Hello everyone and merry Saturday morning to you all! How’s not being at work? As a Saturday morning treat we thought we’d show you some footage for the up and coming title The Last Guardian. A long awaited title from the people behind Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus (two titans of the PS2 from back in the day) this title stole the limelight at E3 2015 and has been pretty elusive since. It seems that this secrecy is now over though, with Sony having just released new unseen gameplay footage this past Thursday.

Being sourced from Sony Japan, you can probably understand that English doesn’t make a massive presence within the video, but not being heavily narrative we feel not a huge amount is missed. Fumito Ueda, the iconic Japanese developer behind The Last Guardian and it’s PS2 predecessors, says that this title will be a combination of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, taking the best of both games. A cocktail we can’t wait to get our hands on.

This game has the potential to be the next big classic of gaming so make sure to keep your eyes on this one, we know we will. It’s set to be released on Playstation 4 on the 6th of December. Whether it will see a PC release though is a hot topic, but one that likely won’t be decided for some time.

But anyway, enjoy the video below and tell us, are you psyched for this title? Would you like to see it make it’s way to a PC port? Do you sometimes wish your dog had little wings and claws? Let us know in the comments below!