Nvidia is rumoured to be announcing a monstrous new graphics card at this weeks CES 2014 event. The GeForce GTX 790 is set to smash records with its top of the line specs and groundbreaking performance.

Combining a frankly ridiculous 10GB of GDDR5 of RAM with a whopping 4992 CUDA cores, if unveiled this monster of a card could swat the GeForce GTX Titan aside with ease…

The dual-GPU GTX 790 truly does clock in with some eye-watering specs. Based on two GK110 cores and two 320-bit memory buses, this 10GB goliath with its 4992 CUDA cores would be at the very highest end of the graphics card spectrum.

If Nvidia are to unveil this card later this week it completely trounces the known AMD cards, and in particular its top-end Hawaii-based Radeon R9 290X GPU. Details on pricing are scarce but we would expect this to be hitting at least $1500 when its expect February 2014 release rolls around.

Of note is that this card of course once again makes use of the Kepler architecture rather than the next-generation flagship Maxwell series that we were hoping to make an appearance this week. Logically this must mean that the Maxwell series may unfortunately still be a long way off although we’ll have to wait and see what Nvidia has up its sleeve this week.

What do you make of these specs?

How much do you think a card like this will cost?

When will we finally see Maxwell architecture?

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