Sometimes I have to pinch myself as to what modding has come to these days. Gone are the days of when you had to basically deconstruct a game in order to implement that tiny tweak that you craved. Yet these days developers recognise the longevity that can be got out of a game by turning all the dragons in Skyrim into Randy Savage. The developers behind Saints Row 4 seem to recognise this as they have just launched their Steam Workshop support today for all you budding modders and moddees to get you hands on. And seemingly at a perfect time as Saints Row 4 is on sale on Steam right now with 75% off! That’s £2.74 / 3.74€ /$3.74! Blimey.

So even if you haven’t engaged in the ludicrous didlo whacking, presidential alien killing hilarity that’s Saints Row 4 before, for the price of less than an average pint you can live through it all. Better yet, you can do so with mods from the get go. Having a look at the workshop we can already see a myriad of new clothing and weapons, crikey there’s even a flamethrower guitar, who doesn’t want to start the game with that? And with it still being early days, who knows what’s to come next in the wacky world of Saints Row mods?

As we hinted to at the start, we’re always happy to see the developer hand over their prized child to the modding community so they dismember and stitch it back together again. To us it shows they recognise that modders mostly do what they do out of love of the game and putting walls for them to climb does nothing but punish your fan base. Hats off to Saints Row 4 from GD, in all its modded purple glory.