Don't know about you, but my jaw has been sitting on the floor for quite a while now..
12:26 Aug-19-2017
Absolutely. And yes Vega 56 does look good against the gtx 1070, 20% more power consumption for 15% more performance ou....
12:25 Aug-19-2017
Well to be honest BF41 has 95% the same gameplay, game mechanics and animations as BF4, because you can NOT improve beyo....
12:21 Aug-19-2017
Well they are old now, but it's sad that IW has less players than MW2 and WM3 :/
12:18 Aug-19-2017
IF you can wait or are NOT in a hurry, wait for next GEN GPUs as by then Etherium will have become too difficult to mine....
12:17 Aug-19-2017
only through software, but if it is software, you can easily reverse it, so no. Mining uses the core logic units of the....
12:16 Aug-19-2017
Can I run ?
12:16 Aug-19-2017
If the pricing rumour is true AMD will go way down in my estimation. Retailers jacking up prices on a new product while ....
12:13 Aug-19-2017
I oc this with msi afterburner, +135 core and +200 memory. Works fine with skyrim se and resident evil 7. The last one c....
11:48 Aug-19-2017
11:12 Aug-19-2017
Heres the problem i have with that and why its BS. Here in France one retailer did change their price of Vega 64 AIR and....
10:55 Aug-19-2017
Just cause it's not public doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The amount of programmers theese days exceeds over couple of h....
10:37 Aug-19-2017
I didn't mean literally wait until 2030 XD . My PC is good enough for my needs currently. I would love to upgrade but co....
10:13 Aug-19-2017
I pretty much expected it, Samsung's/GLs 14nm process node barely managed Ryzen(just look at how it can NOT overclock) w....
10:03 Aug-19-2017
I didn't disregard everything. I said AMD is a disappoint now with VEGA. I didn't say giving the whole GPU market to Nvi....
09:45 Aug-19-2017
Compared to my super potato pc lol
09:06 Aug-19-2017
Hahah, no idea. Saw something about Cinebench xD
08:58 Aug-19-2017
Really? ??
08:47 Aug-19-2017
be patient, half the stuff with Vega isn't enabled yet, I'm not happy with the performance nor the power draw but the pe....
08:41 Aug-19-2017
They shouldn't take care of other costumers, they MUST. the fact is: how? Dedicated hardware, not the gaming one
08:36 Aug-19-2017
I have a problem, FIFA crash after loading screen with Reus. Can you help me?
08:21 Aug-19-2017
can i run at medium-low at 30-40 fps at 720p,or maybe even 1080p?
08:01 Aug-19-2017
RX 560's and 460's have more or less stabilized but are a little higher than they normally are, 570's are coming back bu....
07:52 Aug-19-2017
This game is very heavy on CPU. It gives a lot of high end rigs trouble reaching 60 fps constant in full 100 man servers....
07:40 Aug-19-2017
Yes you can why not
07:19 Aug-19-2017
I had a Core i5-4200H @ 2.8 GHz w/ GTX 860M 2GB, I got around that much.
07:18 Aug-19-2017
It'll really struggle to touch that 30 fps mark.This coming from someone who owned a laptop with a Core i5-4200H @ ....
07:16 Aug-19-2017
Can I run ?
06:42 Aug-19-2017
I have this mobo currently and I'm planning to upgrade my pc, will this mobo still suffice? I kind of plan to upgrade my....
06:06 Aug-19-2017
Or you could just wait until a low-end card comes out that makes for a reasonable upgrade. It shouldn't take that long f....
05:38 Aug-19-2017
So this is only a high end card yet the Vega 56 which is less powerful and much newer is enthusiast how do you work that....
05:03 Aug-19-2017
So you say the 8GB frame buffer may be a bottleneck for this card but the Vega 64 with the same memory but a more powerf....
05:01 Aug-19-2017
Well, it definately sucked for me when i was about to purchase a new GPU lol. Like everyone else I have to wait till pri....
03:58 Aug-19-2017
I totally agree with you that it does have a negative effect on gamers, but we're not the only market that AMD needs to ....
03:53 Aug-19-2017
I see your point but I disagree, I see mining as something shady/illegal, a company shouldn't optimize their product for....
03:41 Aug-19-2017
Can I run this? I'm a bit worried that my CPU will bottleneck me and get less than 60 fps :(
03:24 Aug-19-2017
I can get around 27-59 fps on all very low (view distance low) 1080p with better cpu, and weaker gpu. I'll probably upgr....
01:28 Aug-19-2017
Can I run ? Pubg ? 30-50 fps steady ??
01:20 Aug-19-2017
Can I run ?
01:16 Aug-19-2017
Well We know for certain that he knows people at MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS, etc, including those in the highest level of manag....
00:13 Aug-19-2017
Can I pair this with C2D E8400 and 4GB of Ram?
00:09 Aug-19-2017
Can I run it? If not on these settings, please recommend me any
00:00 Aug-19-2017
Can I run it 45+ fps?
23:47 Aug-18-2017
Thats not a very reliable source though is it, its like saying i heard it from a friend of a friend lol.
23:38 Aug-18-2017
Can I run ?
23:31 Aug-18-2017
Can I run ?
23:31 Aug-18-2017
Can I run ?
23:29 Aug-18-2017
lol, how did you even find this blog?
23:28 Aug-18-2017
is Lara's breast size really bigger than Doom and MGR all together ? Wow wonderous world we live in
23:23 Aug-18-2017
the difference is always very slight for any real money worth invesment
22:45 Aug-18-2017
This is a joke, right ?DOOM is actually losing this round ?What has the world come to...PS: Sorry for bad en....
21:54 Aug-18-2017
Can I run at least on low 30 FPS?
21:52 Aug-18-2017
You can't because of your graphics card. I don't understand why you got downvotes, you just asked a question...
21:25 Aug-18-2017
As a franchise I like GTA. Far Cry doesnt have some consistency in giving good games.
21:10 Aug-18-2017
They are perfect cards for 1080p gameplay. Let's be honest, the population of people which play at 2K or higher res is v....
21:06 Aug-18-2017
can i run at 30 fps on low at 720p core i3 4160 3.6 ghz radeon hd 6570 4gb oc 8gb ddr3 ram
20:53 Aug-18-2017
Can I run ?
20:40 Aug-18-2017
i am still waiting for the AIB cards haha. because they will usually if not always perform better than reference cards.
20:38 Aug-18-2017
I think It'd be great to see the 580 and 1060 plunge back into the $200 range again...... at a price of $250 or less, ei....
20:28 Aug-18-2017
I find the rumor of the price increase plausible.... Stephen Burke(Steve) at Gamers Nexus did get confirmation that the ....
20:23 Aug-18-2017
As soon as I saw "grand theft auto" is an option in the title I knew it already won, imo the game is basically overrated....
20:20 Aug-18-2017
Can I run ? i'm not sure if i can't
20:17 Aug-18-2017
Tomb Raider is easily my favourite here. I haven't played the older ones tbh but the 2013 reboot was one of the best gam....
20:05 Aug-18-2017
The biggest chunkers are the phone companies and if you've been paying attention they release new phones all the time, j....
19:24 Aug-18-2017
I say let Vega's prices increase until they get better for gaming with the optimization updates, whilst decreasing price....
19:20 Aug-18-2017
Now i know i haven't played all the games in these franchises and i can't really say how good they truly are, but the on....
19:19 Aug-18-2017
Well well well, i new it would come to this sadly. I really like all the games here, but the only Doom game i played was....
19:14 Aug-18-2017
Can I run ?
18:54 Aug-18-2017
Sorry for the bad writing. Just now did I look at this on my pc and realise how crappy it looked :D
18:50 Aug-18-2017
Really looking forward to this. Hope it gets more polished than the previous spintires.
18:46 Aug-18-2017
GD says a gtx 970 can run on 200+ fps on high so i think u can run it on very high to ultra.
18:40 Aug-18-2017
Hey just asking in the text it says "It's Mass Effect v Fallout v Tomb Raider v Doom." Is that a mistake from Mass effec....
18:32 Aug-18-2017
Can I run ?
18:09 Aug-18-2017
As a casual gamer, I've found close to no difference between bf4 and bf1 multiplayer gaming, just because all animations....
17:51 Aug-18-2017
Last time I played mw2 and mw3, there were about 1000 players which only play TDM and Hardcore TDM. Almost all other gam....
17:48 Aug-18-2017
They tried to recreate it as realistic as possible, but apparently people get butthurt with almost everything... Spoiled....
17:47 Aug-18-2017
You want 4k ultra at 60fps mind you, and here I am trying to keep 1080p medium at 30fps :/ . You rely have it easy in US....
17:44 Aug-18-2017
the only retailer in Italy which has vega 64 in stock is eprice.it and only the air cooled version for 649.99€. this i....
17:40 Aug-18-2017
The GPU does clock up to 553 MHz, not 533 MHz.
17:35 Aug-18-2017
I guess I'm stuck with my HD7850 till 2030 when the prices finally become normal and miners die out.
17:35 Aug-18-2017
Another retailer seems to have them in stock and for a price of 619€ yesterday that turned into 639€ today. This is ....
17:32 Aug-18-2017
So as i thought it seems like it wasn't AMD raising the prices but quite possibly the retailers. I'm thinking SEP is act....
17:30 Aug-18-2017
Yep, I was very disappointed in the sequel. Just felt like an unnecessary game.
17:23 Aug-18-2017
Just pick Metal Gear because it's better.
17:23 Aug-18-2017
The semi-finals winners will be GTA series - Tomb Rider series - The witcher series (i'am an elder scrolls hardcore fan ....
17:12 Aug-18-2017
TR is winning over Fallout Metal gear and doom .. Ehmmm at this rate i think Assassins creed Will be The best game serie....
17:07 Aug-18-2017
Well in this case you aren't doing either, think of it as a tie breaker.
17:06 Aug-18-2017
not sure if they will actually make czech voiceovers though :|
16:49 Aug-18-2017
This game is perfect but the best thing would be if you could use save game multplayer or make dedicate servers.
16:36 Aug-18-2017
To me Rise of the Tomb Raider was just the same as Tomb Raider 2013... so I'd go with Fallout
16:34 Aug-18-2017
You have a better pc then me and I can run at over 200 fps ;)
16:32 Aug-18-2017