Good morning, good morning, good morning! Rise and shine and welcome back to the gamiest of debate sites, the one and only, Game Debate. As is now tradition we have got our choice for the perfect video to watch over your weekend morning fry up. Picked from the excellent selection of videos we’ve watched through the week that have sparked our interest whether old or new. This morning we have one for you that’s not quite gameplay and not quite a trailer, but one that has had us beside ourselves with the level of quality. We are of course talking about EmberLab’s Majora’s Mask - Terrible Fate.

This one has quite literally made our hairs stand on end this week, whether a fan of the Nintendo 64 classic The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (my personal favourite) or not, the level of quality for a fan made video is honestly off the charts. You could easily see this being part of a feature length film rather than just a Youtube video with the voice acting and level of detail being on point. Whether we would want to see the game as a feature length or not is debatable, considering the tendency for the films not to do the game justice, but your mind can wander.

Make sure to let us know your feeling guys. What were your thoughts on the video? Are you a fan of Majora’s Mask? Or how about movies about games, have there been any you can think of that have actually done it justice? Could this possibly be a title that would? Let us know down below!