Having seen the controversy of the Chaos faction being included as a pre-order bonus for Total War: Warhammer blow up in Creative Assembly’s face, I’m a little surprised to see the studio come along and rub it in a bit with a Let’s Play of the iconic race. Still, they look pretty awesome though don’t they? 

The Chaos Giant in particular looks like an absolute brute. One swing from his club can likely do some serious damage to an entire unit. The Hellcannon sitting at the back is also a monster, transmuting souls of the dead into lethal bolts of arcane energy, which is just about the most bad-ass anything single thing can be.

There’s also confirmation that Chaos will be in the game for everyone as an opponent, but only playable if you grab the DLC through a pre-order.

I have to say the Empire units look a little boring up against the Chaos don’t they? While a classic Warhammer faction in their own right, they don’t really capitalise on the fantastical element afforded by this Total War and wouldn’t look all that out of place in Attila. I'm a Greenskins man myself though, so I should be set come day one. 

Total War: Warhammer is coming to PC on May 24th.