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Unverified Rig
Rig Name : Genta
No Laptop
Core i7-2600K 4-Core 3.40GHz
Overclock: None
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GeForce GTX 770 MSI TwinFrozr Edition
Overclock: None
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RAM : 8 GB DDR3 1333MHz
Monitor : Acer GN245HQbmid 24inch
Screen Res : 1920x1080 (1x) monitor(s)
OS Hard Drive :
Corsair CSSD-F60GB3-BK 60GB
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Storage : 1000 GB
Operating System : Win 8.1 64
Direct X : DX11
Motherboard : Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3-iSSD LGA 1155
Case : SilverStone Raven RV03
PSU : Corsair Gold AX750
Gamepad : Microsoft XBox 360 controller
No Headset
Keyboard : Razer Arctosa
Mouse : Gigabyte GM-M8000x
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Shout Box
mrmeeto avatar

How does games run on window 10?

22:45 01-Oct
Nymphetamine avatar

Windows 10 isn't that bad so far. It has some problems with Not responding and speed, but then again, that could be the old hard drive it is running on lol

22:13 01-Oct
anandm007 avatar


are those idle temps (in blue) good?
fx8350 stock fan

21:28 01-Oct
GAMER1998 avatar

I love "Weird" Al

21:20 01-Oct

my old laptop is 32bit windows vista I want to install windows 10 should I download 64bit or 32bit?

21:10 01-Oct
Jgre92 avatar

Here is a snap from my Windows Technical Preview/Windows 10.

19:10 01-Oct
EldinSC avatar

Anybody knows chemistry and anything about so called "redox reactions" I need help ?

19:00 01-Oct
Dan987000 avatar

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time is being remade by fans in 2D…FOR THE PC!!! :D

18:46 01-Oct
Vuarinorri avatar

sometimes feels like game videos in youtube @1080p looks better than on own screen while playing maxed settings -.-'

18:44 01-Oct
Jgre92 avatar

I'm running Windows 10 Technical Preview and it is AMAZING! BLAZING FAST!

17:57 01-Oct
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