You honestly can’t make this stuff up. So Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox (the guys behind Duke Nukem Forever and Borderlands to name two) responded to a tweet yesterday by Alex Everatt who mentioned how badass a Gears Of War 4 / Duke Nukem crossover would be. The interesting thing was, he responded with a tweet that said they were announcing something on December 1st that Alex might really enjoy. A statement that you can’t really avoid the implication in. Is this crossover actually coming to us in the near future?

If you’d have told us this a year ago we just wouldn’t of believed you. With Duke Nukem Forever being… what it was, here at GD we weren’t waiting on another Duke Nukem resurgence anytime soon, let alone with Gears Of War on side. But then we got this tweet that followed the Run The Jewels DLC for Gears Of War 4, a DLC that allowed you to play as hip hop artists Killer Mike and El-P. Who knows how they ended up in the post apocalyptic world of Gears 4 but there they were. And now, crazily, it isn’t hard to believe at all that maybe Duke Nukem could make his way into the title as well.

Of course there’s the possibility that it just could be a solely Duke Nukem announcement, or maybe something completely different, but given the tweet that came in we’re finding it easy to believe that this crossover could happen. But as always, we won’t know 100% until the 1st of December so we’ll just have to see if this madness is for real.

How are you guys feeling about Duke Nukem these days? Were you in the group of people that enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever? Or do you think he should be given another chance? How about the Gears side? Do you think this slightly zany angle is good for the series? Or are you a more serious Gears kinda guy? Don’t mess about give us a shout!