jul-17-2018
Oh wow, this has got to me
14:12 Jul-17-2018
them purely because of the social justice ideology pressure. When the ideology starts affecting the developer's decision....
14:08 Jul-17-2018
Only time I had problems on AMD drivers was when the laptop manufacturer stopped releasing updates so I had to install d....
14:06 Jul-17-2018
Well, as I said, I have absolutely no problem what groups of people are in a game, and I will certainly not refuse to pl....
14:02 Jul-17-2018
nvidia fan boys will now defend by giving lame excuses uninstall half of the driver and the issues will go away
13:55 Jul-17-2018
yakuza 6 is a bad game
13:51 Jul-17-2018
i had issues with few drivers which made my oc unstable instant crash
13:43 Jul-17-2018
But I am sure if you uninstall Geforce Experience, it will remove most of those processes.
13:43 Jul-17-2018
I haven't played around too much with the gameplay recording software, but it is so far worse in comparison with AMD's R....
13:37 Jul-17-2018
I didn't accuse you of being any of those things, I said perhaps those devs aren't hateful,racist,sexist. You can draw....
13:31 Jul-17-2018
Vega is performance wise better than 1070, but I also look at power draw and heat output, so Vega isn't an option for me....
13:31 Jul-17-2018
My experience with AMD has always been pretty good considering what other people says about their own experience. But wh....
13:31 Jul-17-2018
becomes politicized. I mean this is gaming, not real life. In real life, yes, there are groups that are discriminated an....
13:31 Jul-17-2018
Yeah, those days are quite a while back. I also know that NVIDIA drivers were never perfect, and haven't improved much b....
13:27 Jul-17-2018
Hmmm, I really don't see how not submitting to social justice ideologies makes someone a hateful person. I personally do....
13:25 Jul-17-2018
I haven't experienced any more issues with AMD drivers than I've had with Nvidia drivers.
13:25 Jul-17-2018
Damn this is so classic. If somebody disagrees with you,then call him a "manchild" and accuse him of being hateful,racis....
13:18 Jul-17-2018
the test should be cunducted on the medium and the lower end of the spectrum as well. Using only the flagships, the crea....
13:15 Jul-17-2018
I don't know how worse the situation would have to be until people are not so NVIDIA biased - it always has been this wa....
13:14 Jul-17-2018
Everything normal so far... After the release of "Radeon Software Crimson Edition", AMD drivers have raised the level. T....
13:14 Jul-17-2018
I have no clue what these consultants did, but the latest AMD Radeon Driver 18.5.1 and its sequel 18.6.1 are horribly bu....
13:14 Jul-17-2018
steady 60? also I got 144Hz monitor, lowering to HIGH setting to be able to play smoother?
13:09 Jul-17-2018
My nvidia drivers have never failed me. Also, have never had any issues.
13:06 Jul-17-2018
That hasn't been the case for atleast 6 years now,speaking from my experience. Used 2 AMD GPUs from 2012 to 2016 and nev....
13:03 Jul-17-2018
"oooh I never buy AMD because they have sh*t driver support" The amount of times I've heard this
12:55 Jul-17-2018
Interesting study to say the least, great that AMD has finally managed to pull itself out of their bug ridden drivers of....
12:55 Jul-17-2018
Btw, some of are missing : Onboard GPU is supported but only on AMD A-Series and Ryzen 2nd G series. Motherboard relea....
12:39 Jul-17-2018
I mean, there really is. Amazon is owned by the richest man on the planet, they're not hurting for cash. It's absolutely....
12:29 Jul-17-2018
there is no different in whoever sells pirated games.
12:16 Jul-17-2018
Bethesda aren't great.
12:05 Jul-17-2018
Can I run med-high settings maybe?
11:54 Jul-17-2018
Can I run ?
11:06 Jul-17-2018
Can I run ?
11:06 Jul-17-2018
well most of time digital content from amazon flipkart and other supermarket sites are fake so beware man thts all
10:58 Jul-17-2018
Its actually getting close to a trillion market cap, so your point is almost 10x as valid!
10:29 Jul-17-2018
There's a fair bit of difference between a bloke in a market selling pirate copies and a company worth $100 billion doin....
09:19 Jul-17-2018
Yeah I mean it's certainly a popular opinion within an echo chamber of online manchildren. Maybe the easier thing to tak....
09:10 Jul-17-2018
Uhh, it's definitely a game lol
09:05 Jul-17-2018
I think I actually agree with all of these. Great might be a bit strong for me in regards to AC3 but I definitely enjoye....
09:03 Jul-17-2018
hah I gave it 7.5/10 in my [review](http://www.game-debate.com/articles/2752/grand-theft-auto-v/gta-v-are-we-really-back....
08:55 Jul-17-2018
Can I run ?
08:48 Jul-17-2018
That's a shame. The most unappealing thing with PoE 2 was all the sea adventures. I hope the story won't be as bad as in....
08:32 Jul-17-2018
So what? 10 years ago or even now (im not sure if they still exist) in my country people solled pirated games on the str....
08:32 Jul-17-2018
Assassins Creed is the same game every year. AC Odyssey is literally AC Origins, re-skinned with a different setting and....
08:20 Jul-17-2018
My body would deterioratedust to dust if I played 20 fps.
08:09 Jul-17-2018
Actually, GTA Vice CIty is the best GTA game.
08:07 Jul-17-2018
I assume that you're not counting the real Fallout games, 1&2.
08:05 Jul-17-2018
In all seriousness, Hawke is a very good character. It's just that I disliked the story. Felt too rushed, and it left to....
08:04 Jul-17-2018
It's not a game. It's interactive storytelling with walking.
08:02 Jul-17-2018
- Assassin's Creed 3 is a great game. Native american culture and klilling red coats, just awesome! - Skyrim is a bad g....
08:00 Jul-17-2018
Well my hate for asus is really more based on mobos than on gpus but i have a gtx 970 strix atm and it sounds like my va....
07:47 Jul-17-2018
Thanks a bunch guys, clear as day now. So one more question, does 1080p look better on a 1080p TV than a 4K one or is it....
07:43 Jul-17-2018