The first PlayStation VR headsets are out in the wild now, and it turns out they may have more uses than we’d at first thought. Early adopters have been plugging them into just about HDMI input they can find and were surprised to find it accepts a signal from just about everything. What this means is you can plug a PSVR straight into a PC and it will display your desktop as a gigantic cinema display. A budget VR option could well be here for PC gamers with a little fine tuning.

Plug the PSVR into any HDMI input and it will display a 2D image in cinema mode. This works with phones, PCs, even an Xbox One. While not true VR it’s certainly surprising to see Sony let its headset accept signals as readily as this.

All it’s going to take now is some custom driver creation and the PlayStation VR could theoretically work as a full-blown virtual reality headset for PC gamers. The main hurdle to overcome is going to be how it works with other cameras for its positional tracking, along with getting the PlayStation Move controllers working with a PC. Should it happen though then you’re looking at a very decent VR headset for half the price the $800 HTC Vive.

Personally if someone can get the PSVR working on both PS4 and PC interchangeably, that elevates the headset to must-buy territory to me. It would provide access to both libraries of games for a fraction of the price. Of course the PSVR doesn't quite have the luxurious quality of the HTC Vive but from my time with it it’s definitely a decent impersonation.

Would you be more tempted into PC VR if it worked with a $400 headset? Let us know!