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PC System Analysis for Hour of Victory
The game advertises itself as letting players "fight the famous battles of WWII". The game features multiple settings from Europe and North Africa, such as a nuclear reactor in Berlin, castles, etc.Players can assume the roles of three different soldiers each with different skills: Ross, a British Commando and brute fighter, Bull, an Army Ranger sniper, or Taggert, a stealthy covert operative. Each character also has a special skill: Ross can use his strength to push things out of the way, Bull can climb ropes, and Taggert can pick locks. Players are able to drive any vehicles they find such as Kubelwagens, Sherman tanks, Panzers, and Tiger tanks. A player's health is automatically restored if a player avoids damage for a short while and stands still. A stamina meter also controls how fast a player can run. The single-player campaign lasts approximately five to seven hours.

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