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Unverified Rig
Rig Name : My PC.
No Laptop
Core i5-4690 3.5GHz
Overclock: None
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GeForce GTX 770 MSI TwinFrozr Edition
Overclock: None
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RAM : 8 GB DDR3 0MHz
No Monitor
Screen Res : 1400x900 (1x) monitor(s)
OS Hard Drive :
Login to compare your Drive
Storage : 500 GB
Operating System : Win 7 64
Direct X : DX11
Motherboard : Asus M4N68T V2
Case : Cooler Master Elite 431
PSU : Antec TP-650C
Gamepad : Gigatech GX-505C
Headset : Logitech H760
Keyboard : Saitek Eclipse III
No Mouse
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Shout Box
Vuarinorri avatar

had blast last night in BF3 mp,was my first try for years in online shooters. :D too bad tonight I take 3day vacation to Stockholm,Sweden so unable to play more :( but…maybe I find BF4 premium for cheaper price than in Finland/ Origin :D

07:28 02-Aug
SkuDG07 avatar

Galaxy, Hang in there bud. There's always a silver lining in life.

06:08 02-Aug
Wooooowwe avatar

So I can't find my thermal paste. :( and it is 11pm

06:05 02-Aug
hoseinz avatar

found an online fix for wolfenstein,runs smooth as silk now,check out Voksi's wolfenstein fix if you want it

05:18 02-Aug
ArkAngelGamer avatar

Windows 10 has been downloading in the background for a few days now and I am getting impatient.

04:47 02-Aug
CelthricAysen avatar

Just updated to Windows 10 after I had enough of my friends yelling at me -_-
but when I saw the start menu, my mind was singing:
"Its been a long day, without you my friend"

04:42 02-Aug
galaxyX12 avatar

somebody talk to me plz idk what to do…. (life issues)

03:48 02-Aug
galaxyX12 avatar

they said he had a HUGE (like,garage sized) server in his bar though,i wanna take a look at it and see if anything is worth me taking,since my mom did inherit everything (only heir) and she would let me take some modules out for individual use…going tmr morn to look at it…hoping for the best… :/

03:37 02-Aug
galaxyX12 avatar

Was at grandpa's funeral today…sigh….just gotta keep my head up

03:32 02-Aug
Trickshoth avatar

Just finished installing my new cpu cooler! Idle temps are super low; time to play a little GTA V and see how it does. http://oi60.tinypic.com/2ci8mf5.jpg

02:34 02-Aug
Sourav93 avatar

Do NOT buy games from


After payment, they made excuses for not being access their paypal account, and said stocks increased. Then they said price of the game went up, so I have to pay extra. Thankfully I got a refund after threatening to make a paypal claim and blacklisting them. Avoid at all costs.

02:33 02-Aug
Gevelton avatar

Anybody recommend a good 600-750W PSU under $100?

02:04 02-Aug
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