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Unverified Rig
Rig Name : My PC.
No Laptop
Core i5-4690 3.5GHz
Overclock: None
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GeForce GTX 770 MSI TwinFrozr Edition
Overclock: None
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No Monitor
Screen Res : 1400x900 (1x) monitor(s)
OS Hard Drive :
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Storage : 500 GB
Operating System : Win 7 64
Direct X : DX11
Motherboard : Asus M4N68T V2
Case : Cooler Master Elite 431
PSU : Antec TP-650C
Gamepad : Gigatech GX-505C
Headset : Logitech H760
Keyboard : Saitek Eclipse III
No Mouse
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r3d3mp5hun avatar

bit of a weird question guys, but how do i get a motherboard out if the standoffs are spinning in the case? (cheap case i got over a year ago) would pliers to hold the standoffs in the back while i unscrew be the most ideal option?

02:36 21-Apr
creepernuker119 avatar

Or get MSI Afterburner

01:39 21-Apr
creepernuker119 avatar

Well, if you have an AMD cpu like me, i would first recommend installing AMD Overdrive and AMD Catalyst Control Center.

01:37 21-Apr
doughdreads avatar

Would anyone possibly have any tips on how to safely overclock my laptop?

01:29 21-Apr
jayjay1995 avatar

I need 3 men, not just any men but superior men, they require mics, GTA V, good internet and decent skills to get them kills cause damn I am sick and tired of getting half way through a hiests and some retard on my team dies….

22:01 20-Apr
tzzsmk avatar

I don't usually link 9GAG, but when I do you can be sure it's damn worth checking, here ;)

21:48 20-Apr
1Step2Short avatar

Ha! My GPU and CPU are twins :D they idle at the same temps :D 29-30c :D!

21:42 20-Apr
r3d3mp5hun avatar

new image of voltages and temps under load with maxed out GTA V, hate to post twice about this, but is everything looking good? New PSU and want to make sure it's all looking safe xD


21:39 20-Apr
GAMER1998 avatar

Good thing I got GTA V from steam; every other online indian retailer has removed it's listing from their site and only one who has it (Flipkart, that is) is selling it for 5000 INR which is equivalent to 80 PHOKING US DOLLARS. (While on steam it's $40)

20:40 20-Apr
tzzsmk avatar

good news, just tested GTA:V on GT650M, card manages tweaked high settings at 1080p well :)

20:25 20-Apr
Jurr360 avatar

Got GTA V, it's downloading now, anything that i need to watch out for? I heard social club acounts got mixed up with steam acounts and that is preventing players from playing?

16:46 20-Apr
r3d3mp5hun avatar

if somebody gets a chance could you check my voltages please? they seem a little… low


16:01 20-Apr
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