Much like a lot of console games this generation, Battlefield 1 uses dynamic resolution in order to scale the image quality and keep it playing at a steady frame rate. This feature seems to have got a little out of control with the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 1 however - frame rate tests have shown it can potentially drop as low as 160 x 90 resolution during certain situations. That’s a lower resolution than the original Game Boy released in 1989, which ran at 160 x 144.

First, a little background on dynamic resolution scaling. As I said above, the resolution can dynamically alter in order to achieve a desired frame rate .While a game may be advertised as 1080p, it can drop to 720p for example during a particularly demanding scene, before bumping up the resolution to 900p and then 1080p as you move into a less demanding area. The UI remains at 1080p regardless, but the rest of the game shifts dynamically.

For online games it’s pretty great, and for the most part the naked eye will struggle to tell the difference at times, particularly when the drops are online, such as when an explosion is set off. From the looks of things there’s a glitch in the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 1 however. This is causing it to sometimes drop to a frankly insane resolution of 160 x 90 pixels in order to achieve a steady 60 frames per second. As you can see below this makes for quite a eyesore.

Hopefully for PS4 players this is just a glitch rather than the actual cost of maintaining a steady frame rate in Battlefield 1. DICE is no doubt aware of it so hopefully we should be getting a fix soon.

Has anyone here experience this on PS4 yet? Do let us know!

Source: Reddit