Microsoft has added a nifty new tool to Windows 10 tucked away inside an update last week which can help get rid of all the junk sitting on your PC. In addition to this, the tool should also be useful in removing any of the bloatware installed on a pre-built PC. Just run the tool and it will all be gone. The Refresh Tool works by installing a clean copy of Windows 10 and deleting any and all apps you may have installed, including some of Microsoft’s own first-party apps.

While I’m sure a lot of you keep your PC’s in tip top condition, for some a fresh start is a godsend.

Probably the best bit of all this is that you can opt to keep all of your documents and files intact so you’re not really at risk of losing anything important. While previous versions of Windows have let users do fresh installs, actually keeping track of what was coming and going was a bit of a pain, and this is the first of its sort to arrive on Windows 10. I’m sort of tempted to have a spring clean myself and see if it speed up my chuntering performance in RollerCoaster Tycoon World, or whether that hot mess is a lost cause.

If you want to do a clean installation of Windows 10 then the process is pretty simple. Open up the Task Bar, go to Settings and then choose Update & Security.

In there is a Recovery tab. Select this and then choose the link beneath “More recovery options”. This takes you to here. Sorry, I probably should’ve told you that earlier.

At the bottom of the page is a link where you can download the tool and begin the Windows 10 fresh installation. From here just follow the on-screen options and make sure you select Keep Personal Files if you don’t want to lose anything. And that is basically it. A nice, clean PC free from the terrors of bloatware.

One last thing to be wary of - I suspect a clean install could also reset your system settings, so if you're worried about privacy etc then you might want to head into your settings afterwards and make sure everything's set how you want it.