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Unverified Rig
Rig Name : Rig 1
No Laptop
Core 2 Duo E7400 2.80GHz
Overclock: None
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GeForce 8400 Series
Overclock: None
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RAM : 4 GB DDR2 667MHz
No Monitor
Screen Res : 1280x1024 (1x) monitor(s)
OS Hard Drive :
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Storage : 1000 GB
Operating System : Win 7 32
Direct X : DX11
No Motherboard
No Case
No Gamepad
No Headset
No Keyboard
No Mouse
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Shout Box
Felix avatar

Nah thats fine Dovahkiin - Basically GD is a lovely place to hang out. If people describe imaginative ways of hurting people or peoples property (a business for example) then it is potentially illegal and the police can literally get involved. This is not therefore allowed on GD or any website, even if it is just a joke. And so I am just protecting GD'ers from that. ;)

15:38 24-Oct
Md_Rayan avatar

GTX 780, Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz ye… im just gonna go to the store get it right now and say to send the bill to Ubisoft.

15:35 24-Oct
hoseinz avatar


15:35 24-Oct
hoseinz avatar

ubisoft gave there reqs as a smart plot imo,now they're going to say "oh since People are mad about the reqs we will downgrade the game so everyone can play it!" ,where in reality the game was already downgraded just like WD,and then everyone will be Happy because Daddy ubisoft cares.PS even the downgraded version (which WILL be the release version) ,will run horribly,so dont get your hopes up.you heard it from me,when the game comes out,you'll see for yourself.

15:34 24-Oct
ShamanHigh avatar

How the hell,i buy a new pc,runing Ryse son of rome on high with 30~35 fps,and now ac unity,is impossible to play,i still can but my processor overclocked i7 3.2Ghz still for Ubi. :(

15:33 24-Oct
Dovahkiin46 avatar

My thoughts on pre-ordering Ubisoft games

Sorry if this counts as a nasty thing, Felix :P

15:32 24-Oct
smritimoy1991 avatar

Sorry for that @felix we r very upset…thanks for ur support always……Our Boss is on our side guys now we can fight ! :D

15:27 24-Oct
Md_Rayan avatar

Ubisoft's response to PC gaming community.


15:24 24-Oct
Felix avatar

Hey guys I appreciate we are all feeling a "little off" about recent sys reqs but please dont say nasty things in the shout area. You can say that you are upset of course. Wait until GD get a copy of AC unity and you will all see that lower end machines will run the game just fine. We will benchmark a GTX 650, GTX 670 and depending on results we will even consider running it on old Jerry the HD 6670.

15:21 24-Oct
Acidflash avatar

I called it! I told you Ubi was gonna fluck up, and that EA was going to improve, and you guys didn't believe me.

15:05 24-Oct
freexavier avatar

What is the "-malloc=" parameter for ArmA. People say it improves performance but how? Also how does it work? Anyone know?

14:40 24-Oct
J03Z95 avatar

For those angry at Ubisoft, just vote with your wallet and don't buy Unity. But they probably won't notice, they'll just make the money back with Far Cry 4.

14:22 24-Oct
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17-Feb-2012 20:55

Dear Esther FINISHED!!!
P.S. shortest game i've ever played :D

26-Jan-2012 10:43

Jai Hind :)

26-Jan-2012 10:40

hey guys, will Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will run on my PC smoothly?? If you can tell me approx. FPS it will be much helpful. thnks

22-Dec-2011 19:37

Guys,7970 Review:

19-Dec-2011 10:28

hey guys… does anyone of you have any idea regarding ATI 7XXX series launch date???

14-Oct-2011 14:33

It sucks to be an Indian gamer b'cos of our limited bandwidth :((

13-Oct-2011 22:43

guys!! will BF3 and CODMW3 can run on my rig??

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