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The Witcher 3 is gorgeous game, no doubt about it, but it’s about to get a whole lot prettier with the release of the Super Turbo Lighting Mod 3.0. While a lot of mods are content to mess around with SweetFX mods to create varying shades of vomit, this is a total overhaul of The Witcher 3’s already glorious lighting to breathtaking effect.
The combination of dinosaurs, slave armies, loincloths, and, erm, loins, seems to be pretty difficult to resist for a lot of folks, with the upcoming Conan Exiles rapidly rising up the most wanted lists. Funcom’s MMO looks to be the jack-of-all-trades, with survival elements, exploration of ancient civilizations, and dragging enemy players back to your base in order to cut out their heart and sacrifice them to the gods on an altar. Fun times. It’s launching on Steam Early Access on January 31st with what promises to be heaps and heaps of content. That’s not all however - developer Funcom has confirmed it will be arriving with full mod support on day one.
Windows 10’s ‘Game Mode’ is imminent, and Microsoft has at long last come out and spoken about the feature, confirming it will also support standard Win32 programs alongside UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps. Previously we believed this feature was limited exclusively to UWP apps, but Xbox’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb said he's “excited to share that the new Windows 10 Game Mode will include /both/ Win32 and UWP game [support].” The end result is that practically every PC game will be compatible with Game Mode.
And so Resident Evil 7 went straight from a day one purchase to ‘I’ll wait for the complete edition’ as it became the latest in a long line of games to get a season pass. Capcom has announced the Resident Evil VII Season Pass content via Steam, detailing at least seven DLC drops throughout the year, including extra volumes of banned footage and an additional episode to play through.
According to the latest reports we’re just a matter of months away from Vega 10 launching, yet looking a little further afield we have a gigantic leap forward in graphics card performance coming in 2019 with Navi 10.
Nvidia has announced ‘VkHLF’, its own high-level abstraction tool designed to sit on top of the Vulkan graphics API and simplify resource allocation for developers. This should help speed up development of Vulkan titles while also allowing developers the freedom to tunnel in deeper and work on Vulkan as it is now to provide additional performance optimisation.
We recently learned AMD was planning to launch its Ryzen CPUs before March 3rd, and now we have details on the second prong of AMD’s attack - its Radeon Vega GPU. Up until now we’ve just had a vague 2017 date being bandied about but it now now looks of AMD’s next-generation Vega GPU architecture will be launching in May.
If you missed the Steam Winter Sale for whatever reason, there’s another gigantic Winter Sale going down right now over on the Humble Bundle store. There’s some huge savings switching up daily. You could actually grab a copy of Dirt Showdown totally for free yesterday so it’s going to be worth keeping an eye on in case any other freebies crop over the next 9 or so days.
Choice is good. It’s why we’re PC gamers. We want the the games we want, running the way we want, on the hardware we want. Dropping frames? Slot in a new graphics card. Playing a racing game? Plug in a steering wheel. Want to wirelessly play your PC from your living room? You’ve got it covered. PC gaming is the complete package.
Here at GD, we’re all interested in two core things which are probably pretty obvious as soon as you poke around the site - Gaming (in particular PC) and the related gaming hardware.
Aside from a hotel I once stayed in near Alton Towers, the Baker Residence in Resident Evil 7 looks like just about the least welcoming abode since Donald Trump’s Russian hotel suite. Like any good hoteliers though, the Bakers are trying to upsell their wares in the latest Resident Evil 7 trailer, although the bowls of human offal ensure it looks anything but a ‘welcome home’.