If you’ve just splashed out $800 on an HTC Vive you probably don’t want to be told it’s old hat already, but Valve has used its Steam DevDays to show off prototypes of some new Vive VR controllers.

The device itself is much smaller than the current motion controllers for the HTC Vive, edging a bit more towards the look of Oculus’ Touch controllers. Most of the long handle has been done away with, as has the donut ring of tracking sensors at the top, but it does retain the look and feel of the standard Vive controllers.

The touch pad now sits inside the tracking sensors and is surrounded by what looks to be three new buttons. According to Valve they can detect different grips such as half-holds and tight grips, all responding to in-game actions. Because of this they’re also attached to the wrist so you can let go of them entirely without dropping them. An example given was to throw a stick in-game, letting go of the prototype Vive controller in order to release your throw.

Interesting developments then but don’t worry too much if you’ve already splashed out on an HTC Vive headset, these new controllers are sure to be available to buy separately.

How do you feel about Valve refining the HTC Vive's controllers so soon after launch? Where do you see the future of VR controls heading? Let us know what you think!