So this article is likely to be a bittersweet one, with there being both good and bad things going on in the world of Ubisoft at the moment. Despite their unpopularity with some for things like their at times formulaic triple A titles like Assassin's Creed and Far Cry, just as Ubisoft seem to be rectifying things like this (confirming that they will no longer be aiming for a title released every year for instance) it has come out that they are fending off a hostile takeover by a massive French conglomerate Vivendi. But hey, on a lighter note, if you head over to Ubisoft's site, they are currently giving away 30 days of freebies (one each day) to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Who knows how to feel today?

So let’s start with the bad news. With titles like Beyond Good And Evil 2 in the works and a fair amount of indie like projects out that likely wouldn’t of seen the light of day under another studio, consider Child Of Light, Grow Home and Valiant Hearts for instance, it seems that Ubisoft is just seeming to change the way it goes about things recently. Especially with the uplifting new policy that they’ve recently taken on DLC having learnt a lot from Rainbow Six: Siege, ie aiming to not split the community by paywalls but join them by giving a lot away free. It seems sods law that one of the top 3 studios in world is facing being taken over just as it seems times are changing.

Vivendi is a mass media conglomerate based in Paris who have gradually been buying up stock of Ubisoft seemingly aiming to gain full control (they’re currently at over 24%) and many at Ubisoft are saying that it will just not be the same with Vivendi at the helm. Ubisoft is fighting them, that’s well known, but something miraculous would have to happen for them to be stopped in their tracks. How this will go we will have to see, but it is foreboding news in the industry at the moment.

But on the cheerier side of things. Ubisoft in the way of freebies has been an absolute delight at the moment. Having had free games coming our way for months now. But it seems that they’re on point to top that over the next month, with a freebie given away every day! We have a hunch that not all will be full PC games, as you can well imagine, but it has been confirmed that some will. We’ll have to just come back everyday and see what’s new at the link below. And rest assured we’ll let you know if we spot a good one!

Ubisoft's 30 days of freebies

So this has been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions, how are you doing after? Are you on Ubisoft's team or are you against them? We know it’s a hotbed of a topic for some. Do you think much will change in Ubisoft's future? Whether through Vivendi or their seemingly new outlook. Get debating down below chaps!