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Verified Rig
Rig Name : Valpers Gaming PC
No Laptop
Overclock: None
Login to compare your CPU
GeForce GTX 560 Ti DirectCUII 1GB
Overclock: None
Login to compare your GFX Card
RAM : 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz
No Monitor
Screen Res : 1024x768 (1x) monitor(s)
OS Hard Drive :
Western Digital WD5000AAKX 500GB
Login to compare your Drive
Storage : 500 GB
Operating System : Win 8 64
Direct X : DX11
Motherboard : ASRock 970 Extreme3
No Case
PSU : Ace Power FP-550W
No Gamepad
No Headset
Keyboard : Gigabyte GK-K6800
Mouse : A4Tech OP-620D
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Shout Box
MarshallRawR avatar

The brilliant impact of Hulu, the money-grabbers. They never missed an episode, except one, went their power ran out at the office. Now they miss two, with no explanation. MONEIIHHH

17:26 23-Oct
Mukulgupta avatar

No South Park this week? Why GOD WHY!?

17:11 23-Oct
InNether avatar

How long does it usually take to get your rig approved? I have now waited almost a month.

17:06 23-Oct
yourdeadheehee avatar

Found a R9 290 going cheap, might crossfire but will my CPU be able to handle it? (4.6ghz)

15:36 23-Oct
vedajanitra avatar

Shadow of Mordor's photo mode is just as addictive as the game itself :D

15:18 23-Oct
ricerocketlondon1 avatar

Is the steam version of bully scholarship edition patched for the glitch where it Lags out when you have more than 4 gigs of ram

15:05 23-Oct
1Step2Short avatar

So I played wolfenstein quick for today. And on the settings it put me at it was choppy. Pretty much everything maxed no vsync and pff on 32 was still choppy…

14:31 23-Oct
Lazylog12 avatar

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is looking pretty good.

14:27 23-Oct
Kaunain avatar

Whenever i hear the name UBISOFT…..i have sleepless nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14:00 23-Oct
Heisenberg96 avatar

Titanfall fre on origin for 48h play ! :) And battlefield 19 buck only :) Is it worth buying does anyone play it ?

12:55 23-Oct
roley4498 avatar

GeForce Game Ready 344.48 WHQL drivers
Elite Dangerous SLI profile included :D

12:17 23-Oct
roley4498 avatar


12:13 23-Oct
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Went outside after playing Crysis ... I didn't like the graphics so I got back home.
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