Nvidia has announced during its presentation before the start of CES 2014 that a range of G-Sync integrated monitors will be available for sale from third-party manufacturers during Q2 2014.

The G-Sync tech looks to completely remove any image stuttering and latency issues faced while gaming with VSync on, or the screen tearing issues that are of course rife when VSync is turned off…

The G-Sync Hardware Module

A range of manufacturers will be ready to ship the screens in two sizes come Q2 2014, including Acer, AOC, ASUS, BenQ, Philips and Viewsonic. The G-Sync-ready screens will be available in 24 and 27 inch flavours although exact pricing is still currently unknown. Originally unveiled back in October, G-Sync is a hardware module that must be intrinsically built into the screen to provide compatibility.

The G-Sync tech works by reversing the process of traditional VSync which synchronises the the GPU render rate to that of the monitor’s refresh rate. G-Sync instead fluctuates the refresh rate of the monitor in order to align with the render rate of the GPU. This should in theory eliminate any instances of screen tearing or stuttering while gaming, provided your GPU is up to the job.

For a more detailed breakdown of how G-Sync works be sure to check out our previous in-depth article.

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