Going straight from the 14nm to 7nm is a big leap just like how 28nm to 14nm was, so there should be major performance p....
21:20 May-23-2017
Hello, Your point of view depend from country you live. In France, windows 10 is unlike. All administration buy win 7 s....
21:09 May-23-2017
Arguing against emulators IMO would be like claiming that one shouldn't read copies of Shakespeare's plays and sonets fo....
21:07 May-23-2017
Dude, you need a high-end PC to emulate a recent system in any way worth a f*ck, what made you think that phones will ge....
21:04 May-23-2017
WHile I agree that some articles are a bit rushed sometimes, Jon usually does a stellar job and I didn't even know about....
21:01 May-23-2017
Well almost every emulator out there has the option to have the games run off the disc's because for my PC when i play P....
21:00 May-23-2017
Can I run ?
20:56 May-23-2017
In truth, AMD is looking like the more logical choice for me long-term. I also like how I could easily upgrade a zen cpu....
20:49 May-23-2017
I have to play the older pc titles because 1 I enjoy the older games, 2 my pc is well below playing newer games
20:39 May-23-2017
god dammit why cant there be only one platform, it would make life much easier. ps and xbox exist just because of the ex....
20:37 May-23-2017
Can I run ?
20:35 May-23-2017
20:30 May-23-2017
yeah,maxed out
20:28 May-23-2017
I am okay with this. What's the point of awesome DLC is issues continue plaguing the base gameplay? As far as I'm concer....
20:24 May-23-2017
It's amazing how tiny transistors have gotten..... 7nm will produce a transistor that is 0.00000028 inch in size.... or ....
20:18 May-23-2017
I like the way they are looking at the bigger picture and we'll towards the future, good things to come, I only hope I c....
20:11 May-23-2017
I just wanted to say, it looks so realistic, a ps4 won't be able to run that for sure
19:28 May-23-2017
Eh, you can even wait till zen 4 with that cpu, especially if you plan on getting sweetspot cards (like the 60 series fr....
19:24 May-23-2017
No. I only played the main game. After I finished it, I was just done with DA:I.
19:24 May-23-2017
and 60 fps on low at 1080p?
19:06 May-23-2017
Can I run ?
19:00 May-23-2017
Can I run ?
18:59 May-23-2017
Can I run ?
18:57 May-23-2017
Have you played the Trespasser DLC? That was the best DLC DA:I ever got. The tension is goddamn real.
17:48 May-23-2017
They said that about Ryzen/Zen1, that it would be out by the end of 2016... so expect them in Q1 2018...
17:46 May-23-2017
Can I run ?
17:40 May-23-2017
i loved inquisition! one of my favourite RPGs actually
17:36 May-23-2017
i might just wait for that zen 2 since my pc runs games just fine still hoping for good clock speeds also
17:28 May-23-2017
I mean, maybe way in the future. But c'mon man, do you really think phones or tablets are going to have that kind of str....
17:10 May-23-2017
If they could get No Nu Kini, Journey, and the Resistance titles working that would be great.
17:09 May-23-2017
whistles man that game looks pretty. I just hope A. my PS4 will take it, or B. it gets a PC port and my PC can take ....
16:35 May-23-2017
I loved inquisition, but preferred the style of the first two games. Can't wait to see what they come up with for IV.
16:33 May-23-2017
Please god, let a good publisher pick them up. I hope this doesn't stop seeason 2 of Hitman coming out
16:31 May-23-2017
i hated the operators delay and the absence of a new map, but this will help the game in the long run so its a step i....
16:09 May-23-2017
Inquisition wasn't that much better than Andromeda tbh. DA:I felt like such an MMO to me. Fetch quest galore. Point and ....
15:59 May-23-2017
The worst windows operating systems are. Windows ME, Windows Vista and Windows 8/8.1. Windows 10 is the best OS for ga....
15:54 May-23-2017
And I didn't go after his opinion, I went for frequency of his post regarding the same thing. Invalid argument about my ....
15:54 May-23-2017
Almost an argument till ''AMD fanboy'' discrediting everything you mentioned before and proving your opinion worth only ....
15:49 May-23-2017
Hope an actually good published buys them so they can be free from the cancer of Square Enix...
15:37 May-23-2017
Hopefully its better than Inquisition. IMO Inquisition wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good.
15:34 May-23-2017
Upgraded from Windows 7 about a year ago, never had any problems with games or software, i am puzzled on why people hate....
15:31 May-23-2017
Seriously, i know this is a new canon and things are changed. But, there are no female stromtroopers, they just don't re....
15:25 May-23-2017
No, I don't think it's annoying because I know it's a comments section and anyone can post anything, I can choose to ign....
15:09 May-23-2017
The GTX 1060 is the best choice if you have a little wiggle room in your budget (you'll gain a few FPS not much though......
15:06 May-23-2017
Hi Smriti, haven't seen you around in a long while :D
15:03 May-23-2017
As a Canadian I can testify to this... We get pooped on when it comes to PC components :(
15:02 May-23-2017
Hah, you talk about open intellectual discussion when you call people with differing opinions as "pathetic ass".
14:59 May-23-2017
DLC Starpoint Gemini 2: Origins is also free
14:58 May-23-2017
It's ironic you call us cancerous. The real cancer here is you.You cannot even tolerate a view differing from yours.And ....
14:56 May-23-2017
Hi, can i put this card into MSI Z97-G43 motherboard and will it work well alongside my CPU? Is it actually worth upgr....
14:54 May-23-2017
It's annoying we don't get the fourth map, but no one has paid for it? I'd rather they just get these fixes done and out....
14:44 May-23-2017
Yes they do, Sony Santa Monica?
14:42 May-23-2017
Emulation doesnt mean piracy. In many cases it is, but you can always rip game you own or buy some and rip them. So it d....
14:33 May-23-2017
they have been doing it that way so far, but the bug fixing tempo was not fast enough. If the game is buggy af, content ....
14:13 May-23-2017
As much as I am happy about them prioritizing to fix bugs first (which this game desperately needs), I do wish we would ....
14:11 May-23-2017
Bug fixing and crashes should be top priority since it takes the fun out of the game. Let them fix it first. I don t wan....
14:09 May-23-2017
--- Operation Health is the best thing that's happened to Siege since BattlEye in season 2. The primary reason this game....
14:00 May-23-2017
In the state that the game is now, fixing the netcode and bugs is the absolute highest priority. Siege needs to be a suc....
14:00 May-23-2017
Give the guys a break when they release a game it's bugged and everybody's like "Man this is servers not working th....
13:59 May-23-2017
Can I run ?
13:51 May-23-2017
Good game if have time i advise to play in this game !)
13:38 May-23-2017
We've seen this already in velvet shell. New operator introduce new bugs. They can't fix the major server issues while c....
13:37 May-23-2017
The maps are not season pass exclusive, so your aren't losing any content you paid for. Not to mention that to try and i....
13:35 May-23-2017
Can I run ?
13:27 May-23-2017
They have taken our money and instead of giving us content THAT THEY PROMISED; they are using it for fixing minor issues....
13:23 May-23-2017
Couldn't they have approached this differently? What can happen (and should happen) is that they take this 3-pronged app....
13:21 May-23-2017
yeah, but this is obviously live-shot, bro. still nothing to worry about.
13:08 May-23-2017
i hope we get some good characters and nice looking females instead of monsters from inquisition...
12:47 May-23-2017
These are beautiful pictures you took, but where are the screenshots?
12:45 May-23-2017
Can I run ? Hey guys i was thinking getting this game on pc but i don't know if my pc can keep up with this one.
12:36 May-23-2017
i can wait, lots of other games to get through, hell, haven't purchased the Witcher 3 yet lol, Still, looking foreward t....
12:04 May-23-2017
I hope it's the last of the Dragon Age games, and I hope it will be as good as Origins was. 2 was an okay game but a bad....
12:01 May-23-2017
Well i got what i use game-debate for. What do you want more noob?
11:59 May-23-2017
I already gave in. Trust me, it's worth it :)
11:58 May-23-2017
I almost forgot that David Gaider already left Bioware..
11:47 May-23-2017
Mmmhmm, the higher ups made the wrong call, but it's the employees that will likely suffer for this one. All Mass Effect....
11:44 May-23-2017
Tricky working environment?Why do I have a feeling that those in charge are expressing their frustrations at employe....
11:42 May-23-2017
I don't think that graphics will be this good as i can see on trailer,nope!
11:30 May-23-2017
I suppose this is where Jon's "That said, if you aren't overly familiar with some of the immersive sims that are out the....
11:23 May-23-2017
They consider PC gamers moder animals just because they ask why they got ban for no reason...
10:50 May-23-2017
the story was very compelling and the sci-fi horror element was top notch for me! 8.5 :)
10:46 May-23-2017
People People People Gears of war came to PC they will all submit to PC. Truth be told IMHO devs truly don't have a reas....
10:36 May-23-2017
Looking gorgeous. Just take your time R*. RDR is one of my all time favorites, and more dear to me than any GTA game. In....
10:21 May-23-2017
Mate, these screens only harden the blow.
10:14 May-23-2017
F**k you
10:08 May-23-2017
I honestly can't see this not coming to PC. However, consoles, especially the PS4, are starting to muster up a whole loa....
10:08 May-23-2017
Can I run grand theft auto 5 on high settings or medium
10:06 May-23-2017
Fingers Crossed on Far Cry 5 !!!!! Still TPS is different from FPS. But if Ubisoft revolutionizes the gameplay and all ....
10:04 May-23-2017
Can I run ?
09:59 May-23-2017
Can I run ? plz reply
09:56 May-23-2017
Would love to play the red dead series on PC on 60+ FPS, A man can and will still dream i guess.
09:46 May-23-2017