well if it is system/system interrupts or any other system process and you can NOT stop it, it means that it's NOT a .ex....
11:48 Mar-17-2018
Will probably try driver easy as last ditch effort before going with a clean install like karibes suggested. Also found....
11:42 Mar-17-2018
yes I will probably try that after a couple more last ditch efforts. question though: will I still be able to restore fr....
11:36 Mar-17-2018
@psychoman, it's mostly "system" and not "system interrupts"; although both go hand in hand it seems like. but system in....
11:33 Mar-17-2018
@Psychoman, you maybe mean System interrupts? But I don't think it is that part...@penoys, make a clean install WIT....
11:20 Mar-17-2018
Neocore?Love Van Helsing-played all 3 and the Final Cut numerous times - on Follow and WishList then.
11:07 Mar-17-2018
is the process that is increasing the usage called "system interrupts" or just "interrupts" or something like that, it s....
10:43 Mar-17-2018
I cant believe that my potato ran it lol, on low 20-30, setting it to medium or high didnt affect the fps though, but go....
10:37 Mar-17-2018
can my potato run it?
10:26 Mar-17-2018
Can I run ?
10:17 Mar-17-2018
my timings are 14-16-34 and i do on my crosshair vi with an older BIOS. The newer ones boot much slower but no cold boot....
10:13 Mar-17-2018
Kinda glad everyone is flocking to Fortnite Battle Royale, which is free to play. FN BR will put EA and this piece of sh....
10:00 Mar-17-2018
from where I can download it and play online
09:48 Mar-17-2018
plus you'd have to pay for the online service
09:46 Mar-17-2018
Something like 15fps on 1080p.... Go for 900p or 720p for playable framerates. I have 950M and get about 50-60fps@900p
08:48 Mar-17-2018
I can run it with 950M, easy for your 1050
08:46 Mar-17-2018
If this linear EXP system is implemented into Anthem; then I might just it.
08:41 Mar-17-2018
I urge you all to take these kinds of benchmarks with boatloads of salt. Better wait for reviews and benchmarks AFTER re....
07:51 Mar-17-2018
How Much FPS Can I Get In 1366*768 Resulation?
06:33 Mar-17-2018
Can I run ?
02:46 Mar-17-2018
Can I run ?
02:35 Mar-17-2018
Can I run ?
02:35 Mar-17-2018
Can I run ?
02:33 Mar-17-2018
Can I run ?
02:31 Mar-17-2018
Can I run ?
02:29 Mar-17-2018
Can I run ?
02:27 Mar-17-2018
Nice try, EA. Still not gonna buy Battlefront 2 or any of your games.
02:21 Mar-17-2018
ya im gonna need more information on this game... for a friend
01:57 Mar-17-2018
For lot of people (me included) Battlefront 2 was the final nail in the coffin, after what they did to Titanfall 2 and R....
00:40 Mar-17-2018
Good thing I just bought this card, mine was at 110% worse. Ouch!
23:05 Mar-16-2018
A - people who already bought it are pretty much done with the game and unlikely going to replay it as its not as if the....
22:45 Mar-16-2018
I acid washed my hands after touching my friend's copy of BF2
22:32 Mar-16-2018
Honestly, spare your 2.99, campaign is not even worth that much.
21:25 Mar-16-2018
It's too late.No one (smart enough) is going to buy the game after what happened.
21:22 Mar-16-2018
Will pick it up just for the campaign when it's about €2.99:-)
21:19 Mar-16-2018
too late reputation is gone Press F to pay respects
21:17 Mar-16-2018
i heard a joke before let me remember it...............mmmm............... . . yea my doctor told me i have low S-p-e....
21:13 Mar-16-2018
That's correct, but they don't have anything else to put in their MTX. So they'll have to swallow what they said. XD
21:12 Mar-16-2018
its too disturbing to play even as i use a TV in my opinion i played few games similer in style minus the insane fan se....
21:11 Mar-16-2018
Haha, it was ironic about the recruit. He doesn't have a lot of time to unlock the operators. He had the money for the s....
21:10 Mar-16-2018
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't EA specifically say that cosmetic items weren't in the game because that'd "m....
20:35 Mar-16-2018
Yeah that's what I'd considered, as well.. I probably won't end up getting this after all, because by the time I do, it'....
20:21 Mar-16-2018
How much fps do you get?
20:17 Mar-16-2018
It's kinda a bit too late, game is already pretty much dead now. A learning experience to fix the problems first Battle....
20:12 Mar-16-2018
The story is sadly cliche and incredibly short. A bad guy turned good, literally. All that crap that was marketed as pla....
20:09 Mar-16-2018
Its not that bad I have a few operators now 7-8 in RB 6 I do like the longer progression atleast I have something to loo....
19:49 Mar-16-2018
I may come back and see whats up with it, the one thing that is keeping the game alive is the extreme bias I, and many o....
19:47 Mar-16-2018
19:43 Mar-16-2018
I voted no because...of your gpu and ram
19:40 Mar-16-2018
Bit confusing with the Xbox Game Pass and PC. The FAQ on their website says you cannot use the Game Pass for Windows 10.....
19:32 Mar-16-2018
WOW, Prime membership gets better and better almost daily O_Obrb, gonna go get my games :D
19:31 Mar-16-2018
Looks like garbage, but I'd "aaaarrrrgh" it just because the government shouldn't tell me what I can and cannot look at.
19:27 Mar-16-2018
Can I run ?
19:25 Mar-16-2018
It obviously holds appeal if they've been able to re-release this game several times without mods and make money on it.
19:23 Mar-16-2018
Instead Deus Ex: Mankind Divided developer, Eidos Montreal could be heading up development. NO THANKS NO MICROS.
19:21 Mar-16-2018
Not a number we can figure out, but I doubt it's significantly higher. Either way, it's still hard to say the highest ra....
19:19 Mar-16-2018
For me, it's too little, too late for the simple fact that they never would have changed anything had there not been suc....
19:12 Mar-16-2018
For research reasons, right? :D I am planning a overnight study too...:D
19:07 Mar-16-2018
What is it with Japanese and this sh!t? :D
19:06 Mar-16-2018
Can't these idiots just stop rating games...? it just keeps getting worse... sigh... I mean, just having a girl in a bik....
19:01 Mar-16-2018
What settings for my rig?
18:52 Mar-16-2018
Can I run ?
18:45 Mar-16-2018
It's true, look at Angry Joe's Review of it. The Story is no longer than 4 hours and the story is so bad.
18:36 Mar-16-2018
@Jon AND it will be 2x years from now on a much smaller 7nm process node and considering that AMD and especially Nvidia ....
18:35 Mar-16-2018
Can I run ?GPU is Strix 8GB OC edition but i have OC'd it to 1380/2200 won't mind dropping a few settings to get sta....
18:23 Mar-16-2018
Can I run ?
18:05 Mar-16-2018
Hmm.. I might consider getting this if it's on sale. I wish they'd do the same for BF1, and I regret getting the season ....
18:03 Mar-16-2018
Judging by past games, either you make it borderline hentai and release it on consoles ONLY in Japan or you make it outr....
17:56 Mar-16-2018
Judging by the trailer, it's not outright hentai, just borderline hentai, which I'm guessing is why Sony allowed it, tho....
17:55 Mar-16-2018
So basically the only difference between this game here and the literally thousands of others just like it is that the d....
17:52 Mar-16-2018
Can I run ?
17:51 Mar-16-2018
They don't really have a choice. They didn't think long term with the cryptocurrency craze, thinking only short term pro....
17:47 Mar-16-2018
Absolutely, they can never come back from what they did. They proved that the consumer protection is nothing of their in....
17:42 Mar-16-2018
The game itself is good and i would love to play the story, DICE have never disappointed me ^-^ sadly the studio was bou....
17:35 Mar-16-2018
Would you say they're a bad company til the day they die?
17:31 Mar-16-2018
Nope, they already showed their hand, this is just reactionary.
17:26 Mar-16-2018
I'll wait for Battlefield 2018, it's a similar experience anyway.
17:19 Mar-16-2018
Absolutely not, these Changes aren't even made because of the pressures from gamers, they're made because of the pressur....
17:10 Mar-16-2018
Ik... I think to upgrade this to an 1050 or something... and the proccesor ryzen 5 1500 Do you thing that will bottlene....
17:04 Mar-16-2018
@Gtx0512 yes, but by 2020 they will be really cheap.
16:42 Mar-16-2018
"It's called hentai... and it's art" -Stanley
16:30 Mar-16-2018
It's hentai masquerading as a game
16:10 Mar-16-2018
The date's just wrong, changed it to 20th now.
15:59 Mar-16-2018