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Gamescom 2017 begins in earnest today with the unveiling of a brand spanking new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Origins. By now you’ve probably seen hours of gameplay, so why not freshen things up with this cinematic take showing off Ancient Egypt in all its embalmed glory.
ReCore may have hit with all the force of a Nerf gun when it arrived last year but Microsoft seems to be keen to give it another shot at being the gaming nuke it hoped it could be. Announced at Gamescom 2017, Microsoft and Armature will be launching ReCore Definitive Edition on August 29th, complete with an all-new expansion pack, the T8-NK Corebot, and an overall tidy up that should help deliver a more polished experience throughout.
Earlier on today, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition was announced for PC. It's the same game released on consoles last year, complete with all DLC included, a maximum of 8K resolution support and all sorts of PC-exclusive graphical goodness. All this does come at a cost though, and Final Fantasy XV's recommended system requirements are some of the highest we've ever seen.
When Star Wars Battlefront launched in 2015, it was a bit puzzling that there was no space combat to speak of. It’s basically the most iconic part of Star Wars and, well, it’s called Star Wars. We want wars in the stars. Fortunately, DICE is making amends with Star Wars Battlefront 2, elevating its Starfighter Assault dog fighting mode to the depths of space. This won’t just be reduced to mere background scenery either. Players can plunge through giant starships, swashbuckle through asteroid belts, and generally act like the Han Solo we’ve always wanted to be.
It’s been a long time coming but the inevitable has finally happened - Square Enix (or more correctly, Nvidia) has announced Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PC in early 2018. It’ll be packing glorious 4K support and all of the DLC already launched for the console version will be bundled into FFXV on PC.
Sometimes, the universe aligns just right. When Frontier revealed last year that it was working on a tie-in with a big 2018 movie, I hoped beyond hope that it was Jurassic World. Well, prayers answered. Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous developer Frontier Developments has officially unveiled Jurassic World Evolution, an all-new park management sim set on Isla Nublar and the Muertes Archipelago.
And here we are at the final, er, semi-final, with the final spot up for grabs in the final. Look, we're near the final alright? Our long journey is coming to a close and we'll soon be settling on the best game franchise of all time. Three games have snagged their spot in the finals, and now one of Assassin's Creed, Pokemon, Souls and Borderlands is fighting for the last one. The rules are simple - vote for your favourite in order to give it the best possible show at being crowned best game series of 2017.
Raiders of the Broken Planet’s Prologue will be launching on September 22nd for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, developer MercurySteam has announced. The asymmetric 4v1 co-operative shooter pits a team of four into narrative-based missions on an alien planet. At any point, another player, dubbed The Antagonist, can invade their session and fight alongside the bad guys. It all sounds a bit like Borderlands meets Evolve, and MercurySteam has big plans for it.
We're on a mission to determine the best PC gaming series in 2017, and in the 3rd semi-final, things are about to get brutal. The two biggest AAA single-player RPGs in PC gaming history are going to head to head, joined by a pair of bloodthirsty mercs. It's The Witcher v Battlefield v The Elder Scrolls v Hitman. Just one of these beloved game serious can make it through to the final. Cast your vote and make sure it's your favourite that gets there. All of these games are competing to be crowned 2017's greatest gaming franchise.
Here at GD, the majority of the community are PC players. There are a few console gamers lurking about, but the overwhelming number of people here are interested in all things PC gaming. But it wasn’t always that way for all of us. A select few came out the womb with a keyboard and mouse, their first word to their dad was ‘Gabe’. But for a large chunk, there was a transition from console gaming to becoming predominantly a PC gamer.
Ladies and gentlemen, grab your bibs and associated dribble catching utensils. Capcom has unleashed a new trailer for Monster Hunter World, revealing the Wildspire Wastes area, and the only reasonable response is ‘Hnnngh’.