So recently Jon Peddie Research published a quarterly market report on everybody’s favourite computer commodity, GPUs. It showed that GPU shipments have increased over 20% from the last quarter in units sold, while also interestingly showed that over the last year AMD has almost doubled its market share in the add-in board (AiB) GPU market. Vive La Revolution! While over the last quarter AMD and Nvidia stayed at a similar market share this large increase in GPU sales is a drastic change for the two companies to accommodate for.

Despite the market share movement in the last quarter basically being next to nothing, as JPRs table shows below, with the massive increase of GPU sales both companies are holding their positions and will be growing as a consequence. Many are pointing the finger at AMD’s Polaris architecture as the culprit for the almost unprecedented increase of GPU sales as well as the market retention by AMD. We’re sure the next big shifts will come with the upcoming release of the RX 490 and GTX 1080 Ti and this quarter’s release of the GTX 1050 & GTX 1050 Ti.

It is easy to understand why the market has grown, with the newest generation of GPUs offering a massive increase in performance compared to their predecessors as both companies try and account for the VR market. This has made many users see this last quarter as the time to jump onto the new wave of PC gaming that these new architectures have unlocked.

Despite Nvidia still dominating the AiB market, it is a breath of fresh air that AMD has made indents into Nvidia’s unprotected budget weak flank over the last year. Whether we will see this rise of AMD to continue or whether Nvidia will react in a way to stop themselves losing ground in the next year, we will have to see. But here at GD we are sure that this healthy competition is definitely for the better.