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Titanfall 2 didnt get the sort of hype and fanfare it deserved at launch, largely due to EA's other mammoth title launch, Battlefield 1 which happened at the same time. However, despite this and true to their word, Respawn is still hard at work making improvements and additional content to Titanfall 2. The next Titanfall 2 announcement is for the sixth FREE Titanfall 2 DLC called The War Games, which will be available for free across all platforms on 27th June. Did we mention that its free DLC for Titanfall 2.
Microsoft has a lot of eggs in a basket labelled ‘Xbox One X’. It’s marketed as the ultimate premium games console; the box you buy if you want the best of the best from your console experience. Unless by best of the best you’re referring to the exclusives, which are, arguably, coming up woefully short in comparison to the competition.
I don't think I can recall the last time I played a multiplayer game and it didn't have its fair share of server problems. Same was the case with Friday the 13th when it launched this month and being a multiplayer-only game, it's quite a bummer for those who bought the game only to find out that the servers are down. Gun Media has issued an apology and will roll out a free DLC to help make your weekend a more murderful time in Friday 13th the game.
Games nowadays often have fantastic onboarding processes. Additional layers of nuance are fed to you until you reach a state of zen-like mastery of the control systems and competing mechanics. All of a sudden you can slow-motion leap off a cliff, notch an arrow and fire it through someone’s skull, drop and roll, slide through a dinosaur’s leg and stab it through the gut. All totally effortless. And then life happens. You’re too busy to get to your PC for a few weeks. You go on holiday. You have a kid. And then you think about going back and finishing that game you’d become so awesome at. Only all those nuanced controls and gameplay’ve got no idea how they fit together anymore. That slow motion leap off a cliff becomes a crumpled thud on the floor, before a dino’s leathery twinkle toes make it goodnight Vienna.
Earlier this week, Paradox Interactive announced the decision to increase the prices of its games in order to match the "purchasing power" of those particular regions. Around 25 countries were affected by this price increase by Paradox, including India and obviously it didn't go down well with the gaming community. In response, gamers took to Steam to give terrible reviews to otherwise popular titles, such as Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings and more. Paradox have now begun the process of reversing this Paradox game price increase.
From the same media group, Kalypso, that brings the Dictator sim series, Tropico, comes the next evil Dungeon Lord sim, Dungeons 3. Today's Dungeons 3 trailer shows us that after successfully uniting the dark forces in the previous game, Dungeon Lord (you) is now preparing to lead his army of the underworld in a quest to expand his empire. This time you have the help of elf priestess Thayla, who will be able to command your armies from your underground lair while personally looking over the creation of your new dungeon.
Blizzard currently has several positions open for developers, artists, animators and UI specialists to work on some of its older franchises. According to the job listings, Blizzard is working on WarCraft, StarCraft and Diablo with the aim of “restoring them to glory.”
The dictator sim is returning in 2018 and Kalypso Media has released an extended version of the announcement trailer for Tropico 6, which showcases the rebirth of Tropico islands after an era of political instability and turmoil. The El Presidente is back and he has to win the elections in order extend his reign over Tropico and make it great again.
In their first move as an independent studio, Io Interactive have announced that the first two story missions from Hitman are now free to play for all. The ICA Facility is available as a free download right now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and progress transfers over to the full game if you end up buying it further down the line. 
I can’t even begin to imagine the mental gymnastics required in order to decide this was a good idea, but Microsoft has now begun offering an option for cloud-based Windows 10 S users who upgrade to Windows 10 Pro to downgrade back to Windows 10 S. You know, in case you just can’t stand being able to run win32 applications.
Over the years, Microsoft has done a sterling job of shunning PC when it comes to the Halo series, flinging us the scraps of Halo and Halo 2 years after the fact, and then totally forgetting PC existed for the next decade. That’s all changed since Microsoft’s renewed commitment to PC though, and the knowledge that when Halo 6 does come out, it’ll also be launching on PC alongside Xbox One. Only, don’t get your hopes up for Halo 6 anytime soon. From the sounds of it, we could be a long way off from a Halo 6 reveal.