Numerous reports are circulating that cheaters are already rife in the PC version of Battlefield 1, and yet we’re still almost a week out from its official release date.

A number of players who’ve opted to give the Origin Access early version of Battlefield 1 a go have said quite a chunk of the playerbase is actively and obviously cheating. I can only assume wallhacks, aimbots and game exploits are easily transferrable from DICE’s previous effort, Star Wars Battlefront, which is how they’ve been implemented so quickly.

Battlefield 1’s game-wide FairFight system notifies the player base when a cheater has been banned, but this method is based entirely on stat-tracking suspicious behaviour rather than actively detecting cheat software.

Fortunately it seems as if bans are coming to those who are obviously cheating but it could be a rough few weeks as DICE whittles out the offending accounts. With any luck Battlefield 1’s anti-cheat system is a little more robust by the time the game officially rolls out.

Battlefield 1 is out on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For details on how to play as early as possible, head here.

For any of you who've nabbed access to the early version of Battlefield 1, have you experience any cheating? What can DICE do better to stamp it out?