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The SD75 is a great new BNSF locomotive to keep your freight rolling on the Cajon Pass! With 3 loco variants and new wagons included, the SD75 is a superb addition to your train shed.Built by EMD between 1994 and 1999, the SD75M is a 4,300-horsepower 6-axle diesel freight locomotive based on the successful SD70 series, and introduced as a competitor to the Dash 9 series. The "M" in the model designation is the style of the cab, in this case the North American-style cab. The SD75I has a "WhisperCab" with improved sound insulation. The great majority of the series was ordered by BNSF, who specially requested the SD75M as a more powerful alternative to the SD70. It is almost identical to the SD70, but can be distinguished by equipment blower ducts on both sides of the locomotive.The SD75 for Train Simulator 2012 includes SD75M and SD75I loco variants and a selection of new freight cars, plus 5 scenarios for the Cajon Pass.

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