Colorful isn’t a graphics card manufacturer which I’ve traditionally thought of as extravagant but it’s really pushed the boat out for the arrival of its new iGame GeForce GTX 1080 KUDAN. This isn’t just any old GTX 1080 you see. No, this (not so) little puppy is a quad-slot behemoth packing a factory overclock of close to 2GHz.

Consider for a moment that the base GTX 1080 is clocked at 1607 MHz and it’s easy to see the 1.93 GHz KUDAN is delivering a sizeable performance improvement. With a bit of tweaking once you get your hands on one, clock speeds in excess of 2 GHz seem more than achievable.

Although this isn’t too dissimilar to a lot of high-end GTX 1080’s out there, the GTX 1080 KUDAN differentiates itself with its cooling solutions. On the front of the graphics there is a triple fan cooler, while attached to the back is a plexi backplate water block to liquid cool the KUDAN while it’s under heavy load. My major concern here is that those already interested in liquid cooling are already going to have a loop installed. The first they’re going to want to do is take Colorful’s custom water cooler straight off.

Secondary to this, putting the iGame GTX 1080 KUDAN into SLI is pretty much a no-go, it’s just too damn large to fit multiple into a single system. At the very least you’d best hope you have steel PCI Express slots ready for it.

Regardless, in terms of memory we’re looking at the same 8GB configuration of GDDR5X memory clocked at 10GHz by default, with additional BIOS settings to allow overclocking on this front.

There’s no pricing or availability for the iGame GeForce GTX 1080 KUDAN just yet, but expect this bloated beast to be at the higher end of the pricing spectrum (possibly as much as $900) whenever it arrives in the next few months.

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