Mafia 3’s sad, sorry quest to advance from broken mess to a polished product has taken another small step with the arrival of the latest PC patch. If you’ve played Mafia 3 or watched any gameplay footage then you’ve probably noticed the visuals look extremely muddy, even at higher resolutions with AA enabled. This hotfix tackles that, which should lend Mafia 3 PC a much sharper visual quality.

“We just rolled out a hotfix on PC that addresses blurry rendering for some players, and other stability improvements.We’re still working on more fixes for Mafia III and will share more details in the coming week. Thanks for the feedback!” said Hangar 13 in an update to Steam users.

That’s one thing ticked off the list then, but the next priority has to be getting Mafia 3 to run well. You need an absolute monster of a PC to play it decent settings at 1080p resolution so there’s a lot of work to be done there. Getting 30 FPS on a GTX 1060 isn’t really good enough, particularly when you stack it up against GTA 5 which comfortably looks as good and has heaps more going on and yet pulls in triple that.

What’s frustrating is that there could be a decent game hiding beneath all this, but in its current state your best bet is to hold fire on Mafia 3 until it’s all patched up and in working order.