Can I run ?
19:33 Jun-23-2017
The beast! I am still using this monster of CPU :D
19:24 Jun-23-2017
Budget gaming card, runs GTA V, CS:GO, CoD Series... I paired this card with Q6600 and 8 GB RAM.
19:09 Jun-23-2017
I start most of my games over as i forget a lot of stuff
19:00 Jun-23-2017
GD seems to forget why this demo exists now all of a sudden. It is because they removed Denuvo in a patch a day or two a....
18:56 Jun-23-2017
yep the witcher 3 i paused it for 3 month and when i was back i forgot all controls but i continued didnt want to go aga....
18:36 Jun-23-2017
can i run it?
18:33 Jun-23-2017
i took a "longer" break from witcher 3, and when i returned, i forgot most parts of the combat-controls, so i thought "a....
18:17 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
17:47 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
17:46 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
17:46 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
17:45 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
17:45 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
17:44 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
17:44 Jun-23-2017
Steam summer sales and got 20€ from Gigabyte promotion. What fps and settings do you thing I could get at 1080p? No c....
17:22 Jun-23-2017
Take two is too big to be fazed by this. Especialy since most of paradox's games are pc exclusive it hurts them alot whi....
17:16 Jun-23-2017
Perhaps level design has changed?I expect to see many votes in my favor - Or else...
17:11 Jun-23-2017
Anyone new to city building/economic simulators may find this very entertaining (until your citizens try to assassinate ....
17:08 Jun-23-2017
I want WARCRAFT IV RTS, simple as that. :D
17:07 Jun-23-2017
You guys could also try my graphics mod I made for this game just recently, makes it look a bit better. You can find it ....
17:07 Jun-23-2017
Steam's recent reviews FTW baybee. Now let's hope Take Two and Rockstar get their heads out of their behinds and fix the....
17:05 Jun-23-2017
After the dissaster that Halo 5 was, they need to pull back and seriously think their next move, just look at how terrib....
16:54 Jun-23-2017
not at all, more like being capable of ruling islands xD
16:54 Jun-23-2017
No.Higher resolution is better.It makes game look more beautiful.I am sure a Vega consumer card in the range of 400-500$....
16:43 Jun-23-2017
That's an understatement,they want to give those die hard WOW fans any other MMO game to keep hooked on.
16:40 Jun-23-2017
nah Trump will be replaced what's the fun in that even kim jung un/NK simulator would be better than it
16:31 Jun-23-2017
I just hope that Blizzard step away from cartoonish games and make more realer ones like world of warcraft reborn from t....
16:29 Jun-23-2017
I voted yes because... its a 1070 with a 6600k, they are both very good at running games
16:21 Jun-23-2017
So according to this, I should be running this game at pretty decent fps. I'm pulling a maximum of 55 fps, but most of t....
16:18 Jun-23-2017
Got Dungeons 2 through a Humble Bundle give away. Rather enjoyed it even if my system has issues running it smoothly (ma....
15:58 Jun-23-2017
Remastered? As in on their latest engine? Take my money, property and soul, I'm sold!
15:45 Jun-23-2017
so a i7 950 can handle this game what is game debate telling me
15:42 Jun-23-2017
Man i have never played any of these games. What would you advise for a newbie?
15:34 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
15:30 Jun-23-2017
Because of cryptocurrency, I almost gave up and sell my PC until I ordered a Zotac GTX 1060 Mini for $259 total. I origi....
15:08 Jun-23-2017
Blizzard has won my heart again, Diablo I and II were the best.
15:04 Jun-23-2017
Warcraft I, II and III remaster on SC2 engine and then Warcraft IV bigger a better and with a RPG mode, kinda like the B....
14:50 Jun-23-2017
As a struggling college student, I can sinceriously say that a GTX 1070 would be better than any Christmas I've ever had
14:45 Jun-23-2017
If they remaster D2 and LoD I'm gonna be gone from this planet for another 7 years like i was when they first released......
14:44 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ? Side note: CPU is oc to 4.4 ghz
14:31 Jun-23-2017
I don't think they have officially announced the 4th race but CA makes rat jokes when they are asked about the fourth ra....
14:14 Jun-23-2017
I am soooo happy that people are starting to implement Demos again. I swear that will help reduce pirating even further.....
14:09 Jun-23-2017
GT 1030 no GTX 1050 a little unless you overclock
14:00 Jun-23-2017
I'd literally do nothing else but play Warcraft 3 if they updated it with SC2 graphics and mechanics.
13:51 Jun-23-2017
I think this is not the first time the job listings have brought up these games.
13:50 Jun-23-2017
Appreciate the inputs. Might go with TL2. Heck its only CAD5.49!
13:47 Jun-23-2017
Tbf, Titanfall 2 is a fantastic game.
13:42 Jun-23-2017
pretty much yeah.
13:38 Jun-23-2017
I think the bigger resolutions are over-hyped. In your place, I would invest in a 144Hz monitor at 1080p, instead of spe....
12:57 Jun-23-2017
I'm getting AC Syndicate Gold Edition :D
12:46 Jun-23-2017
I would love to see a Diablo 2 LOD Remaster, since I really did not like Diablo 3 or ROS, it just didn't feel like the g....
12:45 Jun-23-2017
That happened to me before on 2 PCs. Both times it turned out to be a issue with the motherboard. Replacing it fixed it.
12:13 Jun-23-2017
yes medium
12:12 Jun-23-2017
Hm, could it be that you are planning a military coup?
12:10 Jun-23-2017
It has the same amount of content if not more than the first game. At that point its a new game
11:40 Jun-23-2017
strangely I always enjoy playing these games for a while....
11:38 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ? Please answer before the steam sale ends
11:37 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
11:23 Jun-23-2017
yeah just like windows S except u don't have access to win32!
11:17 Jun-23-2017
Imagine being stuck with G210. Dude you have no idea.
10:58 Jun-23-2017
Probably the only game I'll definitely be picking up in the Steam sale :)
10:38 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
10:31 Jun-23-2017
I voted yes because...i run it at 1080p on mediun preset at 45-55 fps
10:25 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
10:14 Jun-23-2017
nice i will look in to it thanks for the info
10:00 Jun-23-2017
Hitman is really awesome. You guys should try it out if u haven't played it yet!
09:55 Jun-23-2017
when I think about it, I guess it's a good similarity example, Apple removed analog audio IO to get control over what p....
09:24 Jun-23-2017
because same priced chromebook will perform significantly better
09:20 Jun-23-2017
when I told this to my colleagues at work...
09:19 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
09:01 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
08:43 Jun-23-2017
780ti is better than gtx 970, still quite capable even for 1080p gaming.. let alone 768p xD
08:29 Jun-23-2017
half of a second is not fast enough i need faster logins
07:46 Jun-23-2017
And the perfect capstone to the Warhammer Fantasy universe.If it had to go, at least it gets one last encore.
07:37 Jun-23-2017
Can I run medium/high at 1080 or maybe 1440? I3 4170 MSI R7 370 GAMING 4GB 16GB RAM
07:29 Jun-23-2017
Nah i'd rather "downgrade" to Windows 10 Pro.
07:03 Jun-23-2017
yes you can either download the OS from MS site without the activation key or if you want the full version download assi....
07:02 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
06:51 Jun-23-2017
Can I run ?
06:00 Jun-23-2017
Unless you upgrade your pc,you won't be able to play this high end game on your damn pc.
05:44 Jun-23-2017
so they saying - we spend 5 years developing and releasing it and next 5 years supporting it. sounds cool.
05:06 Jun-23-2017
It's probably the combat. Regardless of what people say about depth, Diablo 3 is the funnies one to play because of how ....
04:52 Jun-23-2017
Without a bottleneck all of the hardware in the System(maybe except the PSU) would be running at 100%, RAM, CPU, GPU, St....
04:41 Jun-23-2017
this or mine?
03:33 Jun-23-2017
The rat folk do not exist dont make me let your local witch hunter know of your accusations.
03:10 Jun-23-2017