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Unverified Rig
Rig Name : Rig 1
No Laptop
Core 2 Duo E7400 2.80GHz
Overclock: None
Login to compare your CPU

Overclock: None
Login to compare your GFX Card
RAM : 4 GB DDR2 667MHz
No Monitor
Screen Res : 1280x1024 (1x) monitor(s)
OS Hard Drive :
Login to compare your Drive
Storage : 1000 GB
Operating System : Win 7 32
Direct X : DX11
No Motherboard
No Case
No Gamepad
No Headset
No Keyboard
No Mouse
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Shout Box
ArmiinGM avatar

Finally rank 7 ! Things are getting pretty serious lol

10:49 07-Oct
Googlegwn avatar

Try wiggling the DisplayPort or VGA-cable at base of the video card or monitor. Or try cleaning it with an electronics base can, or a regular compressed air can.

08:45 07-Oct
snaky115 avatar

So.. Which AM3+ mobo's have Core Unlocking of Phenoms for sure? Might need one.

07:21 07-Oct
SogenSamurai avatar

I just watched Gojira Raids Again. Well, sorta. I watched the English dub where they replaced his roar with his opponent's so that they were yelling at each other with the same roar. Also, they called him Gygantis of all things. It could've been amazing, but it got butchered in the post editing. :(

05:07 07-Oct
danswor avatar

A vertical line appeared on my monitor… please, do not die!!

03:09 07-Oct
JoeTheBane avatar

Made a challenge with my friend, my 3d mark firestrike gpu score has to beat one in the top 100 (with 1 card) and he has to get into the top 1.5k on the game osu (which is hard apparently) im only 171 points off a guy with a Tx in 98th place XD

20:33 06-Oct
xquatrox avatar

Anyone watched either Microsoft Tech Conference or the Adobe MAX keynotes?

20:31 06-Oct
yiannis2000 avatar

And March 2016 for PC… sigh

19:20 06-Oct
Codrinopia avatar

Will someone be that cool guy who would give me a CS:GO Steam Key? If I'll get a cool weapon will be donated for the cool guy!!! :D (Just joking… but I really want to get CS:GO and I'm a true gamer but I AM BROKE).

19:19 06-Oct
NiceGuyAdy avatar

Thanks to everyone that helped me with info on 1440p Monitors :)

17:40 06-Oct
ZeroHour060 avatar

Launch date for Far Cry Primal is February 23 of 2016!

17:14 06-Oct
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ready steady GO GO GO!!
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17-Feb-2012 20:55

Dear Esther FINISHED!!!
P.S. shortest game i've ever played :D

26-Jan-2012 10:43

Jai Hind :)

26-Jan-2012 10:40

hey guys, will Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will run on my PC smoothly?? If you can tell me approx. FPS it will be much helpful. thnks

22-Dec-2011 19:37

Guys,7970 Review:

19-Dec-2011 10:28

hey guys… does anyone of you have any idea regarding ATI 7XXX series launch date???

14-Oct-2011 14:33

It sucks to be an Indian gamer b'cos of our limited bandwidth :((

13-Oct-2011 22:43

guys!! will BF3 and CODMW3 can run on my rig??

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