Why not instead focus on pointless DRMs that do not benefit the customer..... such as a physical copy of a game with no ....
01:40 Jan-18-2017
Is DRM really so bad when it serves a purpose beneficial to the customer? I have over 200 games in my Steam library, all....
01:37 Jan-18-2017
I never thought I would see Hard Drives get this large.
00:38 Jan-18-2017
Guys are these gaming cards or for editing ?
00:36 Jan-18-2017
I remember when I bought my first pc it had 40 gb hard.I made 4 partitions c, d, e, f.Windows xp was installed i....
00:35 Jan-18-2017
14 tb.....I think I can save my hd movies and songs with games
00:21 Jan-18-2017
My 8800gt 512mb vram looks chicken in front of 128 gb vram
00:16 Jan-18-2017
Haha, this is an example when half brained people make game... thats right, go and buy 1500e pc to play this amazing gam....
00:14 Jan-18-2017
I got my PC used from ebay, so it was always so loud, at least for me. I managed to do 60 Mhz mor on Core clock and gain....
00:06 Jan-18-2017
I think for professional applications it has traction, not so much for engineering CAD use (with Polaris's new memory co....
00:05 Jan-18-2017
280x is still a pretty nice card though, it could be that your fans are starting to die and that's why they';re so loud ....
00:01 Jan-18-2017
is this it???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9wQMKyN_Nk
23:54 Jan-17-2017
Freedom fighter? His platform doesn't sell drm-free games. I only buy games that i'll end up actually owning afterwards,....
23:33 Jan-17-2017
My R9 280x is also really good for 1080p Gaming but you already notice that it's a bit weak. It's also really loud for n....
23:32 Jan-17-2017
Note: I ran WWE 2K16 on High 60 fps on 1366x768 so I'm just asking if this one will be the same, even though the require....
23:18 Jan-17-2017
Can I run ?
23:10 Jan-17-2017
I can run ARMA 3 and cant run 2???
22:50 Jan-17-2017
If it runs most games at pretty High settings ( don't care about AA or fancy crap like that ) around 60 fps 1080p I am w....
22:41 Jan-17-2017
Hmmmm, honestly, I'd keep looking, maybe a sale will pop up 190 € is really expensive for a 470.... I got my 480 4GB f....
22:16 Jan-17-2017
The cheapest RX 470 ( Red Dragon Single Fan 4GB) is around 190 €. The cheapest RX 480 with 8 GB is the Red Dragon 240 ....
22:10 Jan-17-2017
or a worm hole will open and transport you into the game.
22:05 Jan-17-2017
And the reason I say that is because they're all very close in performance, and a new card would come with the added pea....
21:59 Jan-17-2017
That's not stretching it too much, That's pretty close to the price point of a new 470 though, and not that far off from....
21:56 Jan-17-2017
I will pay around 150 € because I am really short on money and I want something kind of silent.
21:51 Jan-17-2017
Between the two, definitely go with the 970, Nvidia has completely abandoned support for Kepler, so no new driver update....
21:45 Jan-17-2017
Lowering the brightness level, disabling bluetooth/WIFI when not needed can drastically increase the battery live. Norma....
21:37 Jan-17-2017
Thanks, buddy :D
21:23 Jan-17-2017
21:07 Jan-17-2017
All the ARK games are clearly UNOPTIMIZED!
21:05 Jan-17-2017
I voted no because... your pc is too weak
20:44 Jan-17-2017
At MEMORY information - it's 128-bit not 256-bit ;)
20:34 Jan-17-2017
Am I the only one who thinks "Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3!" when I see the name of this mod?!
20:32 Jan-17-2017
I should feel guilty posting a comment here, but when you guys do experience the game in 4K or 5K maxed out - you're gon....
20:31 Jan-17-2017
I'm sitting with a 5yo 500GB HDD :) And I need nothing more at the moment.
20:28 Jan-17-2017
While my PC exceeds the "recommended" spec - I'm not gonna give the devs my dosh for the very obviously sloppy work on t....
20:27 Jan-17-2017
Well i think it depends on how long do you want to keep your hard drive. If i'd have one of these WD's, i'd use it for a....
20:25 Jan-17-2017
cant wait to play this in 2037 xP
20:07 Jan-17-2017
Actually it's a i3-6100, but I couldn't find it on the parts list.
20:00 Jan-17-2017
gtx 970 is much better choice. it uses much lest TDP power and will bring you more FPS and less heat in case. Good luc....
19:59 Jan-17-2017
Can I run ?
19:52 Jan-17-2017
Darkseid. Brainiac. Poison Ivy. Batman v Superman v Wonder Woman v Supergirl v Robin. SOLD!
19:38 Jan-17-2017
Is there anyone ZeniMax hasn't sued yet? I still think the whole lawsuit over the game Scrolls was ridiculous. Also, I h....
19:35 Jan-17-2017
Watchdogs 2 actually ran very well for me at launch. I really like this new setup Ubi is doing with PC. I'll gladly keep....
19:33 Jan-17-2017
I was thinking around $1200 to $1400, but hopefully you are right.
19:28 Jan-17-2017
Or maybe for helium based cloud-storage(sarcasm :D) Ok these are some good estimates bro lol tnx for feeding my info hun....
19:27 Jan-17-2017
I think that I would rather upgrade to a 4TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD than a 12TB Western Digital HDD. I wonder what the pric....
19:24 Jan-17-2017
waiting for it.. Excited.. if it worked then who needs xbox :P .
19:21 Jan-17-2017
13% better than mine.
19:13 Jan-17-2017
Who knows... maybe creating 16K or 32K textures on an 8K display will need that much. ;)
19:11 Jan-17-2017
I think you should ask the developers of this site if they let you do it and how :)
19:04 Jan-17-2017
Thanks for your opinion im going to try the game from a friend before buying it and im going to update my situation :)
18:53 Jan-17-2017
hmm -_-
18:51 Jan-17-2017
With these reqs there is no optimization.Not even horrible.Nothing at all.This is really disrespectful from the devs for....
18:31 Jan-17-2017
Can I run this?
18:27 Jan-17-2017
Its great they have improved so much over Watch Dogs 1, Watch dogs 2 is a great game i think :)
17:52 Jan-17-2017
IF I wanted to see a movie, I would go and see a movie and that would cost me only 5 bucks NOT 2000.
17:43 Jan-17-2017
Can I run it? settings ??
17:42 Jan-17-2017
But will it run Ark Park?... (Crysis reference)
17:29 Jan-17-2017
Amazing! They just announced Crysis 4 under a completely different name! Can't wait to play it 720p30fps in 2020!!!
17:25 Jan-17-2017
sounds like something else might be at work there, mate. I don't know of anyone getting those sorts of problems because ....
17:25 Jan-17-2017
Oh... you mean when it was supposed to cost around $300? LOL that didn't last long.
17:19 Jan-17-2017
Long shot but Can I run ?
17:19 Jan-17-2017
Actually it's a i3-6100, but I couldn't find it on the parts list.
17:05 Jan-17-2017
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Hold on...oh they were being serious? Just go play South Park instead, its ten ....
16:57 Jan-17-2017
From the look on The survival evolved game and it's optimization this will be a nightmare unless they actually do a good....
16:28 Jan-17-2017
Is my laptop capable of running this game? And should I give this game a try?
16:22 Jan-17-2017
This is probably the BEST TW3 mod I have ever seen. wow!
16:14 Jan-17-2017
Let the Half Life 3 verbal assault by fans begin lol:D Come on, you all know that's what will happen.
16:14 Jan-17-2017
Why do I get the feeling this will be between $700-$950
16:12 Jan-17-2017
I won't even try to reply to that statement. That is beyond the realm of basic dumb for me. Bye.
16:00 Jan-17-2017
Legend said, the early access still going on...
15:50 Jan-17-2017
Can I run ?
15:44 Jan-17-2017
Helium is an inert gas which does not explode or ignite
15:42 Jan-17-2017
Sooo my PC will blow up when trying to boot this?
15:40 Jan-17-2017
godlike. i do recommend. great keys. i prefer blues, but this keyboard is incredible for typing and gaming
15:28 Jan-17-2017
literally the only thing good about season 20. what a let down :(
15:25 Jan-17-2017
Will this 'spin-off' - aswell as the original game - never get out of early access? :D
15:25 Jan-17-2017
can't wait until Vega/1080ti + Ryzen come out so I could run this :p
14:56 Jan-17-2017
Thanks for this gesture I really appreciate it.the checking of hardware compatibility for the games and also for the go ....
14:55 Jan-17-2017
you guys remember when oculus was a cool thing that we kinda wanted...
14:52 Jan-17-2017
Is it 1st of April already?I can't seriously believe any devs can be so stupid to even dare post these.This is utterly c....
14:51 Jan-17-2017
Thank you kind sir :D ɛ I hope I can do the same one day.
14:42 Jan-17-2017
Utter stupid requirements, thats all that needs to be said
13:51 Jan-17-2017
More like on Medium.
13:48 Jan-17-2017
Wow... good luck with that.... your market is already extremely limited by aiming for those who own VR headsets, you've ....
13:37 Jan-17-2017
Oh my god. My PC can't handle this!
13:20 Jan-17-2017
This is not even funny! What were they thinking!
13:13 Jan-17-2017
I wonder about crysis 3 VR system requirements xD
13:06 Jan-17-2017
The author posted it on Vimeo now: https://vimeo.com/199532525
12:53 Jan-17-2017