So this one’s quite exciting for anyone who’s looking forward to the self described “independent AAA” game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Currently being developed on the Unreal 4 Engine by Ninja Theory for Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows, we’ve been hooked on Hellblade for some time now and are eagerly lapping up any new snippets of information we can get. Luckily for us Ninja Theory has just released a new Dev Diary that gives us more insight on what we can look to expect from the game and especially its really meticulous sound design.

If you want to know why we’ve been hyped about this title for a while now, check out the trailer we caught this March below. If it doesn’t tingle your spine and get all your hairs standing to attention we don’t know what will, headphones recommended.

As you can probably tell by the video above (especially if wearing headphones) is how impeccable the sound design was and how believable the voices in Seluna’s head are. As the dev diary shows below, this is because they've gone as far as having full blown University professors of Psychology on board to properly emulate audio hallucinations and give the most disturbing  and realistic tone they can. If you're not impressed we know we are. Check out the video below this to find out more, while also catch glimpses of the title that we can't wait to get our hands on. 

With a theme in Celtic mythology and their focus being on ninja-class combat, strong character stories, and a unique art vision, a set release date still not known, the only information we have is that it will be released at some point in 2016. Whether this is still the case we’re not sure, but only time will tell.

Are you psyched about this title? (As we very much are). Do you believe in Celtic Mythology? Do you think blue face make up is in? Let us know down below!