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The Amazing Spider-Man 2[PS3]
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS3 Release date
EU Release Date:
US Release Date:
AU Release Date:
Official release date

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is available on PC
XBox 360 Game
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is available on the Microsoft XBox 360 console
PS3 Game
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is available on the Sony PS3 console
Wii U Game
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is available on the Nintendo Wii U console
Back of the Box
Marvel and Activision has announced the sequel to the well-received and adventurous game The Amazing Spider Man. Just like the prequel, the game is being developed by Veteran Spider-Man studio Beenox and will be published by Activision. For now, the game is set to release along with the movie in May 2014.Stay tuned, more data will be added soon.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 User Scores
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gamer Feedback Results
  • Anti Aliasing
    CSAA 16x
    CSAA 32x
    CSAA 8x
    CSAA 8xQ
    MSAA 2x
    MSAA 4x
    MSAA 8x
    TXAA 2x
    TXAA 4x
    Mac OS
    Yes 30%
    No 70%
    Console Port
    Yes 61%
    No 39%
    Bindable Mouse Btns
  • PC Optimised
    Yes 37%
    No 63%
    Sandbox Quality
    Acceptable 38%
    Oculus Support
    Frame per Sec Cap
  • What People Will Pay
    AMD optimised
    Yes 39%
    No 61%
    Nvidia optimised
    Yes 47%
    No 53%
    Game too Buggy
    Yes 41%
    No 59%
  • Good on Low graphics
    Yes 47%
    No 53%
    Upgrade PC for this
    Yes 32%
    No 68%
    Good Surround Sound
    Yes 72%
    No 28%
    Good Ending
    Yes 46%
    No 54%
  • Replayability
    2.4 / 10
    Multiple Endings
    Yes 29%
    No 71%
    Time to Complete
    25 hours
    Best Control Scheme
    Controller 53%
  • Game Difficulty
    Sli/Crossfire Support
    Non-skip Cutscenes
    Anytime Quick Save
  • Worth Getting
    Yes 63%
    No 38%

Avg Member Score
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The latest PS3 graphics comparison news for The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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Apr-16-2014 There's something about bombing around New York as Spidey that's instantly gratifying, and I think that's a large part of The Amazing Spider Man 2's appeal. This latest adventure for the webbed wonder...
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