So it turns out Nvidia isn’t just all about the killer GPUs at the moment. In a benevolent twist, the Nvidia Foundation has awarded two cancer research teams $200,000 each as part of its Compute the Cure effort to aid them in their computery quests to do away with the blight on humanity.  Each team has been using Nvidia technology to help research and fight the disease and seemingly this is something that Nvidia has put it's money where it's mouth is acted to encourage.

The two teams that were awarded the grants were The Seungchan Kim lead team from the Translational Genomics Research Institute, based in Arizona, U.S and a team from the University of North Texas, headed by Andrés Cisneros. Kim’s team has been using parallel computing to investigate why it is that some cells respond to current treatments while others don't. While Cisneros’ team has been looking at mutations in proteins that repair DNA by using graphical hardware to power that research.

The money has been granted as Kim’s team has had a CPU working tirelessly on a algorithmic problem for two months to no avail, Nvidia has planned for the money to go into making said algorithm more streamlined and efficient.

While the second teams $200,000 grant has been given so that they can use parallel computing to look at masses of data from the National Institutes of Health to try and work out why it is that proteins designed to repair DNA get damaged themselves with when exposed to sunlight and cigarette smoke. They hope to discover a pattern that they can isolate and use to develop preventative care and treatments.

Here at GD we think it’s heartwarming for the industry that we all love to be giving back into projects that help humanity in the bigger picture, not just in providing an awesome gaming experience. What do you think about this whole situation? Do you think that has changed your perceptions of Nvidia? Do you think AMD should do something similar? Let us know down below!