Can I run ?
04:57 Feb-25-2017
Dragon Age ran like crap for me but BF1 runs much better. xD
04:54 Feb-25-2017
Eh.. Even at 4k the 1080 can struggle. But it's possible. Not much is known, yet. Frostbite is super well optimized, and....
04:15 Feb-25-2017
Unless I'm wrong about the dual channel part, but I don't think so, at least according to my mobo manual and some manual....
03:52 Feb-25-2017
I hope it helps. 8 GB is probably still just enough for a lot of games, but going into the future, well, depending on th....
03:45 Feb-25-2017
I think it's initially clocked at 3.0 ghz not 3.7Ghz, It goes up to 3.7Ghz On turbo boost :D
03:41 Feb-25-2017
Oh, I will say, I didn't have any problem running Dragon Age: Inquisition, either, at pretty much everything maxed and 6....
03:35 Feb-25-2017
decided to go with 144hz i like fps games and want to become good at it i ordered the zowie mointor form benq
03:29 Feb-25-2017
In India I always find G2A prices better than steam. The witcher 2 is cost 32INR right now on G2A which is about $0.4 an....
03:28 Feb-25-2017
I don't know where do you live but in most of urban areas new games are available at the time of their release and you c....
03:18 Feb-25-2017
Retail copy in India is three times cheaper than steam. That's why Nobody praises steam in India like others do
03:13 Feb-25-2017
Ultra settings at 1080p with 100+ fps. lol
02:55 Feb-25-2017
Can I run ?
02:49 Feb-25-2017
Well, i can run BF1 with my i5 at over 60 FPS so i wouldnt worry too much
02:46 Feb-25-2017
Its difficult to find latest games in retail shops in India. Even if you find it, if that game is available in steam, it....
02:42 Feb-25-2017
what do you guys think. HIGH settings with 60 fps?
02:42 Feb-25-2017
It is same here. Rich people just became even more richer.
02:40 Feb-25-2017
Oh I see. Well it could be that I had SSAA or DSR on :D I'm a real airhead sometimes. Well this year I'm taking a shot a....
02:39 Feb-25-2017
Interesting concept, hope you're able to pull it off.... something that comes to mind though, you could actually start a....
02:33 Feb-25-2017
Ehh, taxes are pretty much a world wide problem.... in my country, the poor and middle class are taxed to death while th....
02:29 Feb-25-2017
I could see 30 fps on low at 720p. But you might want to invest a new GPU. Even with your old i3 creating a bottleneck, ....
02:19 Feb-25-2017
i don't get drops near your fps. only drops in crazy scenes near 51 fps. ram hovers around 5gigs. thats with every optio....
02:15 Feb-25-2017
Of course it must be Serbia and 2nd highest tax raise. Fuuck This stupid country where everything is taxed with 20%. The....
02:15 Feb-25-2017
What is the difference between the pro and non-pro version of this CPU?
02:14 Feb-25-2017
Wait so you're getting lower or higher FPS? "Nowhere near it" implies lower FPS but that's surely not the case... And I ....
02:12 Feb-25-2017
Can I run ? and what setting?
02:09 Feb-25-2017
Because there is just too much greed and evil in the world.It will only get worse.
02:08 Feb-25-2017
I'd say even ultra at 1080p 60fps. The 970 is still a very capable graphics card.
02:07 Feb-25-2017
Huh i get no where near that fps at max... thats 8x msaa and everything cranked up at 1080p
02:05 Feb-25-2017
Can I run ?
01:55 Feb-25-2017
Awesome, then you should be able to get away with low or even medium settings at 720p. Good luck, brother.
01:54 Feb-25-2017
For anyone who wonders, my settings: 1600*900p, v-sync: Off, 42% sharpening, extended fov: 100% (max). Resolution scale ....
01:54 Feb-25-2017
I can run DAI on a mix of high/very high preset at 720p. I will wait for the review and try it if turn out to be well op....
01:45 Feb-25-2017
I think he did it with modified BIOS with BCLK. I also had mine overclocked to 4.0 GHz (25%) for 3 years with no problem....
01:38 Feb-25-2017
You can! 1080p I wouldn't surprised if you hit 60 fps on ultra settings.
01:37 Feb-25-2017
I want to say yes. The 1070 is a very powerful GPU, even at 1440p. We'll have to wait and see how optimized it is at lau....
01:36 Feb-25-2017
well, at 1080p you should go for tweaked ultra. You can also mess around with like 900p with higher sharpening. In 4k, I....
01:35 Feb-25-2017
I would say your odds are good. Just keep anti aliasing and shadows down a bit and you should have no problem at 1080p.
01:34 Feb-25-2017
Because what is medium here might be ultra in other games! Ultra here is like "extra" setting if you know what i mean. J....
01:32 Feb-25-2017
Low on 720p should be possible. Try and run Dragon Age Inquisition. MAE will be a bit more demanding than DAI.
01:32 Feb-25-2017
I want to say high/medium because Shadows and anti aliasing is really demanding.
01:30 Feb-25-2017
VERY STABLE 30 FPS at 1600*900p almost at tweaked ultra (something high, something ultra, hbao+, taa), 26-30 FPS at 1080....
01:28 Feb-25-2017
Can I run ?
01:24 Feb-25-2017
Actually no, I don't want anyone to get rekt. I want them both to be roughly equal. If NVidia get's rekt, then it's AMD ....
00:52 Feb-25-2017
Looks like good requirements to me. I'm more worried about what she said in this video at 18:00https://www.youtube.c....
00:39 Feb-25-2017
my monitors are only 1920 x 1080 no idea why game debate decided to merge them either way ill be happy as long as i can....
00:38 Feb-25-2017
Not that you need one, but I think ur cpu can still handle a better GPU. But yeah probably not to an extent that makes a....
00:28 Feb-25-2017
Can I run at 144FPS on medium-high at 1440p? with these cpu and gpu: CPU:i7 6700k GPU:Gigabyte gtx 1070 extreme gaming
00:25 Feb-25-2017
I know I'm gaming on a potato, but is there any chance it will run at 720p 30 fps?
00:23 Feb-25-2017
Can I run ?Iv been waiting 4 years for this game. If i can run this game at a solid 60fps on high then ill be conten....
00:15 Feb-25-2017
Can I run ?
00:03 Feb-25-2017
i dont understand a point of what y just sayed, what have game requirments to do with time they take to make ssome CPU/G....
00:03 Feb-25-2017
Here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcJve9VnmGc&feature=youtu.be
00:01 Feb-25-2017
They want u have the best possible expirience with the game no matter the requirements. Do u know how hard is to make a ....
00:00 Feb-25-2017
nah it will be much less demanded i am sure of it
23:58 Feb-24-2017
Normal reqirements for me imo. U should get used to with these req. Sooner or later the games will require higher reqire....
23:56 Feb-24-2017
well they say same as battlefield 1, that mean your i5 wont have problem at all(if what they say are trye)
23:54 Feb-24-2017
Heres hoping I can play it on high @60FPS like I do BF1.
23:50 Feb-24-2017
Can I run ?
23:48 Feb-24-2017
For people who are quick to blame Valve for this... don't, this is 100% due to pressure from the EU, Valve was recently ....
23:39 Feb-24-2017
So... Is my i5 going to struggle with staying over 60fps? What performance difference can I expect from the recommended....
23:36 Feb-24-2017
A lot of video game companies blow their sysreq out of proportion for safety reasons. I have absolute faith that you wil....
23:29 Feb-24-2017
I ment low seeing as min req CPU for MEA is i5-3570 with 3,40 GHz.
23:20 Feb-24-2017
Not surprised at all, clock for clock, Ryzen is complete beast mode, my only worry is that the R7 line is going to have ....
23:19 Feb-24-2017
Low? That's a damn third gen i5. I'm using a first gen i7 and it's still a monster.
23:18 Feb-24-2017
3640x1080 might be pushing it for the 380x. Maybe turn down shadows and MSAA and you could hit 40 - 60 fps. We'll have t....
23:13 Feb-24-2017
imo recommended i7 cpu and 16gb ram doesnt look realistic. 6600k and 12gb ram should be good.
23:13 Feb-24-2017
Ultra at 1080p 55 - 70 fps.
23:11 Feb-24-2017
Eh... 1440p is super demanding. Even the GTX 1060 can't maintain 60 fps in a lot of titles, and it's more powerful than ....
23:10 Feb-24-2017
I think 30 fps on medium at 720p is not out of the question. Your CPU may cause a bottleneck, however.
23:08 Feb-24-2017
The 970 is still very capable at 1080p, and even some games at 1440p.With your rig I'd say 55 - 80 fps at 1080p on h....
23:06 Feb-24-2017
Even with that low CPU?
23:06 Feb-24-2017
Have faith in your 960, bro. It's not the greatest GPU in the world, but it's a trooper.I'd say high settings at 10....
23:04 Feb-24-2017
Sadly steam doesn't use AUD because it makes games look cheaper and in turn makes more people buy them. It's a harsh tru....
23:04 Feb-24-2017
Buddy we were being sarcastic :D Your point is valid though and we understand that :P Anyways good that you said it beca....
23:04 Feb-24-2017
Oh yeah, 1080p at 60 fps shouldn't be a problem for you. Even at ultra settings.
23:03 Feb-24-2017
Thank you! :)
23:02 Feb-24-2017
Hmm, what kind of help can you offer? Are you good at photoshopping? I've been having issues cropping things and making ....
23:00 Feb-24-2017
I've even seen some Unreal Engine games run very poorly. (Batman: Arkham Knight and ARK: Survival Evolved) Unreal Engine....
22:53 Feb-24-2017
It may be based on the Cryengine but that doesn't mean anything about how games on them will actually perform. AS with a....
22:50 Feb-24-2017
Pretty sure I can run. Can run all games I own currently on Ultra. Just in case though, thoughts?
22:43 Feb-24-2017
Oh yeah with folding it doesn't need the SLI. It just utilizes the cards individually for different tasks. One guy bough....
22:34 Feb-24-2017
Isn't it better then for people in these countries, especially India, to go to retail stores to buy games?
22:30 Feb-24-2017
Hmmm good point..... NVM it will take 20 or so Titans to run this thing XD
22:28 Feb-24-2017
And then there are the the games with ridiculously bad optimization. I ran GTA V on max settings at 1080 p.... 23 fps. W....
22:25 Feb-24-2017
Ahhh ok, so its similar to Bitcoin mining in terms of function. Then yeah the 480s would have much more raw power than t....
22:24 Feb-24-2017
It is awesome that the R5 1600X will have the same clock speed and cache as the R7 1800X. I would expect both CPUs to h....
22:20 Feb-24-2017
I hope but this engine is based on CryEngine..... I doubt this could run with a 1060 considering CryEngine is the origin....
22:19 Feb-24-2017
Please add this GPU on GD: Gainward GeForceĀ® GTX 1060 3GB LINK: http://www.gainward.com/main/vgapro.php?id=993&lang=en....
22:18 Feb-24-2017
Can I run MEA at all on my PC?
22:17 Feb-24-2017
What about me? I REALLY don't plan on spending another $300 Dollars for a 1070 after spending nearly 2k for my PC. Ultr....
22:14 Feb-24-2017
Depending on the size of the monitor, he might not even need AA at that resolution.
22:13 Feb-24-2017
ok I can't Vote it's not working, but I would aim for the top of the line Ryzen 5. all these CPUS are 100 more here in C....
22:13 Feb-24-2017
do you guys think my old lady will be able to run it? just on 720p since my max res is 1366x768 ):
22:12 Feb-24-2017
The CPU seems to be a slight bottleneck for your GPU but you should be fine at Medium with a solid 60.
22:11 Feb-24-2017