So this is one that we think  we’d all appreciate. In order to help you guys get the best out of the Black Friday Deals and save the most moula, we thought how better to do it than to just have a one stop shop for you all, where we tell you what we know and you tell us what you know and we all leave a little cheaper. Through updates over this period from us and you, hopefully we all can get the deals we want at the prices we can afford. So, shall we get right into it then with what we’ve got so far?

LET’S DO THIS, All the PC Gamer Black Friday deals in one location

  • GOG Deals - First off, as mentioned in Wednesday’s article, is having their sale from the 22nd to the 27th of November. Some bargains at the moment being Kerbal Space Program, Grim Dawn, Darkest Dungeon and Inside
  • Steam Deals - Not far behind, Steam also has their own thing going right now, featuring Hitman, Elder Scrolls Online, Don’t Starve together and Darkest Dungeon amongst others.
  • Green Man Gaming Deals - GMG is having a sale (not to be left out) also with an additional 10% off with voucher code BLACKFRIDAY10. Awesome. Spacehulk Deathwing is there, Sniper Elite 4, Watch Dogs 2, Dishonored 2 and South Park: The Fractured But Whole to name a few.
  • Origin Deals - While if you head on over to Origin or you can get up to a smooth 75% off (valid til the 29th)
  • Uplay Deals - Or if 75% is too much why not try out Ubisoft's Uplay, who are giving up to 50% off on some of your favourite Ubisoft titles (also valid til the 29th)
  • Amazon Deals - The Division, standard edition is on sale on Amazon for a smooth smooth $10. Crikey! That's DLC prices!
  • Square Enix Store Deals - Life Is Strange is only $5 for the complete season on the Square Enix Store

So there’s what we’ve got so far, don’t worry yourselves though, more will come in over the next few days for sure, especially around the actual Friday. While also please bombard us in the comments with anything you’ve found so far or anything that you think we’ve missed and hopefully we’ll be able to save a bundle between us (and give you a shout out if we can). Happy Shopping!