Well hot diggity dog for all you PES 2017 fans out there. Konami has just released a boondoggling amount of new content today, including three new stadiums, 16 new kits and over a hundred updated player faces so you’re sure not to miss a freckle. But in a weird turn, for reasons we don't quite understand, if you have it on PC you won't be getting the full fat version just yet (if at all).  Being critically very successful, this age old competitor to FIFA 17 has been growing in popularity and there are sure to be many that will be looking forward to this update, but to us it seems very weird of Konami to scorn such a large part of their player base.

The full Data Pack 2.0 will include Signal Iduna Park, the stadium of Borussia Dortmund, Allianz Parque, Palmeiras’ stomping ground, and Anfield, the home turf of Liverpool (funnily enough, Konami’s official partner). Who will also, the lucky buggers, see their Champion's League strip from 2004 to 2005 be a part of the 16 new kits. Great news for any scouse fans out there (at least those with a console).

Here's where PC players miss out though, sadly the pack will be lacking in all the new stadiums just mentioned, an added feature that will surely bring a new lease of life for many seasoned players. Why Konami has made this move has, to be honest, has had us scratching our heads. 

At least though on the facial front everyone can look to see Adrian Ramos and Marco Reus from Dortmund, Neymar and Lionel Messi from Barcelona (if you hadn’t guessed), and Sadio Mane from the ever so lucky Liverpool (to name a few) have their black heads whitened and cheek bones polished with a new facial rejigger, in a fashion as shown below. Creepy right?

While also, if you haven’t given a whirl already and are curious about the whole PES thing, Konami released a permanent free trial yesterday on Steam that allows you to play as 9 of the available teams and experience a taster of the whole experience.

Are you a PES fan that is hurt by not to be getting the full deal? Do you wanna share your thoughts? Or maybe you're a FIFA fan, maybe feeling a little smug right now? Have you played either and are considering picking one up? Let us know down below!