I hope this fixes the terrible SLI support... Oh well, the game runs perfectly fine with SLI turned off so it really do....
03:45 Mar-24-2017
let me try this to my 1080 ti but my cpu is the problem
03:44 Mar-24-2017
Can I run ?
03:39 Mar-24-2017
keep it up
03:38 Mar-24-2017
Can i run it at High setting maybe crank shadows down to medium?
03:34 Mar-24-2017
Free update? Sure, I'll play it. "New" game? No thank you, I already have American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulato....
03:33 Mar-24-2017
If you look closely At the center, there is structure (like south america pyramid), that might be hinting something. m....
03:27 Mar-24-2017
HAHA look at that shadow performance cost, no wonder Consoles look like they are using medium/low setting and Xbox one S....
03:21 Mar-24-2017
Can I run ?
03:07 Mar-24-2017
I like GoG Galaxy alright, but I rarely use it. Once you have a game downloaded from GoG you can launch the game without....
02:56 Mar-24-2017
My money would be on Lizardman expansion, as Warhammer is still relatively new.
01:42 Mar-24-2017
no DRM > DRM GOG > Steam (yes I'm aware steam library is bigger but it's about the nobel idea)
01:23 Mar-24-2017
Things are looking great. But make sure that the game isnt rendering at a lower resolution and then upscale to 1080p bec....
01:21 Mar-24-2017
Can I run ? what settings and avg fps?
01:20 Mar-24-2017
So still getting the motherfreaking drops god dammit haha
01:14 Mar-24-2017
Haha, thanks bud :) He actually already has the1060, we're looking into playing multiplayer games together. GTA V starte....
00:15 Mar-24-2017
Nice to see a blog that kinda supports the fact that vram is overrated :)
23:55 Mar-23-2017
Can I run ?
23:39 Mar-23-2017
The rating for this card certainly seems a bit off. There's no way it can be outperformed by a Radeon R7 M265 if it's ba....
23:23 Mar-23-2017
its funny how people here are just throwing random answers... i mean what makes you so sure ?! ...and he even didnt say ....
23:19 Mar-23-2017
So i said fuucckit and formatted my pc haha Already installed all the drivers and im copying the backup of the game
23:13 Mar-23-2017
i can say that my country is same as TheAllu's
22:57 Mar-23-2017
that price is same here €900 if y get it from store but i buyed from one site where other pips buy it outside from cou....
22:54 Mar-23-2017
Intel Core2Quad Q6600 (OC to 2.9GHz) Geforce GT 430 1GB 4GB DDR3 Windows 7 Can I run it on min 1024x768 on lowest se....
22:53 Mar-23-2017
this game is extremely well optimised and you can easily play this at least with 40fps on Low. You will see frame drops ....
22:52 Mar-23-2017
you can easily run this game at high settings, but i recommend playing CSGO at the lowest settings at 1080p
22:49 Mar-23-2017
its a cpu, be careful when correcting....ironic
22:48 Mar-23-2017
I will be able to run it, and on 720p and on solid 60 FPS :)
22:45 Mar-23-2017
All I want is an open world Prince of Persia with new game mechanics.
22:26 Mar-23-2017
I always set shadows to medium in any game. Its the only detail in any game that doesnt bother me.
21:56 Mar-23-2017
Yup! What he said! I got 200 MHz free on mine! My 770 was the same and is still working 3 years later.
21:45 Mar-23-2017
Yes it will, but only if you start playing on higher resolution on 1024x768 you should be fine. Still it will be massiv....
21:44 Mar-23-2017
Can I run ?
21:36 Mar-23-2017
hope this would be as good as they say
21:31 Mar-23-2017
Can I run ?
21:25 Mar-23-2017
Can I run ?
21:18 Mar-23-2017
Wouldnt buy a laptop even if it could but to answer your question ya i think it will be good. maybe stay on med-high but....
21:14 Mar-23-2017
Kay JM: There has to be something wrong with your configuration as I did not "tank" out like you do. I have a few ideas ....
21:13 Mar-23-2017
CA has announced (few days ago) that on the 31st they will reveal info specifically and exclusively for the Total War: W....
21:12 Mar-23-2017
Hey no problem my friend! To be honest if you brother does buy a 1060 3GB I can say with 100% certainty and I will even ....
21:07 Mar-23-2017
Thanks man, appreciate it.
21:06 Mar-23-2017
I always OC. When I can get 10-20% more "free" performance, why not?
21:01 Mar-23-2017
I think a 450w psu will be more than good enough for you (i also have 450). As with settings I think you could get 60 b....
20:58 Mar-23-2017
Hey what is recommended settings with my pc? GD says high but youtube videos seem better on med... Also my psu is pretty....
20:32 Mar-23-2017
....and with Twitch and youtube streaming at the highest level of popularity than it's ever been(everybody and his grand....
20:27 Mar-23-2017
Nice blog buddy, it was very helpful. I was wondering how my brother might run this game, if and when we decide to get i....
20:24 Mar-23-2017
@Tzz The point wasn't to go all "yay streaming" the point was to demonstrate that gaming while running other software ca....
20:24 Mar-23-2017
Can I run ?
20:02 Mar-23-2017
get zen...
19:56 Mar-23-2017
If I can play with a i3 4150 at low-medium 1080p(60fps). You can!
19:47 Mar-23-2017
You will need to play with settings. For have 60fps everytime.
19:43 Mar-23-2017
Probably yes. But maybe you need to play with settings. Put shadow on High and something like this.
19:42 Mar-23-2017
Actually Lizardmen are based on south american civilaztions like the Aztecs, but i think it would be stupid to have anot....
19:37 Mar-23-2017
I'm gaming at 3440x1440 and I never plan on going back.
19:18 Mar-23-2017
Just as we finished watching it in the theater, I said to my friends that this could be a good TV show. And there it is ....
19:15 Mar-23-2017
Well its 2560 cores(1080) vs 3584 (1080Ti) so the diff is huge in temp/freqs with 1000 cores more working at that same s....
18:48 Mar-23-2017
I've never streamed so this is a little above me as I'm not sure what it entails.
18:43 Mar-23-2017
An ancient South American civilizations TW would be fantastic! The only problem that could make this less of a possibili....
18:42 Mar-23-2017
I finished my performance review using my GTX 1060 3GB:http://www.game-debate.com/blog/22559/mass-effect-andromeda-g....
18:42 Mar-23-2017
streaming, what is streaming? nobody cares to be honest, it's a trend people will sober from :P WindowsNT kernel provid....
18:35 Mar-23-2017
as long as Ubisoft doesn't cut money from the game development i dont see a problem. its been a while since i played an....
18:29 Mar-23-2017
I've found often enough some software stick to certain cores and don't spread themselves evenly. Even when I set affinit....
18:25 Mar-23-2017
short-circuiteds. Most likely the 150$ one will also have detachable wires. A 40$ PSU is most likely fine for you.
18:17 Mar-23-2017
lol I suppose 8320 will do for one more month. Patience is not something I'm good for
18:16 Mar-23-2017
Power consumption is the total amount of power your rig requires to operate. Never go lower than this. The difference be....
18:16 Mar-23-2017
Not to mention the fact that alot of people(like myself) like to run other software while they're gaming and can't be ar....
18:13 Mar-23-2017
I7-7700K vs R7 1700 - streaming I7-7700k that stutter though! R7 1700 that smoothness though! Also, as I've said... w....
18:11 Mar-23-2017
Finally AMD has great cpus....
18:08 Mar-23-2017
@Viper just wait for the benchmarks and reviews, you'll save yourself troubles other will need to solve instead before x....
18:07 Mar-23-2017
So in the end it seems, it comes down to cost. Any idea what VR might be looking to?
18:04 Mar-23-2017
lol I appreciate it anyway.... looks like a simple little game that it might be fun to spend 10 minutes with every now a....
17:59 Mar-23-2017
The point is... it trades punches IPC wise.... let's be honest, the performance gain from Skylake to KabyLake isn't anyt....
17:58 Mar-23-2017
CA managed to create an awesome game for fans like me and it was successful, so i believe that they will continue with t....
17:55 Mar-23-2017
Ryzen IPC seems to match Skylake, but Intel has released Kaby Lake recently, which makes it already step in front :P
17:53 Mar-23-2017
serious multi-threaded muscle? popular Core2Quad Q8400 (which has 4 cores) was released about 8 years ago and nowadays ....
17:51 Mar-23-2017
It's true, however the progressions from fewer cores to more cores in gaming... though it has been slow, has also been v....
17:48 Mar-23-2017
Damn that looks like a horrible game :D Sorry for putting that in your library haha
17:46 Mar-23-2017
The IPC on Ryzen more or less matches the IPC of Intels current generation.... but there's no doubt that you can push In....
17:45 Mar-23-2017
So far the 8 cores I've had does seem a little useless. I don't think I've had a single thing that's used them all..... ....
17:43 Mar-23-2017
Ryzen (from what i've read so far) have had good single core results but It would seem more games are optimised for the ....
17:40 Mar-23-2017
You're right. OCing is also a hobby. I have been doing it since my 3dfx days!
17:39 Mar-23-2017
Ryzen is going to need another iteration before it can get it's clocks up that far.... 4Ghz seems to be the sweet spot......
17:36 Mar-23-2017
if I had FX-8320 and wanted to upgrade, then I would want some cpu which can go really high clocks - IF Ryzen can do tha....
17:30 Mar-23-2017
Thanks for the game.... It's "Lemurzin" xD Anyway.... if it were me, I think your initial instincts are correct, your 9....
17:28 Mar-23-2017
i will sit quite about giving u an opinion cuz some overclockers "freaks" will down vote me. But overall some people ove....
17:19 Mar-23-2017
lol, if I'm being honest, labeling everything "VR ready" is just the current marketing gimmick... kinda like "gaming" mo....
17:10 Mar-23-2017
They do that everywhere if you still had warranty on a card that died on you Psychoman
17:08 Mar-23-2017
And as such, all of the cores would simply communicate with the cache on module 1, removing the latency...... if it turn....
17:00 Mar-23-2017