AMD Radeon R9 390X Today's Price Comparision
AMD Radeon R9 390X Price To Performance

Look through the AMD Radeon R9 390X price to performance graphics card table below to help find the best AMD Radeon R9 390X hardware for your computer. We quickly compare todays prices across every 3rd party version of AMD Radeon R9 390X, including MSI, Gigabyte, Palit, EVGA, Zotac etc and order our results in a price to performance table by the best value for your money. So you can find out exactly which is the best value AMD Radeon R9 390X for your money today, in a selection of geographic regions. We use the graphics card prices taken today to show a ratio between that price and the graphics card performance speed of the card in question. This figure is created to give you a simple way of comparing AMD Radeon R9 390X graphics cards within a range and series against each other to help you get the right 3rd party graphics card for your computer today.

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Name Base Speed (Mhz) Boost Speed (Mhz) Connector Retail Price
($ US)
Price to Performance
Radeon R9 390X XFX Double Dissipation Black 8GB Edition 1090 0 1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin $268.69 $0
Radeon R9 390X MSI Gaming 8GB Edition 1100 0 1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin $0.00 $0
Radeon R9 390X Sapphire Tri-X 8GB Edition 1055 0 2x 8-pin $0.00 $0
Radeon R9 390X XFX Double Dissipation 8GB Edition 1050 0 1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin $0.00 $0
* These prices are predicted, based on market trends or early information. The graphics card has not been released yet.