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Unverified Rig
Rig Name : Test Rig 1
No Laptop
Core i5-4460 3.2GHz
Overclock: None
Login to compare your CPU
GeForce GTX 970 EVGA 4GB Edition
Overclock: None
Login to compare your GFX Card
RAM : 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz
No Monitor
Screen Res : 1920x1080 (1x) monitor(s)
OS Hard Drive :
Crucial CT256MX100SSD1 256GB
Login to compare your Drive
Storage : 120 GB
Operating System : Win 7 64
Direct X : DX11
Motherboard : MSI Z87-G55
No Case
PSU : Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W
No Gamepad
No Headset
No Keyboard
No Mouse
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Shout Box
Marcopolo73 avatar

Hey! is Patreon GD's sister website or something like that?

15:27 22-May
ondra30 avatar

Why all OEM equipment has to come with 101-page novel titled "Limited Warranty and Technical Support" saying the same old nonsense in 60 languages..??
I mean nobody EVER read this, so why such a waste of paper is necessary? All they had to do is just print 3 pages of where to find this info and call it a day. XD

15:23 22-May
darkprince6601 avatar

My gpu at idle,but in gpuz and hwmonitor it showing utilization is 95%,how to make this normal?I have tried many things,still not changing.

14:37 22-May
Shaheryar avatar

Not if Samsung buys AMD of course ;) vv

14:36 22-May
Dan987000 avatar

Analysts at Kerrisdale Capital Investments have predicted that AMD will go bankrupt in 2020… T_T ,that would be horrible if true.

14:34 22-May
tzzsmk avatar

yay I'm on new Win10 tech preview build 10122 - let's hope it will fix at least some bugs :P

14:29 22-May
CelthricAysen avatar

hmm… Is it just me, or did the layout of some pages in GD got updated?

13:49 22-May
SidharthP avatar

So today I was browsing 9gag and found a pic about COD I read the comment and one guy was saying that PC gamers ruined cod. I hate people like this.

13:17 22-May
BorisBadenov avatar

HELP!! Having a blast with The Witcher III, but have a problem. My graphics card, 970M, never turns off. Yes, I have all the settings correct. I don't know if it started with the game, or the new Nvidia drivers. Had my computer guru look over my rig. Everything is set correctly. Most likely a troll from MILFGaard is messing with my rig. Anyone with ideas?
Thanks in advance.

12:43 22-May
kostascfc avatar

ok thanks for your quick responses!
I think i'll grab it!

12:40 22-May
tzzsmk avatar

the moment you call Microsoft support because Win7x64 recognizes HDD as audio interface, first thing they want to know is your license key, takes them about 5 minutes to validate, then they tell you to consult with PC manufacturer, then you tell them in Linux there is no issue, so they tell you to buy Microsoft customer servicing, lol wtf fek u bye :P

12:37 22-May
fizkeris avatar

#kostascfc not really, take a look at transender SSD's more cheaper and better. :)

12:21 22-May
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