Square Enix is breathing fresh life into Final Fantasy XIV next year with the announcement of the Stormblood expansion, a new add-on with a full standalone game's worth of content.

Announced at the FFXIV Fan Fest 2016 in Las Vegas, Stormblood is due out in early summer 2017. This add-on is dropping PlayStation 3 support for the first time in order which should take the shackles off somewhat. The original Final Fantasy XIV’s scope has always been hindered by what the PS3 is capable of.

The only MMO outside of WoW which seems to be able to subsist of the old subscription-based model, Final Fantasy XIV will be expanding to take in the new Ala Mhigo zone, a city state which Square Enix claims is large enough to be a standalone title. The main focus of the story missions will be to reclaim control of the city from the Garlean Empire, taking down Zenos Yae Galvus. Final Fantasy’s penchant for mouth garbling naming never ceases to amaze me.

The level cap is being raised to 70 for all classes, the battle system being is revamping and there’ll be the usual array of new Primal bosses, raids, dungeons and of course gear to get your hands on.

For PC players there’s also going to be a shift in the system requirements for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The minimum specs will be raised and Square Enix is strongly recommending you play it with a 64-bit OS and system.

Look out for more on Stormblood a Tokyo Fan Fest on December 24-25, ahead of the full expansion arriving in mid-2017 for PC and PS4.