So if you guys remember back in September, Michel Ancel, the creative director of Beyond Good And Evil posted a rather touching picture of everyone’s favourite pig uncle on his instagram as a way of confirming the long sought after Beyond Good And Evil 2 was officially in development. We thought this day would never come right? Well to start the hype train already, Ancel has recently given an interview where he has been giving insight into what we can begin to expect from Beyond Good And Evil 2.

Having confirmed that the game is being developed this very second, having commenced after the release of Rayman Legends and being a “serious development” for Ubisoft, he was quick to point out the game is a long way off in terms of a finished project, but hey what’s another couple of years eh? With this in mind, the specifics of the game were not confirmed by Ancel and won’t be until they’re “more concrete”, but an interesting bundle of information did make it’s way out.

For one he stated that for Beyond Good And Evil 2 they wanted to focus more on interplanetary travel, something that had to be sidelined back in the initial release due to lack of hardware power. Luckily for Ancel’s team, with hardware being at the stage that it is now, especially for consoles, these limitations are now lifted and excitingly (for us at least) it seems that now the game that was always imagined can be released in it’s full form.

If you’re wondering why these rumours have been around for so long, it is true he has been working on the technologies that allow you to create the worlds that he hopes for, tools to draw planets and allow interplanetary travel, now being able to realise them in the new “gold rush on planets” within games. He stated that his team were now looking at games like Star Citizen, who also have a interplanetary focus, and are recognising the problems they both face. He implied that while Star Citizen can do some things really well, his team's can do others, healthy competition ftw right? And when you think about the footage we’ve seen of Star Citizen so far (a game here at GD we’re beyond hyped for) it’s easy for your minds to begin to race at the prospect of what BG&E2 might be.

But regardless, during the interview with Kotaku, the arching theme seems to be that his team have been holding back on the game’s release until they were fully able to imagine it to its full potential. Something that is genuinely refreshing to here from a dev studio and one we’re more than happy to account for.

Are you excited for this title’s release? Did you play the first Beyond Good & Evil? Or even get it free recently for Ubisoft’s free 30th anniversary giveaway? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!