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Unverified Rig
Rig Name : Rig 1
No Laptop
APU A6-3650 Quad Core
Overclock: None
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Radeon HD 6770
Overclock: None
Login to compare your GFX Card
RAM : 8 GB DDR3 1333MHz
No Monitor
Screen Res : 1920x1080 (1x) monitor(s)
OS Hard Drive :
Login to compare your Drive
Storage : 1000 GB
Operating System : Win 7 64
Direct X : DX11
No Motherboard
No Case
No Gamepad
No Headset
No Keyboard
No Mouse
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Shout Box
SogenSamurai avatar

All I have left is the final exam for my class. Then I take A+ exam and hopefully nail it!!! I'm excited and scared cause after that I skip town and move across the country. So… kinda yay!?!?

04:22 20-Sep
PixelJakob123 avatar

Guys, do any of you know where to get a digital copy of SWAT 4? I've been looking for one for absolutely ever.

23:24 19-Sep
ttank007 avatar

Finally Mark, One that sees that the 980 is better than the old gen of a 780Ti :P

23:22 19-Sep
mark1996 avatar

GTX980 is 9% faster than GTX780ti :D

GTX970 is 5% faster than GTX780

23:10 19-Sep
tzzsmk avatar

I'm already little surprised those new 900 series cards are relatively good although they have same memory bandwidth as my GTX770 :)

22:32 19-Sep
Pip avatar

and if you have any doubts, look NVIDIA's own data.

21:06 19-Sep
Pip avatar

Yes it is, sorry. I told you it wouldn't be 20% faster.

21:00 19-Sep
ttank007 avatar

Pip… Its not only 7% better than the 780Ti -_-

20:07 19-Sep
ttank007 avatar

Ordered a Evga 980 Superclocked, Was only 1 left, So i was lucky :D

Pumped, Bye.. Bye 280X, You suck! ^!^

20:01 19-Sep
hoseinz avatar

Fortnite is F2P.Yay

19:44 19-Sep
Fromthehell avatar
  1. i know that the temp is not the highest ever but why is the fan only running @48%

19:38 19-Sep
Fromthehell avatar

Hi, i have few questions about this GPU Z screen of my 780
1. my gpu clock is going up to 1032 without any overclocking when it says it's 902 (954 boost) by default
2. i know that

19:36 19-Sep
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