Sometimes, it’s great being me. Right now, for example. Because I’m getting the chance to tell you guys, the Game-Debate readers, before anyone else in the world, that a certain classic Games Workshop title, that is very dear to my heart, is coming to the PC and will be available as early access before the end of this year.

We’re in for a treat, because as well as you hearing it on GD first, this game is looking to be one of the coolest adaptations of a Games Workshop licence yet.

UPDATE: Details from our Dark future interview

So why am I so giddy with glee? Well, Dark Future is a Games Workshop game from my childhood. Set in a dystopian near-future, where life is cheap and the highways have become the battlegrounds of the corporations, a desert-full of souped-up interceptors with cyborg drivers and hack-proof firmware do battle with raiders and corporate stooges in armoured trucks with rocket launchers mounted on the hoods. Exciting stuff!

Sold in the eighties and nineties as a customizable board game with Mad Max-esque death-wagons screaming around post-apocalyptic highways dropping mines and firing machine guns at each other, it stood alone in the world of board games at the time. Now, Dark Future: Blood Red States promises to bring with it an awesome new approach to vehicle combat, all the while supported by the rich lore that traditionally comes with any Games Workshop product.

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Auroch Digital are the development studio bringing this to life on PC and they tell us they aim to get this into Steam and Early Access before 2015 comes to a close. We have seen the current state of development and it looks on course.

Part team management, part top-down 3D board game thingy, Dark Future puts you at the helm of a small ‘Sanctioned Ops’ agency, taking jobs from governments and corporations as well as private contracts, most of which involve whizzing around the environmentally ravaged States of America, shooting at other vehicles crammed with screaming bandits. There’ll be a variety of contracts such as escort missions and delivery jobs, and the funds allow you to buy and upgrade vehicles and drivers. Your armoury of vehicles and weapons will become a death dealing pick ‘n’ mix including oil slicks, spikes, turret-mounted firearms and rockets, not forgetting bionic enhancements for the drivers.

We’re told it’s “a turn-based strategy game, played out in simultaneous real-time action”, with chases and combat taking place across the wastes or through the broken city streets of 2023 Midwestern USA. While the action is mostly handled from the top-down view, the camera is movable to allow for some amazing angles on your slow-mo stunts and kills.

You can play the corporations against one another, just as surely as they're playing you. Deliberately throwing your jobs to make the big bucks from their competitors, but if they get wind of your double-dealing, their "legal teams" will teach you a new meaning of "hostile takeover". Think Mad Max meets Interstate ‘76 with a healthy side-order of Shadowrun. But don’t think this is cyberpunk as you know it; we’re told it’s “more weird than wired”.

To add to the driving, shooting and mayhem there will be a dark, well written narrative that focuses the player through the corporate driven politics of the future. James Swallow, the man behind a swathe of successful fiction including Deus Ex, will be writing the nail-biting story arc.

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But enough from us! Check out the EXCLUSIVE trailer! We’ll have an interview with the developers later today, so don’t go anywhere!

UPDATE: Details from our Dark future interview

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