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Unverified Rig
Rig Name : Rig 1
No Laptop
Phenom 8400 Triple-Core
Overclock: None
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Radeon HD 2400 Pro
Overclock: None
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RAM : 3 GB DDR ?
No Monitor
Screen Res Unselected
OS Hard Drive :
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Storage : 500 GB
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No Motherboard
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Shout Box
Rockfilip avatar

Gaming has really advanced and the future looks awesome. But, we all have a common enemy in gaming… MICROTRANSACTIONS. They must not get out of hand and become a part of our games.

18:29 31-Aug
Rockfilip avatar

But my phone doesnt record every single key I type and sends it to a corporation.

18:27 31-Aug
xquatrox avatar

There is no privacy if you already are connected to the net, have a phone (doesn't matter what phone - radio towers know where you are at any given time) and/or social media. Simple as :)

18:23 31-Aug
Rockfilip avatar

Its very simple, if you like privacy,dont update Windows.

18:13 31-Aug
xquatrox avatar

Be I wrong or not, but if you are so anal about privacy - why call me an idiot? I bet you have a phone - a breach right there. I bet you have an internet connection. A breach right there if you're not using TOR 24/7. If you have a console - same thing. On an on and on.
So what if MS tells someone "this guy likes 3D and photography" - my life's gonna change now? I adblock anyway!

17:39 31-Aug
tzzsmk avatar

xquatrox I'm afraid you are entirely wrong, or can you explain why Microsoft then intensifies data collection all of sudden? correct me if I'm wrong, but Windows troubleshooting never solved problems;
of course they are trying to track everything, it's business and Microsoft fully understands the potentional of selling (even anonymous) information about their OS users to third-party companies;
oh and if it's still not enough, how about whole chapter 10 in Windows 10 EULA: "if we do have a dispute, you and we agree to try for 60 days to resolve it informally" - seriously without unbiased court? where are we heading….

17:32 31-Aug
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

first game i test is Fifa 1998 in my restore system haha its running a Nvidia Geforce FX5200 haha

17:25 31-Aug
xquatrox avatar

ABout Win7/8 "tracking":
Fly inflated to the size of an elephant… All these do is get automatic crash and error reports over to Microsoft (I mean come on! How many times have you just clicked 'cancel' instead of sending one?!) so they can have a look at it.
And even IF they were tracking something else…if you're not a criminal - you should not even be thinking about it. I'm not.

17:14 31-Aug
absolitude avatar

i'm seeing artifacts of flashing tiny square dots when i play games, is it almost time?

17:11 31-Aug
J4mM3rZz avatar

Anyone know if the Corsair link will find my watercooler through an external USB rather than an internal connection?

17:10 31-Aug
PTY997 avatar

Loving this website. Very helpful at helping me build my new rig

16:53 31-Aug
DanielHSVFreak avatar

Garry's Mod runs terribly on my PC. Even on low I barely reach 30FPS. What happened here?

16:48 31-Aug
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