Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has closed down, the studio has confirmed this morning.

United Front Games created the much loved Sleeping Dogs back in 2012 before working on the Smash + Grab, a multiplayer hooligan battling game which launched on Steam Early Access just a few weeks ago.

In fact, it was only this very week that Smash + Grab had a free weekend on Steam, but the studio has abruptly been shutdown and development has ceased. UFG even had an interview about the game as recently as yesterday. Smash + Grab is now no longer available on the Steam store. If you have already bought the game then I’d probably recommend reaching out for a refund if you possibly can.

For gamers it means a chance of a Sleeping Dogs sequel ever happening has basically gone up in smoke. In any case, good luck to those affected and hopefully the folks at United Front Games find work elsewhere in the coming weeks.

So there we go then, sad to see UFG go? Has this vanquished any hope of a Sleeping Dogs 2? Let us know what you think!