We already are it's just disguised as additional content.
19:30 May-23-2018
This is not skyrim. Waiting for a port of this game for my phone and calculator
19:21 May-23-2018
Yes, because there are tons of things you can improve on a 16-year-old shooter franchise that has been polished to near ....
18:44 May-23-2018
I wonder if the 96-bit memory bus was hurting performance and making it slower than a 1050. If that is the case then ma....
18:33 May-23-2018
Refurbish of the Battlefield 1! Sick of it.
18:24 May-23-2018
if you want AAA games consisting of a full package to sale directly and have no other paid BS you should be ready to pay....
18:03 May-23-2018
If you ever played Jet Set Radio Future on the original Xbox, it’s inspired by that and Ratchet and Clank. Basically i....
17:56 May-23-2018
It is,it's a game from developers of new Spiderman game(Insomniac).It's kinda like Saint's Row but more colorful and wit....
17:52 May-23-2018
I forgot this game existed, is it any good?
17:36 May-23-2018
Can I run ?
16:52 May-23-2018
Cant wait for modding support should bring this game back to business
16:51 May-23-2018
i'm dying to play this game... why is it PS exclusive :'(
16:42 May-23-2018
Because no one is playing them. Because time and resources are being wasted into nothing. Because they can't benefit fro....
16:23 May-23-2018
$100mn for Fortnite Pro Tourneys; and not a dime into Paragon. insert slow applause
16:18 May-23-2018
My rule of thumb, don't buy stuff like Crew 2 which are MP only sandboxes with good-looking assets thrown in. And it is ....
15:29 May-23-2018
Why would they be pointless? Ok take your logic here that if no real effort is put in, might as well get rid of the cam....
15:26 May-23-2018
Exactly what I've been saying since BF4. And campaigns, even as a second-thought, cost more than multiplayer as they req....
15:22 May-23-2018
This game looks like it's going to be awesome. Man when will SONY bring its games to PC?
15:19 May-23-2018
I tend to disagree with him on most points but I don't think BF would lose much, if anything, by getting rid of the camp....
15:18 May-23-2018
doubt it will be Ryzen 1st gen, 14nm is just too expensive for a console, 7nm on the other hand, if it is a as unproblem....
14:57 May-23-2018
I always believed this game was wasted and ignored on the Xbox One. Let's hope it releases on Steam in the west as well ....
14:41 May-23-2018
But Battlefield never used to have a campaign... Wouldn't be a great loss imo
14:38 May-23-2018
But it would affect my experience. I thoroughly enjoy a good military shooter story told from the first person perspecti....
14:28 May-23-2018
Will you stop advocating for removal of single player sections from games?These games are what they are today becaus....
14:23 May-23-2018
My rule of thumb - always go for the cheapest as the rest are full of useless **e
14:21 May-23-2018
So which of the 15 editions, that Ubisoft is going to launch, should we get?
14:18 May-23-2018
Homicide, murder, nuclear wars, that's all fine! What? A nipple slip? WE MUST BURN IT DOWN, CENSOR IT QUICKLY OR FACE C....
13:59 May-23-2018
So seems like 1st gen Ryzen? Hoping for that 60 FPS magic
13:54 May-23-2018
you can still get back to modding it, the community is still very well alive with mods coming out sometimes once a week ....
13:36 May-23-2018
Damn ! Should have started when I was modding for MGS5 back then. Could have earned meself a hot pocket by now :(
13:19 May-23-2018
That's good news for Mod makers, personally love Nexus mod. Handy for Skyrim (this game has massive amount of mods) and ....
12:47 May-23-2018
Well,i forgot it was coming that soon....Now i know what'll play this weekend!
11:43 May-23-2018
I bet the ps5 will release early 2021, not 2020. They'll probably reveal the ps5 in 2020 but not release it 2020.
11:40 May-23-2018
Best Far Cry imo, guess the nearest it got to a sequel was Crysis
11:15 May-23-2018
The eSports scene is always going to be governed by popularity, time to stop yelling at clouds. No one I play Fortnite w....
10:43 May-23-2018
99% of the players are kids and teens. Let them enjoy their casual game, dont bring this into esports scene.
09:45 May-23-2018
I'm trying to figure out how this is record breaking when it is for a whole year of tournaments not just the one. The ar....
09:39 May-23-2018
Yeah fair enough. DICE should just fire their entire art team and not bother with the textures, it could save them a for....
09:03 May-23-2018
hello friend! Thank you for letting me know ur opinion! I just wanted u to know that i suriprisly can plat this game wi....
08:35 May-23-2018
So far it seems to run fine on my system --with most settings at medium. I did get a warning about my system not meeting....
07:32 May-23-2018
So, I have an old work station with a q6600 in it currently. The plan is to upgrade it to a Q9650 and 8gb of DDR2 800mhz....
07:23 May-23-2018
For a second I thought you need 8gb of vram on high 60fps settings since it recommends an rx 470 8gb instead of a 4gb qu....
06:46 May-23-2018
Can I run? CPU overclocked at 3.6ghz
06:26 May-23-2018
Can I run ?
05:51 May-23-2018
Good to know, thanks!
05:09 May-23-2018
This is when we get to see some really great games come out, Sony likes to end their consoles with a bang.
05:06 May-23-2018
that's what MW3 was for... to screw up the campaign formula and bring a meh story conclusion, but with a cool ending...
04:24 May-23-2018
Oh how time flies. I hope the next system Playstation makes will have backwards compatibility, that would tempt me into ....
03:22 May-23-2018
i always have this weird feeling that people who don't understand PC gaming would think thatthe GTX 1080 Ti is only suit....
03:07 May-23-2018
No you have an AMD cpu :D
02:55 May-23-2018
acc. to the sys. req. my pc should not be even able to start this thing. but I did this in 720p, low ant that too at 20f....
02:50 May-23-2018
Cool... Lets all hope that drivers wont ruin already descent results we got.
00:05 May-23-2018
Weird... Only thing weirder is that DDR4 gt 1030. Its 2x slower than DDR5 1030 and price is the same. Some models are ev....
23:40 May-22-2018
I don't have a reason to come back to this game unless there are some very radical changes done to it even beyond enabli....
23:36 May-22-2018
hmm do you think that players especially kids fancy about being a pro in a game even if they obviously lack the skill???....
22:41 May-22-2018
I tested the closed alpha, and the game was running fine on my rig at high settings at 30fps ( 25 in reflections areas )
22:25 May-22-2018
thanks, just read that too, ill test it out with a high/med mix an see how i go
22:04 May-22-2018
Yeah, you're right, I'm talking about really now end i3 540.
21:57 May-22-2018
You should be fine at those settings. R9 380 4GB is a strong card despite what all the Nvidia shills think. High @30FPS ....
20:43 May-22-2018
You can do 60FPS at those settings.
20:37 May-22-2018
I mean, you could do 30FPS low @1080 going off of the official requirements released today.
20:34 May-22-2018
Playstation and XBox are better than the PC
20:32 May-22-2018
Played the closed beta and alpha both were utter crap for textures, quality and graphics. Not looking forward to this ga....
20:32 May-22-2018
Are u f* serious? Of course you can! People like you are annoying AF. -.-
19:50 May-22-2018
As it turns out age restriction is a CAN and CAN'T when it comes to going to the movies, or buying anything with age res....
19:48 May-22-2018
Can I run this on medium maybe?
19:47 May-22-2018
This is my waifu, there are many others like her, but this one is mine!Sadly this is what we get, when a digital ....
19:38 May-22-2018
Well the i3 works fine. I was just running some benchmark and noticed that the CPU usage was 100 percent.
19:29 May-22-2018
I still remember when 4 core was considered overkill and the phenom x3/x4 and core 2 quad being dubbed pointless XD
19:28 May-22-2018
I ran this game in closed beta and it was running at locked 60fps with only shadows 1 step below max settings.
19:20 May-22-2018
well, this game doesnt seeem very taxing on either the CPU and the GPU
18:57 May-22-2018
Can I run ?
18:56 May-22-2018
The game is still 55 euro on steam. Way too much imo for this age. Same goes for CoD games. Almost nobody plays the old ....
18:38 May-22-2018
You should try 1080p medium settings and with some tweaks you'll probably be able to get 60fps without any problems.
18:32 May-22-2018
You probably won't be able to run the game at 60fps with high settings(according to the recommended specs) but maybe med....
18:28 May-22-2018
As for the campaign if it's a good one, absolutely the setting matters, but sadly everybody has been pushing multiplayer....
18:23 May-22-2018
Well, textures add almost nothing to a multiplayer, match based experience, where gameplay is the focus... you never sto....
18:22 May-22-2018
PC Support for G27, but not for G25 or the newer G29 .... whaaaaaaat?
17:50 May-22-2018
Eh, depends. My 1080Ti and 1080 cards never seemed misleading, to be honest. But I do agree that anything below that can....
17:39 May-22-2018
I still remember those days when people said my 8-core is "overkill"...
17:35 May-22-2018
Can I run ? 2GB GDDR5 VRAM
17:34 May-22-2018
The State of Decay 2 is Good Game like dead rising and dead island gameplay mixed and it's in good price in allkeyshop.c....
17:33 May-22-2018