Am I also to understand feminists can't be legit female gamers? Also, what is a 'legit' gamer?
09:48 Oct-20-2017
Can I run ?
09:44 Oct-20-2017
With my rig I got 60fps on medium, so you sure can
09:33 Oct-20-2017
Well, I didn't liked a game so much since The Witcher 3
09:31 Oct-20-2017
Where were you when every Half-Life, every GTA, Call of Duty, Halo, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake....
09:16 Oct-20-2017
I played it ages ago on x360, it was a good game and had good graphics for it's time.
08:53 Oct-20-2017
The list of games isn t bigger than I thought.I never said that it was a small list. I know how many games use denuvo. I....
08:47 Oct-20-2017
guys will i7 860 work withs this card well and 16 gb ram ? and is it worse of upgrading my card ? i cam play all the gam....
08:20 Oct-20-2017
They just need to get Anthony Burch to do it again.. Boarderlands 2 was amazing.
07:54 Oct-20-2017
I never buy single player games new I usually will buy them when they have the game of the year edition type of sales
07:20 Oct-20-2017
Can I run it ? Radeon r9 270 OC Core Clock 1061 mhz, Memory Clock 1474.
06:31 Oct-20-2017
It would have been the best compromise instead of forcing people to play as a female character just because feminists wa....
06:10 Oct-20-2017
Nope, that is always a good idea
06:02 Oct-20-2017
Vega 56 performs around 10% better in gaming than the 1070, and in some instances trades punches with the 1080.... and a....
05:38 Oct-20-2017
I agree,generally it has become a thing to prioritize the gender of the protagonist first,and their heroic character lat....
05:29 Oct-20-2017
sex (kiss) scene where i play a chick role in it, and i dont want my tits getting in the way while im dodging bullets
05:11 Oct-20-2017
lol i admit sometimes i avoid playing games which i have to play a chick, (tomb raider/mirrors edge) but nier automa (2b....
05:09 Oct-20-2017
*Or just on high settings?
05:07 Oct-20-2017
Wasn't the vega 54 was on par with the 1070 begin with and now the gtx 1070 ti is on par with the vega 54, LMFAO nvidia ....
04:59 Oct-20-2017
yea those normal things to run in the background a decent 4core can handle those, but cpu rendering you'll simply want m....
04:54 Oct-20-2017
Can I run ?
01:51 Oct-20-2017
Also i am getting trolled still gd please stop that trolling no reason i should be at minus 4.
01:36 Oct-20-2017
Ok, but how is including a difficulty slider going to hurt that experience though?
00:18 Oct-20-2017
what he means is that the difference in pricing is too narrow to say "ok i can't afford more", because 1080 is right the....
00:15 Oct-20-2017
AKA you don't feel comfortable playing as a girl.... lol
23:44 Oct-19-2017
Yeah, and a passionate cook is going to open 5 star restaurant and make food for free. A passionate painter is going to ....
23:20 Oct-19-2017
Can I run ?
23:09 Oct-19-2017
I wonder how many hours the game will be cracked in?
23:08 Oct-19-2017
the multiplier is unlocked
23:05 Oct-19-2017
I mean if we think about it..... a locked 1070 TI would completely defeat the purpose of 3rd party cards, since a factor....
22:57 Oct-19-2017
So let's all gear up for more fun with games like Mass Effect Andromeda 2! Yay! Wouldn't we all want that?
22:57 Oct-19-2017
This is the first Wolfenstein after Wolfenstein 3D that I will try! :D
22:56 Oct-19-2017
I really liked how it looks in the trailer. But I am going to have to pass as it uses the consumer-friendly and perform....
22:53 Oct-19-2017
Has the "locked down" part ever been confirmed though? As far as I know Nvidia has never released a locked card with no ....
22:51 Oct-19-2017
Yeah let's watch it now as the campaign is the best part of the game. Multiplayer is Pay to WIN.So watch the story ....
22:44 Oct-19-2017
Gambling or not...one has to agree the whole concept of Loot Boxes is shady as heck and akin to luring gullible 'whales'....
22:42 Oct-19-2017
If it's enough or not I don't know, I just know I wouldn't want to live the nightmare of VRAM amount bottleneck again.
22:37 Oct-19-2017
Here is a link that you can use to look up a scot post code to use to sign the petition. Most will be something like "EH....
22:30 Oct-19-2017
im gonna go with no.sweeping statements like that show lack of knowledge or just come from emotions. the list of games t....
22:23 Oct-19-2017
Is it just me or do the ships look like they came from the Turian Fleet ?
22:15 Oct-19-2017
Sadly i can't sign, cause I don't live in the UK :(
22:11 Oct-19-2017
the card itself.... maybe, maybe not, I think the incoming price cuts for the 1070 and possibly even 1080 are far more i....
22:10 Oct-19-2017
i think loot boxes shouldnt have anything that isnt permanent (no paying for one match perks), and doesnt provide an an ....
22:09 Oct-19-2017
Fantastic idea from a business perspective, absolutely disgusting idea from all others... Seriously this is so grimy >....
22:07 Oct-19-2017
$350 should have been the 1070s release price in the first place, just like it was for the 970($330 actually... and it w....
22:04 Oct-19-2017
stop-gap locked down gpu that will be forbidden, in any form, from beating a 1080fe.....such a waste of money and resour....
22:03 Oct-19-2017
Well I was talking generally about the loot crate deals that started appearing lately in many gaming sites but I believe....
22:03 Oct-19-2017
The card itself is pointless might as well pay the extra bit of money for a 1080
22:02 Oct-19-2017
Genius!! And I was about to buy a gtx 1050 oh wait a few more and I can get 1050 ti, oh oh wait a few more and a gtx 106....
21:47 Oct-19-2017
They should of allowed a choice for main protagonist....... most games should allow that......
21:38 Oct-19-2017
TBH it should be gambling if you pay money to open them. (csgo boxes/others) otherwise if theres ones where you dont nee....
21:35 Oct-19-2017
Yes it's perfect, challenging games with many and deep gameplay mechanics, good variety of obstacles/enemies and things ....
21:35 Oct-19-2017
Don't get me wrong, I agree.... but I think we're talking about in game loot crates that you buy with real money for the....
21:25 Oct-19-2017
Exactly. In the US they said that they´re not because you always "win" something, but i don´t agree at all. You pay a ....
21:22 Oct-19-2017
They're comparable to slot machines in my eyes, which is classed as gambling, and so should this.
21:16 Oct-19-2017
Devs, ethical? Maybe.But publishers? Not an effing chance.
21:14 Oct-19-2017
haha nice one :D watch it before ea cancels it :D:D:D i see what you did there :)
21:07 Oct-19-2017
whole week of downloading? O_O
21:02 Oct-19-2017
I voted yes because...Surely at 1600x900 with dynamic resolution the game runs on lows with 30fps. The only thing I'm no....
20:52 Oct-19-2017
I'm not sure if it is gambling or not, but I'll support it all the same as loot boxes need to go. Just make it so that w....
20:35 Oct-19-2017
Perhaps they could have done this without having a Templar protagonist, but I feel like it would have been more difficul....
20:27 Oct-19-2017
Well, I am finishing up the last game in the Assassin's Creed series after replaying the series before Origins comes out....
20:26 Oct-19-2017
I support this motion, it is gambling after all. The petition can be found here https://petition.parliament.uk/petitio....
20:15 Oct-19-2017
1070 ti is great and all but what interested me is to see how it affects 1070 pricing, and so far I'm liking it :), I'll....
20:05 Oct-19-2017
No bottleneck my friend,even with 6350(bcs GPU is main actor for games) don't listen that guy go for it!!!
19:02 Oct-19-2017
There is a law in my country that requires game developers to disclose the chance of getting each item through loot boxe....
18:53 Oct-19-2017
Wow, I am so excited to play this...Denuvo. F@@###(@#*$#@K!!!!!
18:26 Oct-19-2017
Can I run it?
18:20 Oct-19-2017
Regardless of the result, I feel that the outcry for loot boxes to be banned/regulated across the world, being taken to ....
18:16 Oct-19-2017
So , we play as the bad guy ? DAMN !!! AWEOSMEE !! HYPED !!!
18:15 Oct-19-2017
Well I believe they should be classified as gambling, I mean it is the exactly the same concept, you pay money for a loo....
17:48 Oct-19-2017
Can I run ?
17:41 Oct-19-2017
Can I run ?
17:41 Oct-19-2017
Can I run ?
17:40 Oct-19-2017
I think marketing a game on difficulty level alone is shallow marketing at best.... games like Dark Souls and Cuphead ha....
17:36 Oct-19-2017
I was thinking about some nice tunes and a good car going on a roadtrip and enjoying the detail of the world but... Kill....
17:32 Oct-19-2017
A proper one with full tracking but the rift and vive seem to be the only ones?
17:30 Oct-19-2017
At that resolution, you'll have no issues at Medium.
17:24 Oct-19-2017
This is super late, but High with no issues. Maybe even max.
17:22 Oct-19-2017
I like the idea of seeing the Star Wars Universe from the other side for once but i do have to agree i don't think the c....
17:17 Oct-19-2017
Quick! watch it before EA cancels it , close down DICE and add more microtransactions into their games!
17:11 Oct-19-2017
I am maybe planning to upgrade cpu to ryzen 5 1600 because I do more video editing than gaming and i dont have really hi....
17:10 Oct-19-2017
37% worse...not bad
17:03 Oct-19-2017
Of course it will,if you switch even from 7700k to 8700k there are even 30 fps difference in multicore optimised games,c....
16:51 Oct-19-2017
Hey, what about all CoD game prices on steam right now. MW3 cost 40 euro!! Heck, I even bought it for 7 from G2A two yea....
16:50 Oct-19-2017
Can I run ? At low or medium settings...
16:39 Oct-19-2017
"Boky20" If you are playing FPS and MMO games. So do you have to upgrade your CPU before upgrading. I had at about 5 -....
16:28 Oct-19-2017
I feel ya Also, I don't know why EA made a character from what is traditionally the bad side in the star wars universe,....
16:25 Oct-19-2017