Fresh from the success of the ace Pillars of Eternity, Paradox Interactive has announced a launch date for Tyranny, its what-if-the-bad-guys-won old-school CRPG. It’s coming soon, real soon. November 10th in fact, and we’ve got a brand new trailer to tide us over until then.

I always had it pegged as a 2017 release, so this is a nice little surprise. As it stands we’ve got less than a month to wait for what promises to be an extremely unique setting for an RPG.

In Tyranny an apocalyptic war has taken place between good and evil and the baddies have emerged triumphant. Led by your Overlord, Kyros, you play as an officer in his forces and wield the ultimate power over the inhabitants of the nation. Tyranny promises to be totally non-linear and adjust according to the moral choices you make.

In typical Paradox fashion there’s a bunch of different versions available depending on just how much cash you want to stump, ranging from the base game up to the suitably maniacal Overlord Edition. As a Paradox Interactive game I expect you’ll be amply served just by having the base game, but the extra goodies for the hardcore crowd includes a map, short story collection, digital art book, soundtrack, etc.

Tyranny is out on November 10th, exclusively on PC.