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    Section 7: Into Arms Way is pending
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    Section 7: Into Arms Way is pending
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NOTE - This game will not be released! Its announcement was an APRIL FOOLS joke by the DevsPlayers will be able to step-into the famed role of Alex Corde’s father, Dean Corde, approximately 30 years before the events of Section 8 and pioneer the galaxy with the newly formed Helldivers in this epic tale of heroism, betrayal, and sacrifice against an unknown evil.• Customize your appearance including facial structure, hair, clothing, and stylish add-ons• Manage your inventory like never before with over 3,000 slots for your loot• Play across an epic storyline with over 35 hours of gameplay*• Explore new planets such as New Berlin and visit old favorites such as Atlas and Earth• Battle in real-time or turn-based combat against formidable foes with over 100 unique frames of animation each• Engage in the highly innovative Dynamic Combat Situations (DCSs) that provide players the power to create their own side quests and rewards• Swoon your way to fame by participating in in-depth romance mini-games

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Section 7: Into Arms Way has been added to Game-Debate but does not currently have the Section 7: Into Arms Way system requirements.
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