If you’re using Windows 10 then at some point you’ve probably seen the pesky Xbox game DVR pop up on your screen at some point. It’s Microsoft’s in-built game recording tool and it manages to worm its way in just about everywhere. Up until now I’ve just been ignoring it, but according to Valve it may negatively impact your performance if you play games with Xbox Game DVR enabled.

The recommendation from Valve, who was trying to troubleshoot issues with poor performance in DOTA 2, is that disabling Xbox DVR will give you better frame rates.

While this has probably been a problem for a little while now, it’s gathered more attention since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which re-enabled the Xbox Game DVR for some users. Should you try and run DOTA 2 will it still switched on, a message pops up saying “Your operating system has Xbox Game DVR enabled which has been reported to cause performance problems in game such as reduced or capped fps crashing, or freezing. Would you like to learn how Xbox Game DVR can be disabled on your system?”

Unless for whatever reason you want to use Xbox Game DVR, your first port of call should probably be to disable. We’re not sure of just how big an impact it will have on performance but every little helps, right?

How to turn off Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR

To disable Xbox Game DVR in Windows 10 you’ll need to open the Xbox App and sign in (Yep, you have to sign in with an Xbox account).

From here choose Settings of the left-hand side.

Then Game DVR.

Toggle it off. Voila. Frames gained.