So as many were sad to find out, United Front Games, the Canadian development studio behind Sleeping Dogs closed last month on October the 17th. Since it’s closure, interestingly enough, the plans for the fabled Sleeping Dogs 2: Triad Wars have come into the public eye and have allowed us to see into a different timeline where the game wasn’t sadly cancelled. And to be honest, it sounds like it would've been pretty awesome, having features sounding pretty similar to Tom Clancy’s: The Division in places.

It seems the production of Sleeping Dogs 2 and the eventual closure of United Front Games followed on the troubled tradition of the unlucky game series. Originally planned to be the sequel to True Crime: New York dubbed True Crime: Hong Kong, the game was tossed about and dragged through hedges backwards by Activision before finally being sold and re-branded by Square-Enix.

The game that could've been sounds really innovative for the time (early 2013), it would feature what they dubbed a “massively single player experience”. Where the choices that one would make in their single player campaign would affect players all over the world. Take a bribe, let someone go or just let crime build up and your friends would feel the pinch for that area of the city in their games. While similar to The Division, friends would be able to join and become a part of your city, fighting or aiding you in missions.

Following on from it’s predecessor, you would continue to play as Wei Shen, but now accompanied by a corrupt partner named Henry Fang. Many parts of the story would rely on who you decided to play as for certain mission. For instance the beginning mission would have Wei Shen doing what he does best (kicking the living crap out of people's faces) while Henry would plant evidence on a suspect's house, the player not knowing what the other partner was up to, always making you wonder what was going on behind the scenes.

Another feature that this game was set to have was an accompanying app for you to play on your device. Effectively stand alone but with the intent to guide a player towards the main title, you were tasked with controlling crime in the city from a police headquarters like position. Where interestingly, you would see the the decisions you made in app affect the world ingame, for instance sending a helicopter to an area on the app would make a helicopter in game fly to that region, which you would see overhead. There was also a plan of integrating two screens into gameplay through the app.

Here's where the rumours kick in though, apparently there is a chance that Crystal Dynamics (The devs behind Tomb Raider) or another one of Square Enix's stellar line up of developers have the opportunity to pick this title up and give us the all the sleeping dogs we could want after all. But do you think this would be worthwhile? 

If you want to read a bit more about this why not check out Waypoints article on the scoop, but so far we feeling quite nostalgic for Sleeping Dogs having found out about this. It would've maybe been before it’s time and it’s a shame the dev studio was unable to make it before they went defunct. How about you? Did you enjoy the first? Would this sequel be any good? Do you think you'd enjoy this one if rebooted? Have you ever felt defunct? Let us know in the comments below!